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Dermal Fillers

How to Get Plump Lips without Fillers

A lip enhancement method is not exclusive to dermal injections or surgery. Other strategies like exfoliation may change your lips’ volume and shape. This blog discusses alternative ways to plump your lips. It also answers some commonly asked questions regarding plump lips. 

Large, luscious lips are currently sought after more than ever before. As a result, the cosmetic industry has responded to the need for bigger lips by offering topical and injectible cosmetic products for its clients. The overriding idea regarding lip filing is to increase collagen, attract water to the lips and enhance blood flow to these areas. Hence, alternative lip-filling treatments besides fillers require products that enhance moisture retention and collagen formation around the lips. Herein, the blog explores alternatives to fillers and their potential benefits to clients.

Lip Exfoliation

You can exfoliate your lips with a washcloth or soft toothbrush, but a lip scrub is a far more luxurious experience. Lips with a buildup of dead skin might seem dry and chapped. When you exfoliate, the dead skin cells are shed, giving the impression of plumper, smoother lips (Panda & Chowdhary, 2021). Lips seem larger because exfoliating improves blood flow to the area. The sensation of scrubbing dead skin on your lips may be very satisfying, but it is important to do what is necessary; exfoliating once a week is adequate for the lips.

Suck It Up with a Safe Suction Device

According to Greene (2019), suction may briefly provide the appearance of bigger lips, making the effect more noticeable. As the blood rushes to the area, the lips take on a bee-stung appearance thanks to the vacuum effect. You slide it over your lips, and the gentle sucking instantly gives the illusion of bigger lips. This is a low-risk option for those on the fence about pursuing lip enhancements.

 Massage or Gua Sha

Increasing blood flow to the lips with massage might result in temporary but noticeable swelling. It is a gentler take on the age-old practice of biting your lips to make them fuller and redder. According to Krstev, Stratorska& Panova (2019), using a deep tissue massage like a gua sha increases collagen production over time. Gua sha may reduce tension and swelling; the light and frequent strokes have the same effect as a massage, speeding up the blood flow. The Hayo’u instrument is fashioned like a delicate nib and crafted from jade (traditionally regarded for its healing properties). That is why it is great for giving your lips and the vertical lines surrounding them an immediate lift with forceful strokes. Furthermore, it eventually leads to increased collagen production.

The downside is that improper use of these tools may result in significant harm. In addition, they might cause red stains on the face. Take these items as directed without exceeding the recommended dosage.

Lip Blushing Adds Definition and Depth of Color to the Lips

Cosmetic tattooing involves using a machine that injects water-based ink into the skin to enhance pigmentation and, in turn, the appearance of fullness. Haddara et al. (2020) stated that lip blushing emphasizes lip contour and adds a healthy dose of color. The effect is instantaneous and dramatic, giving the appearance of fuller lips upon waking. The use of colored ink distinguishes lip blushing from conventional lip lining tattoos. Unlike injectable cosmetic pigments, which dissipate gradually without color change, tattoo inks penetrate deeper into the skin, linger longer, and possibly change color over time. Lip blushing is done using a machine that is considerably less abrasive than traditional tattoo guns, allowing the artist to apply the pigment with more precision and care for a more natural appearance. Lip blushing is safe for people of all ages and skin types; however, a special melanin-rich lips correction treatment is recommended for those with darker skin tones, hyper-pigmentation, or naturally melanin-rich lips. Separate from the Lip Blush process, the semi-permanent tattoo technique is performed two to four weeks beforehand. Using it as a primer before applying Lip Blush helps to even out the lips and provide a smooth surface for the color. Applying lip blush takes around two hours, is relatively painless, and requires a numbing cream.

Boost Your Lip Collagen

It would be best to have the protein collagen to maintain full, supple skin and lips. According to Single (2022), lip volume diminishes, and creases appear with age because collagen production slows down. In any case, there are a few easy natural strategies to boost lip collagen:

  • Consume collagen powder. (Type I collagen is the most sought-after for skin and lips.) Adding more collagen to your diet is simple with the availability of collagen powder, tablets, and gummies.
  • If you would rather not take supplements, collagen-rich bone broth soups and vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables may help. The body may produce a healthy supply of collagen with the help of these nutrients.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plump Lips

How Can I Reshape My Lips?

Lips require regular hydration, exfoliation, and vitamin E supplements, among other home-based strategies; the objective is to have blood flow to the lips and draw water towards them, making them pout and plump.

Is Lip Volume Only Achievable with Dermal Fillers?

Full and pout lips are heir to multiple procedures like grafting, surgical implants, and dermal filing. Other strategies like diet and collagen supplements could also increase lip volume.


Unfortunately, many individuals need to be more careful with employing untested or risky solutions in their eternal hunt for the ideal lips. Short-term relief may be achieved with the use of electrical and suction equipment when utilized as directed by a medical specialist. Some people go to those who are not qualified to do cosmetic procedures. In the worst-case scenario, the patient may be permanently disfigured. Learn about alternatives for non-invasive lip enhancement, including lip balms and glosses. Discuss your options with a qualified cosmetic surgeon familiar with minimally invasive and radical procedures.


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