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Dermal Fillers

How to Use Arnica Cream for Lip Fillers

Arnica Cream is obtained from a natural plant possessing healing properties. This article discusses how to use Arnica Cream to treat the lips,the benefits of Arnica Cream after lip fillers, and its side effects.

Some clients think that if they seek the services of a skilled cosmetic doctor, the lip filler procedure should be 100% pain-free. The lips are first numbed during the procedure, and if the timing is well-planned, the procedure should be painless. However, a patient will feel some discomfort once the numbing diminishes. The skin might be bruised and inflamed. The procedure does not end during the injection because the healing process determines the final result. This article discusses Arnica Cream, which is used to treat bruising after lip filler;

How to Use Arnica Creamto Treat the Lips

Alyasari et al. (2018) stated that Arnica is used for minor skin irritation. The lip filler may leave the lips sore and painful, but you do not have to endure the pain without using medication. According toThakur & Katre (2022),Arnica is among the most common agents for pain management. Ensure you seek advice from a cosmetic doctor on how to cope with the after-lip-filler pain. The market is full of products trying to pass off as Arnica Cream, and a cosmetic doctor will be the best to advise you on whetherArnica is genuine. The Arnica cream may have additives and ingredients that may harm a patient. A cosmetic doctor may check the ingredients to confirm that it is safe for a patient. Arnica is used to reduce pain and swell from the lip filler.

Arnica Cream is meant for topical use only. The following are the steps a patient can follow to treat the lips using Arnica;

Step One

Gently apply the cream on the lips. Remember, the lip is sore, and pressure on it may cause bruising. Start from the inside to avoid the urge to purse your lips.

Step two

Apply the cream at least three times a day until the discomfort stops.

What IsArnica Cream?

Arnica is a type of herb used to reduce swelling and bruising.A patient can buy Arnica from the shops–cream, lotions, ointment, balm, etc. Pain management is important in treatment as it makespatients comfortable coping with it. According toRabbi et al. (2018),Arnica is useful in managing pain experienced after injections. There is a difference in pain when Arnica is compared with other medications. Cary &Maibach (2019) observed that Arnica Cream is useful in treating lesions. The study above also concluded that Arnica Cream has healing qualities that may be useful in treating bruising after a lip filler procedure.

Benefits of Arnica CreamAfter a Lip Filler

After lip filler, besides the discomfort, a  patient may experience pain and swelling.Arnica Cream is meant to be used before and after the lip filler treatment to help reduce the swelling.Kryvtsova&Koščová stated that Arnica has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Where to Buy Arnica

Arnica is available as an OTC (over-the-counter) product, and a patient may not need acosmetic doctor’s prescription to buy it. However, it would be best if patients did not use the cream without consulting the cosmetic doctor because some Arnica Creams are contraband products with harmful ingredients and additives that may harm them.

Side Effects of Arnica

Arnica does not have side effects. However, side effects may be associated with its improper use. Improper use of Arnicamay cause side effects. Ingredients and additives may cause allergic reactions in a patient. It isimportant to seek a cosmetic doctor’s opinion before using Arnica Cream.

FAQs about Arnica Cream

What Questions Should I Ask the Doctor about Arnica Cream?

Ask a cosmetic doctor if Arnica Cream can be used before the lip fillers. A patient may also inquire how often they should use Arnica Cream. Seek a cosmetic doctor’s opinion about the aftercare treatment, including using Arnica Cream after the lip fillers.

Where Can I Buy Arnica Cream?

Arnica Cream can be purchased as an over-the-counter medicine. However, seek a cosmetic doctor’s opinion about using Arnica Cream for lip treatment after a filler procedure. After lip filler, the lips can be sensitive, and the treatment plan will determine the outcome. Arnica Cream is usually safe, but contraband creams also have harmful substances and additives that may react with the patient’s skin, affecting the healing process. While lip fillers need special care,avoid using ointment to treat them without involving a cosmetic doctor.

How Should I Use Arnica Cream?

Arnica Cream is used topically. However, follow instructions if a cosmetic doctor recommends it. Use it frequently because healing takes some time. Remember not to apply pressure when using it to prevent further bruising and inflammation.

Can I Use Arnica CreamWithout Consulting a Cosmetic Doctor?

It is advisable to use Arnica after consulting a cosmetic doctor. Pure Arnica Cream does not have known side effects as it is extracted from a natural herb. However, there could be contraband Arnica Creams with additives and ingredients that may cause more harm to your lip fillers. Consult a cosmetic doctor before doing anything with your lips.

Is Arnica CreamSafe to Use for Bruising After Lip Fillers?

A cosmetic doctor may recommend using ointments for the bruising. Arnica Cream may be safe, but a patient should seek an opinion before using it to heal the lip fillers. How the lip fillers heal is determined by the treatment afterward. Involve a cosmetic doctor in the process of recovery.


Lip filler treatment does not end during the procedure. The process begins during a cosmetic doctor’s appointment and ends when the lip fillers heal completely. While there could be bruising and inflammation after the lip fillers, a cosmetic doctor may recommend a treatment plan. A cosmetic doctor might recommend ointments and creams such as Arnica Cream, which is an over–the–counter product. Arnica Cream is popular because it is derived from a natural herb without known side effects. The patient should not use the cream without a cosmetic doctor’s opinion to prevent further bruising of the lips.


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