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How Often Should You Get Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers offer a temporary solution to keep your desired look; you’ll need to go for regular top-ups. How often should you get them? Herein you’ll learn how often you should get lip fillers, why you should get lip fillers, the causes of lip fillers break down and how to make them last longer.

Lip fillersare a non-invasivecosmeticprocedure that safely plumps the lips, makingthem fuller and enhancing their size. It is mostly made from hyaluronic acid, a substance that naturally occurs in the body. However, they deteriorate over time due to factors, such as environmental stressors (heat and light) and age. Lip fillers are the most popular procedurefor a natural and plumper lip look. Fillers are available in various formulations, includingfat, collagen and silicone. The type of filler chosen depends determines the duration and cost. Also, most injectors prefer using hyaluronic acid since it rarely causes bruising during the procedure.

How Often Should You Get Lip Fillers?

Since lip fillers last for around six to twelve months, you should go for a touch-up during this period. To be safer, you should get lip filers every six months to make your look last longer. It is advisable to go for around two to four sessions in one year.

Why Get Lip Fillers?

Some of the benefits of lip fillers include:

Enhanced Appearance

Goel et al.(2021) noted that the greatest benefits of lip fillers is the achievement of fuller lips. With fuller lips,the patient looks younger. If you are unhappy with various facial features, one of the ways to gain back your appearance is by getting lip filers.

Reduces Ageing Skin

Like any other body part, the lips are also prone to ageing and environmental stressors. Lip injections provide you with sumptuous lips, which helpskin, tighten around the lip area. As a result, the mouth looks more youthful due to reduced fine lines.

NaturalFuller Lips

As mentioned earlier, lip fillers are a great way to achieve natural and fuller lips. Thanks to the most commonly used filler, hyaluronic acid. According to Sahaetal.(2021), The body naturally absorbs this substance, and its hydrophilic nature makes the lips appear fuller.

Causes of Lip Filler Breakdown AndHow to Make Lip Filers Last Longer

Some of the causes of lip fillers break down include:

  • Too much sun exposure
  • Body metabolism
  • Unhealthy diet

How to Make Lip Fillers Last Longer

Lip fillers offer a temporary solution. Their longevity is determined by various factors such as the type of filler used and its thickness and body metabolism. The following strategies can make the lips last longer;

Schedule Regular Touch-Ups

Though scheduling maintenance filler treatment may be considered ‘cheating’, it does help extend the results. It is the most effective way to make the fillers last longer. One of the most important tips is to schedule your first maintenance treatment before the fillers get a chance to fade. For example,if the expected longevity of the filers was twelve months, get a top-up before at the eighth or tenthmonth. Getting regular injections before the fillers fade will make you look more youthful.

Take Good Care of Your Skin

To improve the results and make your lip fillers last longer, use good skincare products along with fillers. For instance, using a moisturizerregularly may help trap water and, in turn, improve the efficacy of the lip fillers. If unsure of the right products to use,discuss with the injector to help choose the ideal one for you.

Stay Calm And Relaxed.

Constant stress produces extra cortisol hormones (also known as the stress hormone). Excessive cortisol may interfere with the filers and ageing process. If you feel stressed, trya few relaxation techniques, such as breathing exercises and meditation.

Be Cautious About Strenuous Exercises.

Being overly active after getting lip injections may increase the rate at which the filers fade off since many calories are burnt. Body metabolism affects how long the fillers last. The faster it is, the faster the results fade off. However, that does not mean you shouldn’t be active. If you’ve been doing regular exercise, change to low-intensity exercises until you heal completely.

Eat Healthy Foods

Eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables may increase the longevity of the filler results. Consuming processed and junk foods may increase body inflammation, increasing the rate at which your body metabolizes the injections.

Use Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen may help extend the results of the fillers. Constant exposure to the sun is one of the major causes of ageing. UV rays can also make the fillers fade off faster since they increasethe body’s rate of absorption. For best results, it is advisable to apply a sunscreen whose SPF is more than 30. Additionally, limit the period you spend between 10 a.m. to 4. pm. If you have to be outside, put on sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats to protect your face from the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If I Keep Getting Lip Fillers Regularly?

When you constantly plump out your lips, the fillers may expand the lip tissue causing them to stretch permanently. As aresult, the lips sag and deflate the more the filler degrades; this tends to leave you in a terrible shape than how you began.

What Will Happen When My Fillers Fade?

Lip fillers help stretch the skin and weaken liptissues over time. As it wears off, the result will fade, reverting the lip to their originallook.

How Will I Know If My Lip Fillers Have Gone?

It is well known that lip fillers plump the lips, making them appear plumper. So, once you notice that the lips are not plumped out anymore, it may symbolize that the fillers have worn off.


Lip filler is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that offers temporary results to the lips, such as fullness. As a result, one has to constantly get top-ups to prevent the filler from fading away quickly. Typically, lip filers last for around six to twelve months, depending on factors such as the fillers used and the patient’s metabolism. So, to make the look last longer, it is advisable to go for maintenance treatmentsbefore itwears off. Maintenance could meanregular top-ups before it fades. There are various ways to make the fillers last longer, such as taking good care of your skin, applying sunscreen and consuminghealthy foods.


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