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How Long till Lip Fillers Settle

Most patients ask how long till lip fillers settle. This article explains what lip fillers are, how long it takes till lip fillers pay, tips to make them settle quickly and the frequently asked questions.

Many patients have been choosing lip fillers to improve their appearance by adding volume, plumping the lips and making them fuller. How long the fillers will settle depends on how the cosmetic doctor conducts them and how the customers take care of them. Many customers prefer this method since it lasts six to twelve months and is temporary, and they can undo it whenever they wish.

What Are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are one of the types of dermal fillers. According to Bukhari et al. (2018), they are injections that add volume to the lips, enhancing the structure, shape and texture of the lips, smoothening creases and wrinkles around the mouth and restoring the lip size. According to Mohamed (2020), many lip fillers are made with hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the body. There are many brands of lip fillers in the market, and patients should be very careful in choosing the one to be injected into their lips.

How Long till Lip Fillers Settle

After the fillers, customers experience side effects like swelling, bruising, redness, mild pain and discomfort. These side effects are very typical of patients who receive dermal fillers. It is not something that a person should worry about since they disappear after a short period. The swelling starts reducing after twenty-four to forty-eight hours. However, this varies from patient to patient. Some patients s may experience swelling for a week and others for two weeks. It takes two weeks for fillers to settle ultimately. It depends on how the procedure was conducted and how the patients cared for them. When a non-skilled and non-qualified cosmetic doctor performs the treatment, the fillers may take a long time to settle due to complications in the healing process. When looking for a cosmetic doctor to conduct the procedure, patients should look for a well-skilled, experienced cosmetic doctor. It will help them in avoiding complications in the future. Additionally, when patients do not take care of their fillers well, the swelling may worsen daily, making them stay longer to settle.

When the fillers take a long time to settle, the fillers might have gone wrong, and patients are advised to see the doctor immediately. It is not normal for swelling to persist for a long. When the patients notice this, they should immediately take action to prevent complications. The cosmetic doctor will solve the problem and correct the procedure.

Tips to Make the Lip Fillers Settle Quicky

There are tips that the professional cosmetic doctor instructs the patients to do to speed up the settling of the lip fillers. Professional cosmetic doctors advise patients to drink a lot of water. According to El Kheir et al. (2022),when the fillers settle ultimately, the hyaluronic acid in the fillers starts to blend with the water in the skin. It is a great idea to keep the body hydrated to achieve optimal results and make the fillers last longer. It helps the fillers in giving one a youthful and healthy look.

After receiving the fillers, patients are advised to avoid exercising and any activity that could lead to increased blood flow and high temperatures. Exercises are suitable for the body since they help manage weight, make patients focused during the day, help in bones and muscles, increase energy levels, and help in skin health, brain and memory. However, cosmetic doctors advise patients to stop the exercises after the cosmetic procedure. Some patients practise yoga, which involves the movement of the head. It is not recommended since it may result in the migration of fillers from one place to another. The fillers settle on the unintended area, leading to erroneous results. It may also cause complications, forcing patients to seek a cosmetic doctor to give them the solution.

Patients are advised to avoid putting pressure on the injection site, like applying makeup, sleeping on the face, and massaging the treated area. After the filler, the friction on the treated area increases the bruising and swelling. It makes the fillers take a long time to settle. It is recommended to give the fillers enough time to decide to obtain optimal results. However, some cosmetic doctors advise patients to apply arnica cream or vitamin C on the injection site to reduce swelling and bruising. Using the cream gently on the treated area is a good idea to avoid friction that could worsen swelling.

According to Jones et al. (2021), the professional cosmetic doctor advises patients to avoid blood-thinning medications like aspirin and ibuprofen. Thepatients should ask cosmetic doctors which medications to take to reduce their pain after the treatment. Alcohol is avoided since it is bold thinner and opens up the blood vessels making the swelling, inflammation and bruising worse. Patients are advised to start taking alcohol before and after the cosmetic procedure.

Frequently Asked Question about Lip Fillers

How Long Last Does the Swelling Goes Away Completely?

After the fillers, patients experience swelling. It does not last for long. It begins to reduce after twenty-four hours. However, this varies from patient to patient. It takes two weeks to subside completely.

How Should I Make My Fillers Settle Quickly?

There are some tips that patients should adhere to make to make their fillers settle quickly. Patients are advised to avoid exercising, taking alcohol, exposing themselves to the sun, sleeping on the face and applying makeup that could put pressure on the injection site.

Why Should I Drink a Lot of Water After the Fillers?

Water helps in the healing process of the fillers. The hyaluronic acid found in the fillers occurs naturally in the body. When it settles, it interacts with the water molecules in the body to give a youthful and healthy appearance. It is a good idea to keep the body hydrated to speed up the healing process of the fillers.


The patients experience swelling after the cosmetic procedure. The node starts to reduce after a short period. Lip fillers settle fully after two weeks. When patients continue experiencing swelling after two weeks, they are advised to consult the doctor to find a solution to their problem.


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