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Dermal Fillers

How to Massage Your Lips After Fillers

Lipsmay swell and experience slight bruises due to lip filler injections. Medically, it is not advised to massage the lips after the filler treatment unless an experienced medical practitioner conducts it. This article explains how patients can massage their lips after a lip filler treatment, and the dos and don’ts of lip fillers.

The lip filler treatment procedure has been adopted by various clinics. However, different results are obtained based on the services and skills of the clinics. While some patients have adverse swelling and bruises, others experience mild to no bruising with minimal swelling. The lips are not appealing when swelled, and one can opt to massage them to reduce the bruising. It is a critical situation as the lips are soft and tender as a result of filler injection, and it is not advisable to massage, especially when there are lumps on the lips. However, some patients massage their lips slowly with the help of health practitioners, making it easier and improving an individual’s healing process.

How to Take Care of Lips After Lip Filler Treatment

Li et al. (2018) stated that the aftercare of the lip filler treatment is crucial. After the treatment, one should be able to consider the following factors to prevent any further effects and infections.

The Type of Food

After the lip filler treatment, the patient’s lip is more tender than normal because of the swelling and the after-effects of the hyaluronic acid contained in the lip filler injection. One is advised to eat soft and easy foods that are easily chewed with less involvement of the lips. It is important as it helps prevent bruising. When one eats hard foods, it will bruise the soft lips increasing the bruises experienced by the patient. Eat foods that will not subject you to wiping the lips and disturb the injection site. Foods with vitamin E should be avoided too as they increase the bruising risk of the lips.

Lip Liners and Lip Sticks

Chandra & Patwardhan (2018) explained that, on the appointment day, patients could bring this type of cosmetics which a specialised medical practitioner can handle. After the treatment, the cosmetic doctor can carefully apply lipstick on the patient’s lips to help cover up the immediate bruising. Lipstick application and lip liners can be used by individuals who have experience and can handle a patient accordingly.

Avoid Kissing and Oral Interaction

After the lip treatment, one is advised to avoid oral activities and kissing for 24 to 48 hours. Kissing can subject pressure on an individual lip which is not recommended after the treatment. One is advised to avoid such pressure as it can easily bruise the patient’s tender lips.

Gentle Handling

During the bathing process and face washing, one is advised to gently wash the face and the lips using a warm and soft piece of clothing that can brush the lips lightly without causing any adverse effects on individual lips.

When Should One Massage Lips After Lip Filler

Bhojani-Lynch (2017) explained that patients are advised not to massage their lips for a period of 24 to 48 hours after the procedure. One should wait for the swelling to subside to be able to massage their lips without much problems and with a little pressure. When one massages freshly injected lips, they risk moving the fillers around them, which can cause undesirable results or deportation. After a two to three-dayperiod, one can gently massage their lips. One is advised to gently press the lips between their forefinger and thumb and try to roll the lips between the fingers. It helps in attaining better results, but one must have a go-ahead from a doctor before trying the massage routine on their lips.

Should Lumps Be Massaged After Lip Fillers?

One is advised not to massage the lumps after getting the filler treatment. It is common for an individual to have lumps and swelling. For a better healing process, one is advised to leave the lumps alone to heal naturally. Some medical practitioners can conduct a massage session for patients with lip lumps. Lumps can also be dissolved by using hyaluronidase injection, which can help dissolve the lump. It is done when the lumps are still on an individual lip, even after the bruises and swelling have subsided. It is infected and helps dissolve the lump giving an individual’s tissue enough time to heal before fresh fillers are injected into an individual.

Why Are Lips Lumpy After Filler?

Alam& Tung (2018) explained that the main cause of lumps on the patients lip after the treatment is the bruising and swelling from the injection. One is advised not to touch the lips as it can contaminate them and make them more swollen. Patients are advised to contact their medical health practitioners immediately when they see hard and painful lumps. Naturally, the lumps from lip filler should subside after the first week of treatment.

Can You Massage Lip Filler Migration?

Individuals are advised to massage their lips after some days, but it should not be soon or immediately after the treatment. Doing the massage soon after the treatment can result in the fillers migrating. One can massage their migrated lip fillers, but it can be harmful. The best way an individual can deal with migrating lip fillers is by dissolving the fillers with hyaluronidase, which helps break the hyaluronic acid gel down. Within a short period, the enzyme softens the fillers giving an individual their previous lip shape, size and projection.

FAQs about Lip Fillers

Are Lip Fillers Safe?

Lip fillers are safe and well tolerated by many individuals as they are used to change how an individual looks.

Is Bruising Normal After Lip Treatment?

Yes, bruising is normal after lip treatment because of the small needles used to prick an individual lip to help inject the hyaluronic into the lips.

Can Lips Be Massaged?

It is not advised to massage the lips medically, but one can carry on with the massage if instructed by the cosmetic doctor.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

The treatment takes around twenty to forty minutes.

Is the Lip Treatment Process Permanent?

The treatment is not permanent; patients can use top-up fillers after six months.


Massaging the lips after the treatment procedure is among the crucial aspects that patients can do. The lips are very delicate and tender after the treatment, and one is advised not to conduct massage on their lips. But with the aid and instructions of a medical practitioner, customers can gently massage their lips with the help of their practitioners by using the forefingers and fore thumb. Lumps are common on a patient’s lip as they are side effects brought about by the swelling and injection of the lip fillers.


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