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How to Protect Lip Fillers on a Sunbed

A sunbed exposes the fillers to high temperatures that might compromise them before they heal. This article will explain the effects of heat on lip fillers and how to protect them while in a sunbed.

Sunbed use may help to reduce inflammation, boost vitamin D production, improve skin conditions, lower blood pressure, and improve heart health. Research shows that sunbed mimics the sun’s natural mood-boosting qualities. This fact gives hope to people who have a negative attitude towards sunbeds. Lip filler treatment, though a non-surgical medical procedure needs proper aftercare. Patients may need to avoid certain activities or routines and practice extra measures to protect their lips after lip filler treatment. So, how can you protect your lips on a sunbed after this cosmetic procedure?

What’s the Connection Between Lip Fillers and Sunbeds?

Most patients have concerns about what they should avoid after getting lip fillers. Almost everyone mentions that sun exposure is not suitable for the skin. However, many clients know what information to believe. Sunbeds, sunbathing, and hot yoga should be avoided for about 14 days after getting lip filler treatment. Medical research proves that extreme sun exposure negatively affects skin treated with lip and other facial fillers. As Dejosephet al. (2018) explained, aesthetic lip injection requires a few days to heal and completely allow the lips to function as usual. If the lips are not healed, side effects might be around the injection sites that received the fillers. Most patients are unaware that too much sunlight, both artificial and natural, can trigger cold sores and bruises around the injected areas on the lips. Regular sun exposure may not be a threat to the newly treated lips. Routine sun precautions will make lips heal faster from the lip enhancement procedure.

The Effect of a Sunbed on Lips Treated with Dermal Fillers

According to Sionkowskaet al. (2017), sunbeds will degrade the effectiveness of fillers inserted into your lip tissues. It also interferes with the lip’s healing process and leads to irritation on the surface of the injected area. Ultraviolet radiation from sunbeds will degrade hyaluronic acid, an important substance added to lip fillers. Spending time in UV tanning equipment such as sunlamps, tanning booths, and sunbeds should not cause severe complications. Discoloration in the area around the injected site is a common complication from exposure of the lips to high temperature; this symptom is rare and must be considered a threat if it persists. Like any other aesthetic injection treatment, lip filler also requires extra caution. Lips are sensitive. Hence, it must be protected well enough while on a sunbed, especially after a lip filler treatment.

How You Can Protect Lip Fillers on a Sunbed

  • Wait 14 days after the aesthetic treatment on your lips before you sunbathe. Doing so gives your lips adequate time to heal. Exposure to extremely high temperatures, while the injected area is still fragile and has not fully recovered, will lead to lip damage.
  • Wear sunscreen with intense SPF and make sure the ingredients of this product are designed for lip protection too.
  • Don’t apply any beauty products like makeup or spray tans to give the injection spots time to heal and the normal lip tissues to regenerate
  • Follow any aftercare advice your cosmetic doctor will give you. Adherence to your aesthetic lip injector will help the skin of your lips heal faster and correctly, making it easier to attain your desired results.
  • Consult your aesthetician immediately if you experience lips filler complications or sunburn. Complications to report immediately you notice them include; asymmetry lips; vascular compromise; infection; lips discoloration and tenderness; bleeding lips; and cold sore reactivation
  • Give your lips a gentle massage frequently to avoid lumps

Frequently Asked About Fillers

What Delicate Parts of Your Skin Should You Take Care of When Using Sunbeds?

Have you ever keenly thought about which part of our skin is the most sensitive? We all have specific sensitive zones; your most delicate area may not be identical to someone else’s. According to Guerra et al. (2019), the face holds the most skin sensitivity. Patients, who use multiple products on their facial skin, should practice extra care on sunbeds. Even if your tanning session usually feels safe and never gives you worries about burns, always be mindful of facial zones that can quickly get damaged. These include;

  • Your lips
  • The skin area of the eyes
  • Any paler parts that are usually not exposed to the sun

What Should You Avoid After Lip Filler Treatment?

  • Never use sunbed if your lip filler procedure left a bruise. A suntan can cause long-term, visible darkening of the lip skin. Only get a tanning session after your aesthetic doctor confirms your lip fillers have settled ultimately and healed.
  • Do not use sunbed with newly-acquired fillers. According toColeman et al. (2018) emphasize that tanning beds are not medically safe; whether you have fillers or not.
  • If treated with fillers, don’t let your lips be exposed to the sun for a long time. Exposure of more than 20 minutes will lead to lips health issues.
  • Never assume any serious side effects or complications. Only a well-trained cosmetic doctor can assess and determine the seriousness of your lip problems. Having their phone numbers is a good idea, especially when you desperately need to confirm specific lip care measures.


Avoiding sun bed after lip filler treatment is a safe way to avoid inflammation and deterioration of the fillers. Patients react differently to products; some clients may experience serious damage after using sun beds compared to others. Others may only deal with degraded fillers without any complications. It also depends on the ingredients added to the lip fillers. If you must get a tan, let it be before you pursue an aesthetic lip injection. There are various healthier and safer ways to glow other than using sunbeds. Try other techniques!


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