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Dermal Fillers

How Much Do Cheek Fillers Cost?

Individuals’ admiration for natural beauty and immediate grafts has brought up the newest movements within the cosmetic industry and anaesthetic drugs. Fillers are among the floating cosmetic procedures available currently in the market. These fillers restore lost volumes and contours and gives a more glowing and resting look. So, how much do cheek fillers cost? Learn more below.

Most people use one of the best filler options is treating regions such as the cheekbones. Cheek fillers are usually injected to provide the appearance of high levelled cheekbones.As one age, the regions on the upper side of the cheeks reduce in volume leading to a sagging look and the formation of folds known as nasolabial. The cheek fillers work by increasing the lost volume at the middle part of the skin, which is the dermis that lies under the outer epidermis of the cheeks. The filler provides a light and exaggerated cheekbone, leading to a replacement that leads to a youthful and reclaimed appearance.

Cheek Filler Procedures Price

Understanding the cost of cheek filler is vital before opting for any treatments. It helps an individual safeguard the entire future from any frustrations. However, looking for the cost of fillers might not be as easy as oneimagines. Several factors can determine the price of the cheek filler, which include:

The Number of Treatments Made

Filler injection charges are done per syringe. On several occasions, the patient is required to have at least more than one syringe in every treatment performed. Dulay et al. (2005) stated that the intensity of an individual’s skin conditions requires at least four treatment sessions.Therefore, as the number of injections increases, the cost of the procedure also tends to increase. Faces that can positively react very fast may not be required to obtain several injections.

How Experienced Is Your Cosmetic Doctor?

Reducing service charges mainly aims to attract clients and establish their base. For those cosmetic doctors who are inexperienced, their prices are seemingly lower. But for experienced aesthetician practitioners, their service charges are high for a given procedure due to their high skill level. In fact, for professional personnel, there are possibilities of qualified outcomes from their work.

The Geographical Location

 Locations for the cheek filler clinics determine the service charges for the cosmetic doctor to decide on a treatment. Medical specialists located within expensive regions charge high due to high living costs. Equally, since their operational services are also high, their charges must also increase.Moreover, when there is a lot of competition between the clinics, there might be an effect on orders as either their prices are low or higher. In such a case, the issue with the cost of the service should not be a determinant of an individual’s preference for cheek fillers. Instead, it should only guide you on how to get the quality of a clinic.

Type of the Product Used

Smith et al. (2011) explained that famous fillers are the preferred brands in most cheek fillings procedures. They are short-term products with frequent touch-ups to maintain the results. It is because; the effects on the skin may take about 3 to 6 months. The results from a given filler are usually considered to determine its price.Some of the minor factors that affect the price of fillers include:

  • Area of treatment.
  • Clinics offering discounts.

Also,the time taken for a certain filler to stay within the skin affects its price too. It implies that the more time given filler lasts, the more expensive nature it is.

Expectations After the Cheek Filler Treatment

Since the final results after undertaking the cheek filler procedures are the determinants for the service charges, Allemann et al. (2008) explained that the nature of dermal filler treatments done on an individual might last for about 3 to 12 months or exceed up to eighteen months. Also, the site to which the treatments are done may determine the time it may take to realise their effects.However, on average, fillers may take up to 12 months, as others may even last longer. Some of the procedures are as complex as others are seemingly simple. It may determine the cost of the filler to be used. You will find that the cheek fillers are believed to cost a lot since much of the product is applied to increase the face structure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cheek Fillers

How Safe Are Cheek Fillers?

During the ancient period, facial filler manufacturing was made from collagen, which mainly provided a distinctive and bulky look. But the current filers are primarily sourced from hyaluronic acid, an earthy chemical molecule in the body. It works through the retention of water and makes the skin more attractive. It, therefore, gives the skin a soft texture as it can break down within the body with no remains.

Does Insurance Cover Cheek Fillers?

There is a lot of confusion normally when it comes to the issue of insurance for health and aesthetic medications since things usually get worse.Most non-surgical procedures do not incur insurance coverage, but a few surgeries involve some benefits from medical appliances, especially thosedocumented conditions.The following views may consider more clarifications:

  • Non-surgical procedures involve reshaping normal body parts to modify one’s appearance. In such scenarios, insurance coverage may be applied.
  • Surgical operations that involve the reconstruction of certain surgeries might be supported by insurance coverage. It applies to abnormal changes within the body due to congenital and developmental abnormalities.

Delgado et al. (2018) explained that most of the fillers used for cosmetic procedures are not recognised as surgeries; at the same time, several are not FDA-approved and do not show any medical indications. Therefore, it is clear that such categories of fillers cannot be under insurance coverage.


Cheek fillers are usually cost-effective when compared to the use of supplements or collagen creams. However, as onebeginstheir routines for cheek fillers, it might be costly, but in the long run, they might save your expenses.The service charges for cheek fillers rely on the type of filler used, the expectations of individual results, the quantity of the filler required, and the other crucial factor being the qualification levels of the doctor. It is, however, important to obtain bits of advice from the doctor in determining the real cost of cheek procedures.


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