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How Often Do Lip Fillers Go Wrong?

If not done correctly, lip fillers can go wrong. This article explains symptoms of fillers that have gone wrong, how to know things have gone wrong and how to know things are going wrong after the procedure.

Every treatment carries its risks. The complications may be rare in lip fillers unless a non-skilled cosmetic doctor conducts the treatment. Some patients blame their bad luck, bad cosmetic doctor and a cheap filler. Patients should not worry much after their fillers go wrong. They are advised to see a well-skilled, experienced, qualified cosmetic doctor immediately after they realize their fillers have gone wrong. The professional cosmetic doctor will find a solution to correct their fillers.

Symptoms Of Fillers That Have Gone Wrong?

According to Turner (2018), after the treatment, patients experience side effects like bruising, swelling, redness, tenderness, slight bleeding, discomfort and mild pain that disappears after a short period. However, some patients do not experience any of these side effects. It is normal and should not make them say that their fillers have gone wrong. These are common side effects that patients should be aware of when receiving the procedure. Patients should see a professional cosmetic doctor to give them a solution when they persist.

Patients can realize their fillers have gone wrong when they realize blisters on the injection site, visual disturbance, skin shedding, poor capillary refill, black/blue discolouration, mottled skin, white spots and severe pain. If the patients notice any of these side effects, they should consult a professional cosmetic doctor to find a solution to their problem. These side effects are very rare unless a non-professional cosmetic doctor conducts them. It is a great idea to find yourself a professional cosmetic doctor who will conduct the treatment for you to avoid complications in future. Though the fillers can be dissolved, it is always good to find an expert who will give you the best treatment to avoid complications.

How to Know Things Are Going Wrong After the Procedure?

Many fillers are made with hyaluronic acid. This substance occurs naturally in the body and is a function of retaining and trapping water molecules in the body. It implies that many patients can endure it. Some complications may be a red flag that fillers have gone wrong. These include blebs and nodules, allergic reactions, infection and occlusions. Blebs and nodules are bumps and lumps. These occur in cases where the filler was put incorrectly, especially very close to the skin surface, or the filler becomes precast into a ball. Blebs and nodules are generally harmless and painless and sometimes appear white. When patients realize these complications in their fillers, they are advised to consult a professional cosmetic doctor immediately. The cosmetic doctor may decide to warm them using a compressor and massage them. They may also decide to dissolve the filler with a protein enzyme known as hyaluronidase. These enzymes break the bond of hyaluronic acid, making the fillers dissolve. Sometimes, the bumps, lumps and swelling that occur some months later can be very difficult to manage. However, when one visits a professional cosmetic doctor will always find a solution to the complications.

Allergic Reaction

According to Murthy et al. (2019), an allergic reaction can be another complication that patients can realize that their fillers have gone wrong. However, these are very uncommon since most patients are not allergic to the filter. The symptoms may include itchiness, prolonged pain, prolonged redness, prolonged swelling and anaphylaxis, which is very uncommon. Patients deciding to dissolve the fillers should know that the hyaluronidase used may cause swelling in the treated regionand cause allergic reactions. Patients who experience allergic reactions should see a cosmetic doctor to solve their problems. The cosmetic doctor may decide to dissolve the filler and treat patients with antihistamines. Patients should look for a professional cosmetic doctor to take care of them after the procedure. Find yourself a well-skilled, experienced and qualified cosmetic doctor to avoid complications in the future.


According to Johnson (2021), infection is another complication patients will know that the fillers have gone wrong. Anytime a filler is injected into the skin, there is a hazard of infection. The risk is reduced by having a professional cosmetic doctor conduct the procedure. The cosmetic doctor should use those that FSA approves. The infection symptoms may be similar to those of normal symptoms after the treatment. The difference is that the infection symptoms do not go away after a short period, including the shedding of skin, abscesses, warmth, prolonged pain, prolonged redness and prolonged inflammation. It is recommended to consult a professional cosmetic doctor immediately to find the right solution to your problem. Most cosmetic doctors dissolve the filler with hyaluronidase and treat them with antibiotics. Again, patients choose a well-trained, experienced, qualified cosmetic doctor because they will take care of them appropriately after the cosmetic procedures.

Vascular Occlusion

According to Goodman et al. (2020), occlusion is another complication patients should notice to see the fillers go wrong. These complications are very rare unless a professional cosmetic doctor conducts them. Vascular occlusions are the blockage of blood vessels. It happens when the filler is injected into a vein or artery directly. The artery is blocked, which results in changes in the skin. It is recommended to consult the cosmetic doctor immediately after you realize occlusions on the injection site. When patients delay seeing the cosmetic doctor, the tissues may be more damaged and permanent if not immediately attended to. The cosmetic doctor decides to dissolve with hyaluronidase. When the blood vessels are blocked, patients experience severe pain, poor capillary refill, mottled skin, blindness, skin shedding and blisters. When the occlusion is noticed before oneleaves the clinic, the cosmetic doctor will take action immediately. It is crucial to know that when the treatment lands in the wrong hands, there may be complications. Always find a professional cosmetic doctor to conduct the treatment for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lip Fillers

How Do You Know If Lip Fillers Have Gone Wrong?

Some signs that lip fillers have gone wrong are lumpiness, bruising and swelling that last long and necrosis of the lip tissue.

Is It Common for Lip Fillers to Go Wrong?

It is not common for lip fillers to go wrong. A non-professional cosmetic doctor conducted the procedure and used an inappropriate product.

What Can Mess Up Lip Filler

Patients should avoid smoking, kissing and using straws, drinking alcohol, exercising and sleeping on their face for twenty-four hours.


Complications are rare after lip fillers when conducted by a professional cosmetic doctor. The professional cosmetic doctor provides the best services and uses approved fillers which may not cause complications to the patients in the future. Swelling, bruising and redness are no complications. Rather they are side effects that subside after a short period. It is time to consult the cosmetic doctor if these symptoms persist.


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