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Dermal Fillers

How Much Are Facial Fillers?

Facial fillers have risen in popularity over the past few years. Herein, you will learn more about what facial fillers are, the cost, and the side effects of this procedure.

Many clients embrace non-cosmetic surgical procedures. Theseproceduresare advantageous over other surgical options sincethey are pain-free, and results are noticed almost instantly. Face fillers have grown in popularity among clients since they offer fantastic results. According to research, thenumber of clients undertaking non-invasive cosmetic treatmentshassurpassed that of surgical procedures. Facial fillers include improving the appearance of various facial features, including cheeks, jawbone, and temple. However, how much do they cost? Keep on reading to find out more.

Understanding Facial Fillers

Facial fillers are synthetic substances injected into various skin parts to enhance volume and lift parts such as the earlobes, cheeks, and hands.

There are various reasons patients seek dermal fillers. They include:

  • For acne depression.
  • For forehead lines.
  • For sagging cheeks.
  • For nasal deformities.
  • For cheek and temple hollowness.
  • For thin lips.
  • For smoker lines.

The Cost of Facial Fillers

Dowrick& Holliday (2022) stated that the cost of facialfillers ranges from two hundred pounds. It depends on various actors, including the complexity of the procedure, the targeted area, and the type of filler used.

What Affects the Cost of Facial Fillers

Several factors influence the cost of facial fillers. Before committing to a non-invasive cosmeticprocedure,consider various things.

The cost of facial fillers varies, and clients are greatly affected by it. Not all fillers are affordable, depending on the type. The lower-end price range shows the price of one injection and not the entire cost of the treatment. The most popular substance used in facial fillers is hyaluronic acid.

Most patients use calcium hydroxyapatite, making it a bit more expensive than HA fillers.

Unlike other treatments like Botox, face filers are available in multiple formulations. Each formulation has a different price, and the filler depends on the treated area. The effects a patient desires determine how much filler should be used. Hence, older patients require more filler than younger ones since more work needs to be done.

The clinic’s cost is another factor that significantly affects the cost of facial fillers. Since facial filers are increasing in popularity as days go by, more clinics are performing this cosmetic procedure. What affects its price is the technology and the medical qualifications of the staff. However, if a clinic contains the latest technologies, its price is higher since they offer quality services. If the staff is experienced, this means they do a good job, and as a result, their process is higher.

Other factors that affect the cost include where a patient resides and gender. Since male patients have thicker skin, they require more fillers than females. On the other hand, if a client lives in a posh place,they’ll pay more than thoseresiding in another place.

Why Are People Getting Facial Fillers?

Choi et al.(2019) stated that collagen is a natural body substance responsible for skin elasticity. The body loses collagen and fat while aging. A reduction in the amount of collagen causes skin laxity and volume loss. As a result, the skin becomes saggier and thinner due to loss of elasticity.

Omer et al. (2022) noted that various reasons individuals are getting facial filler include:

  • To remove wrinkles.
  • Enhancing the volume of the skin.
  • For more symmetrical facial features.
  • For plumper the lips and cheeks.

What to Consider While Getting Facial Fillers

How Long Does It Last

There are various fillers available, each with its longevity period. Sharad (2022) stated that collagen fillers last longer, up to two years. However,if a patient wants longer-lasting results, selecting a filler that will give the desired results is advisable.

Where You Would Want to See the Result

Facial fillers can be done on various parts of the face, including lips, cheeks, jawline, and temple. Karapantzou et al. (2020) suggested that lip fillers are an excellent option to eliminate aging signs around the mouth area. Before getting facial filler, discuss with a cosmetic doctorthe desired look.

Ask About the Downtime

Although most facial fillers require no downtime, patients should not assume that every filler will provide fast results. Knowing how long the effects would take to kick in is essential. Additionally, it would be best to ask about the ingredients to avoid allergic reactions.

Side Effects of Facial Fillers

A patient may experience various side effectsfrom facial fillers. Holcomb et al. (2020) showed thatthe side effects of facial fillers are mild, and within seven to fourteen days, they completely fade away. According to Wollina et al.(2020), some of its possible adverse effects include:

  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Tenderness
  • Pain
  • bruising

Frequently Asked Questions about Facial Fillers

What Happens When I Stop Getting Facial Fillers?

Ceasing treatment will not worsen wrinkles. Most patients think the skin will be wrinklier and saggier once they stop going for treatments. Once the effects fade, the targeted area returns to its initial state.

Do Face Fillers Look Better with Time?

Once fillers settle, the tissues heal from the treatments, and results show after a few weeks.

Can Face Fillers Lift Jowl?

Muhn et al. (2012) showed that face fillers restore various parts of the face, including the cheek. It also restores the jawline, reducing the outlook of sagging jowls.

How Long Do Face Fillers Last?

How long face filers last depends onvarious factors. Funt& Pavicic (2013) suggested that some fillers last for around six to twelve months, while others may last up to five years.


Facial fillers, also known as dermal fillers, are non-surgicalcosmetic procedures done on various parts of the face to enhance volume and lift specific facial features. They include nose, cheek laugh line, jaws to temple fillers. Each filler has its price range.However, depending on certain factors, the average cost ranges between 200-1500 pounds. Factors affecting the cost of facial fillers include; the type of filler used and geographical location. Collagen acid is the most expensive since it is longer lasting, whereas poly-l-lactic acid is the cheapest.In terms of graphical location,individuals living in posh areas tend to pay more than those who don’t.


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