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Dermal Fillers

How Soon Can You Fly After Having Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are excellent for giving an individual a desired and perfect look. In this article,one will learn the appropriate time for them to fly after lip fillers, what lip fillers and if flying affects the lips.

 Lip fillers have many benefits, one enhancing one’s appearance. Still, despite their benefits, there are several things that one must avoid for a while for them to get their expectations without any severe side effects. The swelling and bruising noticed after the lip filler treatment are usually effects when the skin is disrupted a little bit. Still, cases like engaging in tiresome workouts and going on a plane flight might worsen the swelling, making a recovery take a lot of time. Avoiding the consumption of alcohol and smoking also prevent strenuous workout, and avoiding flights are a way of minimizing any chances of worsening and swelling that is experienced after the lip filler treatment.

After How Long Can I Fly After Lip Fillers?      

After lip fillers,one should wait about a week before flying. Waiting is necessary since it helps minimize the chances of the side effects that are felt after having lip fillers from becoming critical. Lip fillers,like any other medical procedures, have side effects, too, like swelling and bruising.

What Are Lip Fillers?         

Lips come in different sizes and shapes, and in some cases,one may find the lower and upper lips pretty other in that they are not the same size. Lip fillers injected on the lips give someone a perfect look and the lip size and shape that someone desires. According to Adel (2021),lip fillers are injected into the lips through a fine needle, and they help indifferent ways, like perfecting the lip size and adding up volume to your lips. They also help one stay young by reducing the ageing signs such as nasolabial folds and wrinkles. If a person wants a lip filler,they should have expectations that can be achieved and be in good health, free from infections.

Does Flying Affect the Lips?

The lips are susceptible immediately after the lip-filling procedures, and the sensitivity may last about a week. The cosmetic doctor should tell you how to take care of your lip fillers to avoid acute side effects .flying will not generate other side effects; it only makes the occurring side effects more critical. There are several ways through which flying worsens the lip-filling process; they include:


A period of two to three days after the lip filling process is crucial since this is when the lip filler resolves under the skin. According toWege et al. (2021), swelling may appear immediately pressurized surrounding of an aircraft pushes the lip fillers to an area that is not suitable for them. The dry conditions in a plane may increase the swelling.


According to Philipp et al. (2020), minor effects, like bruising and less pain, may be experienced after the lip filler procedure.After the lip-filling process, you should minimize working out and not engage in heavy jobs since it may break down the capillaries in the lips and reduce your chances of healing faster. Air flight leads to an increase in pulse rate, which results in worsening the bruises. Any environment that results in Hypertension and increases the pulse rate should be avoided since it makes it difficult for the bruise to disappear.

What To Do If You Must Fly

If you still have to fly, you should do the following:

Eat Healthy Foods and Fruits

Avoid crunchy foods and junk while on the plane to prevent damaging the injected area by biting yourself. Eating fruits will also help hydrate your body since they contain enough water.

Drink Enough Water

Taking a lot of water is recommended while on a flight since it will help you stay hydrated, and this will help the body maintain its usual form.

What to Avoid If You Must Fly

There are several things you should refrain from if you have to fly, and they are:

Avoid Salty or Spiced Meals and Hot Beverages

Lips may end up swelling after the lip-filling procedure, and you should not consume spiced food or warm drinks on the plane. According to Mohamed (2020), spiced meals may facilitate side effects such as worsening swelling. Spiced meals, if they spill on the lips or get into contact with the lips, may cause a burning sensation, mainly if the lips are not completely healed. Hot drinks may increase swelling. Consider taking warmbeverages to prevent such instances from occurring. Avoid foods that may spill on your lips and require you to rub the lip since this may worsen the swelling.

Do Not Drink Alcohol

Do not take any alcohol during the flight since alcohol may lead to the bursting of blood veins,which will lead to blood spillage on the outer layer of the skin. The use of alcohol also worsens swelling and bruising, so it is advisable not to consume any during your flight to fasten the healing process.

FAQS about Lip Fillers

Do Lip Fillers Have Side Effects?

Lip fillers, when undertaken by a qualified and skilled cosmetic doctor, are safe. It is advisable to go to a health care facility with experienced cosmetic providers to avoid undesired results and effects such as excessive bleeding, bumps or swelling and pain in the lips.

What If I Don’t Like How I Look After Lip Fillers?

The good thing about increasing the lips’ size with lip fillers is that they are temporary. You can always get back your usual look if you don’t like the lip filler results. You may be keenly taking care of your lip fillers and going for check-ups severally, but you are still not happy about how you look. The results may not be of the desired outcome because of getting the process done by an unqualified cosmetic provider, or your expectations were not apparent to the aesthetic provider. Also, you can hate how you look with lip fillers, but the good thing is that the stuffing can be dissolved, and you can have your usual look back.

Can I Take Painkillers After Lip Fillers?

Before taking any painkiller, you should talk to your cosmetic doctor since they will recommend the one that suits you.


Lip fillers are administered to the lips to help increase the lips’ volume and reduce the signs of ageing, such as nasolabial folds and wrinkles. After having your lip fillers, there are several factors you should avoid, such as avoiding the consumption of alcohol, smoking, and not taking flight. You should wait seven days for you to fly since flying immediately after treatment can worsen the side effects like swelling that occur after the filler treatment. But if you still have to take a  flight, ensure your body is hydrated by consuming enough water. Also, you should eat healthy fruits and vegetables and avoid spiced meals and hot beverages.


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