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Dermal Fillers

How to Make Fillers Last Longer

You can make dermal fillers last longer by sticking to an aftercare routine, following a healthy diet, staying hydrated, exercising mindfully, following a good skincare routine, and avoiding exposure to UV rays, as discussed in this article.

Do you crave thicker and fuller lips or youthful cheeks? Are you dissatisfied with the shape or volume of your lips, eye troughs, or jaw lines? If so, you may consider getting fillers. Unfortunately, dermal fillers do not last forever. With time, they naturally get absorbed, and you may need to undergo the procedure over and over. Dermal fillers can last up to five years, depending on the type of filler used. The duration depends on factors including, but not limited to, body metabolic rate, the patient’s age, and the type of filler.

How to Make Your Filler Last Longer

Dermal fillers are non-surgical cosmetic products that change facial characteristics at different parts (Goldberg, 2017). Notably, dermal fillers include; lip fillers, cheek fillers, jawline fillers, and tough eye fillers, among others. They involve a soft-tissue injection with certain cosmetic products, including but not limited to hyaluronic acid and collagen stimulators (Schuurmans et al., 2021). The dermal fillers are temporary; they wear out with time; while the dermal fillers have specific life spans, they may wear out sooner than the stipulated period due to metabolism and lifestyle behaviors (Haneke, 2015). Therefore, patients should observe certain aftercare practices to make them last as expected. These include;

Stick to the Aftercare Advice

After undergoing a filler treatment, you may be tempted to fall back to your normal routine immediately: doing yoga or engaging in strenuous physical exercises. Well, this should not be the case. Instead, you should follow the advice you receive after the procedure. The injector may send you emails as reminders of the helpful aftercare after the appointment. For instance, if you had a lip filler treatment, the professional may advise you to let your lips rest for a while, usually around 2 days. 

Also, you may be told to avoid alcohol for a day or two after the treatment. If you are a gym lover, you may need to take some 48 hours off and avoid any strenuous exercise at all costs. You will typically get some swelling after the injection; engaging in such activities may increase blood flow, leading to increased swelling.

Therefore, you can follow this and other aftercare advice from a certified professional, giving you good-looking lips that last longer.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Stress is an enemy of a healthy body and mind. As surprising as it may sound, being stressed can negatively affect your fillers. When under stress, your body produces certain hormones that may lead to a quicker breakdown of the dermal fillers. Therefore, they may not last for the duration you expected.

Unfortunately, you may not avoid stress altogether. Life poses different stressful circumstances, and your body will react to them. Therefore, you can check out some of the things that cause stress and work on avoiding them or learn how to keep the stress under control. 


A well-hydrated body is a healthy body. Drink water and fluids. Take juicy fruits to increase the water content in your body; this way, your body will get hydrated. When your body is dehydrated, you develop cracked lips that may undermine the well-being of dermal fillers such as lip fillers. The fluids in your system may become immobile and tend to remain in a single position, resulting in lip swelling. So, look for ways of incorporating water and other healthy fluids into your diet, so you are always hydrated to maintain the fillers (Greco et al., 2012). Additionally, you may need to avoid sugar as it will interfere with how your skin maintains its hydration; Sugar may draw water from some body parts or increase inflammation that prolongs the healing process of dermal fillers. 

Eat Healthily

Ever heard of “you are what you eat?” The foods you take affect your skin. Healthy eating is key to lengthening the period of your fillers. However, what exactly does it mean to eat healthily?

For one, you can do away with processed and sugary foods and deep-fried dishes. Sugary foods can lead to inflammation in the body and speed up the rate of dermal fillers breakdown; they will not last as long as they should. Rather than stocking much junk, opt for fresh vegetables and fruits. Another great group of healthy foods to incorporate into your diet is nuts, seeds, fish, and cereals. As you do, do not forget your proteins. A well-balanced diet comprising healthy foods is a great way of extending the lifespan of your lip fillers.

Stay Mindfully Active

After the swelling resulting from dermal filler injections are over, you can go back to exercising when you are active in such ways that your physical and mental well-being benefit. However, since metabolism affects dermal fillers’ lifespan, you may need to exercise caution. Notably, a client with a high metabolism will deplete the fillers faster.

So, you may need to tweak your active lifestyle or workout routine depending on your metabolism. Active clients may need regular top-up appointments compared to patients with less active lifestyles.

Therefore, exercise for a healthy body and mind, but do not overdo it to break down your fillers faster. 

Have a Good Skincare Routine

A good skincare routine goes a long way in delivering longer-lasting fillers. You may purchase these beauty products over the counter. However, beware of the contents since some have products that may harm your skin and, at times, your overall health. Always check the ingredient list before buying any skincare product.

Avoid the Sun

Certain fillers are easily broken down with UV rays, thus reducing their longevity. You can avoid stepping out when the sun is at its peak. Also, you can invest in wide-brimmed sun hats or use sunscreens to prevent UV rays from the dermal fillers. The beauty of these steps is that they protect your skin and make your fillers last longer.


Lip fillers break down at varying periods for different patients. The variation in the breakdown is attributed to the difference in age and metabolism. However, there are steps one can take to lengthen the typical lifespan of the fillers; these include, but are not limited to, observing a healthy diet and maintaining a moderate physical exercise routine. Your cosmetic practitioner’s advice is vital for maintaining the fillers longer.


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