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Dermal Fillers

How to Reduce Swelling from Lip Fillers

Swelling from lip fillers is normal after the treatment. It can be small and disappear after a few hours. This article discusses how to reduce swelling from lip fillers, including; hydrating, eating healthy, avoiding the gym for a few days, and elevating the head while sleeping.

Lip filler injections are becoming popular. These nonsurgical cosmetic procedures give fuller and more defined lips. They add volume to the lips. However, getting such benefits comes at a cost. One of the side effects a patient may get after a filler injection is swelling. This would be possible even if a small needle were used for the treatment. Swelling can last 3-5 days. Use this article to learn how to reduce swelling.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water and fluids is recommended after a filler treatment. When fully hydrated, the body keeps the fluids mobile instead of storing them in a single position, which may result in swelling. Drink a lot of water to enhance fluid flow, which will help reduce swelling. 

Keep off  Straws for a While

Patients may need to strategize after a lip filler treatment if a straw is the first thing they think of after getting a drink. This is because drinking through a straw may exert pressure on the swollen lips. It could lead to more swelling. As earlier noted, the swelling will reduce after a few days of getting lip fillers.

Let Your Lips Rest

Salles et al. (2022) suggested that once a patient undergoes a lip filler procedure, it is advisable to take 2 weeks to let lips settle. This could mean no kissing for a while till the swelling is over. 

Sleep in an Elevated Position

Swelling after a lip filler may mean changing sleep position and posture. A patient may use more pillows to elevate the head to reduce blood flow on the lips. This helps reduce swelling, reducing the chances of bruising.

Therefore, elevate the head a few days after the treatment. Avoid lying flat till the swelling reduces. However, keep off some positions like head-down for a few days when practicing yoga.

Stay Away from the Gym for a While

Avoid strenuous exercises after getting lip fillers. Subjecting the body to strenuous exercise increases blood flow, increasing lip swelling.

Avoid head-down positions as in yoga or other stretching exercises that may worsen the swelling. A patient can take brisk walks instead of strenuous exercise.

A patient may keep off the sauna or steam room until the lips heal. Zhang et al. (2022) stated that subjecting your lips to extreme temperatures may interfere with healing.

Eat Healthily

Ensure you have a healthy meal to help boost the immune system. This helps reduce swelling. Fresh vegetables and fruits are a great way to allow the body to repair itself. 

Avoid salt since it dehydrates the body and worsens inflammation. Salt can cause severe swelling and bruises on the lips. So, after getting the lip fillers, stay away from too much salt and any salty food.

Try Herbal Remedies

A patient can combat herbal remedies with lip filler swelling. This applies to those with anti-inflammatory properties. Smith et al. (2021) showed that a patient could use arnica to help reduce swelling, bruises, and aches. A patient can try bromelain, which is also linked to reduced swelling.

A patient can take arnica tablets or bromelain a few days before the procedure. Arnica can also work when taken a few days after the treatment. Therefore, rather than relying on pharmaceuticals and other prescribed medications, patients can stock a few natural remedies from the health food store when planning a lip filler treatment.

FAQs about Lip Fillers

Can You Kiss After Lip Fillers?

Once you get a lip filler procedure, we recommend you let your body rest as it heals slowly. Therefore, you should avoid any activities that exert too much pressure on the lips as they may jeopardize the healing process. An example of such an activity is kissing. Therefore, you should avoid kissing for around 2 days after getting the fillers.

Other than exerting pressure on your lips, kissing may introduce other bacteria on the treated area. So, you should not kiss after lip fillers until 48 days have passed.

How Long Does It Take for Swelling to go Down after Fillers?

One common after effect of getting lip fillers is swelling. The good news, however, is that it does not last for long. Swelling from fillers reduces within a few hours to days after getting lip filler treatment. OKPALAOBI & EGBULE (2021) showed that swelling could go up to 1 to 2 weeks if a quack cosmetic doctor performed the lip filler procedure. Therefore, ensure you get the procedure professionally done by an experienced and qualified cosmetic doctor.


Getting fuller lips through a lip filler treatment may result in swelling. A tiny swelling is normal and may heal after a short while. However, if it causes discomfort and lasts longer, a patient can try different tips. Maintain a healthy diet, hydrate, avoid the gym or strenuous exercise, and let your lips rest. The swelling can be over within 48 hours. Other herbal remedies to over-the-counter medications like aspirin and ibuprofen can also help with the swelling. We recommend you consult with your cosmetic doctor before taking any remedy.



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