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How Sore Are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers create attractive lipsthat enhancethe overall facial appearance. Lip-filling procedures are notpainful. This article explains how sore lip fillers are after the treatment procedure.

Individualsoften hear a common phrase: ‘beauty is pain’. If you are familiar with this statement which most people love to joke about, you might understand the world-spread belief that one must experience painful experiencesto be beautiful. For centuries, individuals, especially women, may have to endure pain in some way to maintain good looks. Certain cosmetic procedures and beauty routines are indeed painful. However, most of them are always worth it. Maybe onehas ever wondered whether lip fillers also makethe patient experiencepain in the name of making lips look pretty.Let’s find out.

Do Fillers Make Your Lips Sore Afterwards?

Feeling sore is an uncomfortable sensation.If onehas ever felta tight, dull ache feeling intheir body muscles, they can confirm it’s a feeling they wish to get rid of as soon as possible. According to Schimmel&Abou-Ayash, (2020),lip sore involves the lips’ muscles and tissues becoming stiff and less coordinated. Most patients only complain about mild bruising and swelling after injecting lipfillers. It’s also expected that the spot of injection to feel tender for some days after the procedure. However, lip soreness is sometimesfelt, and the degree of this discomfort will depend on the severity of the treatment, the lip’s sensitivity, the cosmeticdoctor’s expertise, and the post-treatment measures onetakes. If theysuffer from a lip sore, it should not be serious and will not last for more than two days. Among all the other dermal fillers, lip fillers areless painful and unlikely to cause extreme side effects.

Measures to Take Before a Lip Filler to Avoid Lip Issues

As long as you are 21 years, FDA allows you to push through with lip fillers. Serious lip soreness is rare but can occur if the patient fails to give this procedure the care it deserves.Before getting this cosmetic injection, talk to theaesthetic doctor to assess one’sphysical and mental health status to determine theircosmetic needs. The cosmetic practitionermay want to know why one wants lip fillers, their expectations, their body defects, and their general outlook on this treatment. Physical features like the shape of the patient’s face also helpin making treatment decisions.Alam et al. (2008)suggested that by evaluating preexisting health conditions, personal preferences, risk factors, allergies, and prescriptionsyou are currently on, the lip injector can determine the right filler ingredients to use. This way, there will be minimal mistakes during the treatment, and the patient will not suffer from extreme side effects.

Will Lip Fillers Hurt Your Lips?

Lip filleris a safe procedure that should not ruin one’s lips. However, certain factors can make lip injections ineffective or damage the patient’s healthy lips. If an inexperienced cosmetic doctor performs the procedure, the lips can inappropriately stretch, making the tissues around the lips die. When that happens, the lip filler will harden, and the injection spots may get infected, leaving the lips in a bad state.

Can Lip Fillers Worsen Cold Sores?

Getting lip filler injections may not be appropriate if one suffers from cold sores. Aesthetic injections on the lips areharmless. However, the post-treatmentside effects may include cold sores.Fillers don’t cause cold sores on their own.Mustafa et al. (2016)explainedthat HSV-1 (herpes simplex virus) triggers cold sores directly. That means getting a lip filler injection if you have cold sores may worsen thecondition. If it happens, one will experience serious side effects.

DoesEveryone Get Cold Sores After Lip Fillers?

A cold sore is only a side effect that some patients experience while others don’t.

Wang et al. (2020)explained thatcold sores are rare after aesthetic injections on the lips. It’s not considered an all-time complication. The possibility of lip sores after dermal injections depends. Patients withweaker immune are at higher risk of getting serious cold sores after lip fillers. Those eating healthy food, exercising regularly and having strong immune overall have fewer chances of suffering from lip soreness.

Is It Worth It to Get Lip Fillers?

Of all cosmetic procedures, lip filler is one of the best aesthetic treatmentsa person can seek. The results of lip injections are pleasant, and one will love the transformation on the face that will be so obvious after the treatment. Lip fillers are so popularbecause of what they do to a patient; enhancing natural beauty, balancing facialsymmetry, and restoring volume loss. The procedure will give people a new look they have always dreamed of.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lip Fillers

Can a Patient Get Lip Filler in One Lip?

The patient can chooseto get the fillers on whichever lip they want. One can get injected on both lips, one lip, or only one littlearea. Individuals only need to be specific with their cosmetic doctor, and the professional will work perfectly to give them the desired look.

Will My Lips Feel the Same with Lip Injections?

Most people have wild imaginations of how the lips feel after getting injected. The lips will continue to feel the same as they always do.Once the swelling or bruises that often occur on the day of injection disappear, one willhave theirnormal lips, which will become plumper.

How Much Lip Filler Does a Patient Need?

How many fillers one needs depends on the individual.The cosmetic doctor can help to choose a lip filler treatment plan that works excellently. Through consultation, the aesthetic expert will help determine whether one only needs some additional volume to the lips or a plumper pout.


Making decisions concernedwith cosmetic goals is never easy. If one is not careful,they might fall for social media influence and waste money on a cosmetic procedure that is not fully meant for them. Lip fillers, in rare cases, may be accompanied bya cold sore. The soreness should not last for long; if it does, something is wrong. Make sure oneseeks medical assistance from theiraesthetic doctor if the sore appears not to go away or it’s linked to other serious side effects.


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