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How to Avoid Bruising After Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are the safest injections that are usually used by many people each year. Lip fillers have increasingly gained fame due to their popular application among most patients. They are used to enhance fuller and more glowing lips. This article explains how an individual can avoid bruising after lip fillers.

Once a person has their first visit to a cosmetic practitioner, they are allowed to understand the fundamental aspects of the treatments, which include the side effects of lip filling. Among common side effects due to lip fillers is bruising. However, this common side effect usually subsides after a few days.

What Exactly Causes Bruising?

Once the skin is injured, there is the possibility of it bruising.Bruises on the lips are the same bruises that might appear if one is hit by a desk at the workstation accidentally. Once a personundergoes lip filler injection, they may have slight feelings of ache, which come out of the bruise after lip filler injection. One’s lips incur some sensitivity through the damage though it is not as severe to a more exten

Though most cosmetic practitioners perform their procedures more accurately, bruises are likely to emerge. Still, they operate precisely to decrease bruising effects since bruises are usually produced once blood vessels on lips are injured.Kim et al. (2014) stated that bruising is just a natural reaction resulting from a puncture on an injured blood vessel or a leakage. Therefore, by sharing with a professional cosmetic doctor, the patient is usually assured of receiving the best care that might deal with any side effects.

Kurten et al. (2015) explained that individuals might experience bruises in a moderate cases once they have visited a cosmetic practitioner, as others may not see them at all. The appearance essentially relies on an individual’s genetics and the type of blood vessels. An individual sensitive to bruising may incur a more pronounced side effect oncelip filler treatments are undertaken. However, if it takes much for an individual to bruise, the chances of notifying the sensitivity are minimal.

How Can One Avoid Occurrences of Bruises?

Bruising is a very common effect once a person undergoes lip filler injections. The outcomes are usually rapid and are observed after a few days of undertaking the treatments. It can treat fine lines around the lips in a short period. Regarding issues related to anti-ageing requirements, some beats of dermal fillers provide concrete solutions.In most cases, those regions of lips that show symptoms of ageing are usually the ones that bruise at greater degrees; for instance, areas of the upper lip, tear troughs, and beneath the eyes.To be ascertained that the occurrence of bruising does not offset the effects of anti-ageing agents, you should follow a few steps before and after visiting the cosmetic doctor. Some of the tips on how one can free their lips from the effects of bruising include:

Restrain from Certain Medicines and Supplements

If one is prone to taking some medications, either aspirin or non-steroidal, such as anti-inflammatory, they should find ways to avoid them. These drugs are believed to affect the blood by thinning, leading to bruises. Taking such drugs should- be discontinued for about a week as one waits for the actual day of being treated.Some supplements of a given type should also be keenly observed since the same effects may also arise. For example, it should curb vast contents of vitamin E, garlic, and ginkgo from being used a week before the day of treatment to minimise the likelihood of bruising.

Getting the cosmetic doctor to understand if one is on blood thinning medications due to cardiovascular problems is also crucial. In so doing, one will be able to use the drugs under the regulatory mechanisms of the cosmetic doctor. However,one should be assured of the irruption of bruising once they have gone through filler injections, which disappears for a little while.

Elevation of the Injected Region ShoItoided

Once one is done with treatments, the patient should be concerned about the current body conditions. It would be best to avoid any exercise that might allow blood to flow to regions where medicines have been taken. Avoid the activities for about 24 hours after receiving your lip filler injections.

Applications of Arnica

Raghibi et al. (2018)explainedthat Arnica might be available in topical ointments or pills. Arnica is a derivative of arnica herb whose appliances have been there for severaldecades as an earthy pain reliever and a bruising tackler. Arnica is available in most stores for natural supplements and pharmacies. They are usually applied per the cosmetic doctors’ prescriptions.

Restrain from Alcohol

Levy et al. (2012) explained that alcohol might interfere with the patient’s platelet roles. It is, therefore, necessary to stop drinking for about 24 hours before visiting a- cosmetic doctor. It would be best if one were also restrained from drinking after the treatments. It is essentially aimed at making sure that platelets are behaving as usual.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lip Fillers

Is It Usually Bruising After Lip Fillers?

Bruising is just information sent to the brain to deliver a specific signal that a part of the body is required to be healed. Bruising is absolutely a normal reaction towards lip filler. Though the needle inserting the stuffing into the lip tissue seems to be small as the injection is precise, the body must experience a puncture that usually results from trauma.

How Long Does Bruising Last After Lip Fillers?

There are no exact ways of determining the period taken by bruising to last after filler injections. Most patients are likely to wait a week for a bruise to disappear. Some patients may realise the disappearance of bruising even a few days after- lip filler injection. However, those seriously prone to bruising must wait about a week for the bruising to subside. Once treated with lip fillers, your bruising might not have cleared in about 24 hours.


Each individual is quite different; this implies that our bodies aren’t the same. Therefore, a specific patient might be affected by bruises more seriously when compared to other patients of lip fillers. For some patients, bruising resulting from lip fillers might disappear in some days to realise a fruitful result of lips without any pain or sensations. For others, the effects might take a couple of days before it subsides. For such cases, there are several ways of reducing the likelihood of bruising after lip filler injections. The ways you may apply avoiding the bruises depend on the individual, provided their intensity is controlled.


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