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How Trendingcryptonews turned to be the best crypto magazine for beginners in 2022?

Trendingcryptonews (TCN Magazine) has been created in order to provide hot, essential and trending topics around Bitcoin, altcoins, blockchain, DeFi, crypto-exchanges, metaverse and NFTs.

Why sharing only important and trends news?

Let us first dive into the world of crypto and blockchain. You’ve probably already heard of Bitcoin, the famous first cryptocurrency that was created in 2008 by a pseudonym called Satoshi Nakamoto. But what is exactly a crypto?

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that exists digitally or virtually, secured by cryptography, making it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double spend. Indeed, cryptos are all based on the same technology: the Blockchain. The blockchain is the one that allows a decentralized network to review and approve transactions. It is similar to a digital ledger that actually acts as a database, allowing to store large volumes of information that cannot be modified.

Cryptocurrency is thus a digital payment system that does not rely on banks to verify transactions: it is a peer-to-peer sharing system allowing anyone to send and receive payments. Cryptos do not have a regulatory or central body.

Can you pay with cryptos ?

Many people are looking to invest in cryptos. They are both a means of payment and financial asset. Today, you can buy and sell cryptocurrency on exchange sites like Binance. Digital currencies can also be used in the real world to make certain payments, fund transfers.

One can use their cryptocurrencies:

  • For everyday needs: more and more luxury hotels like the Palazzo Versace in Dubai, stores and businesses around the world accept cryptos.
  • You can also support charities and humanitarian causes: Cryptocurrencies can help users donate or support causes they are passionate about.
  • Pay your bills: being able to pay your bills with cryptos depends on where you live. Some countries like El Salvador have adopted Bitcoin as their legal currency.
  • Speculating on the crypto-market: with cryptocurrencies being all the rage these days, many have started speculating on the prices such as Bitcoin.

However, it’s worth remembering that investing in cryptos can be very risky due to the volatility of their prices, the loss or theft of crypto data and questions about their legality in some jurisdictions. But they are gaining in popularity and becoming more mainstream. That’s why it’s so useful to have magazines in the industry to keep you informed about what’s going on in the cryptosphere.

How to keep up with crypto news?

Indeed, many people are looking to invest in cryptocurrency. However, there is a big universe to discover beyond the king of cryptos, bitcoin. Every day, new cryptocurrencies are created and large amounts of money are traded in this sector.

Bitcoin is thus not the only one on the list and more and more cryptos are appearing looking for a place in the market. Each of them has different features and functions, so the user can decide which crypto he prefers.

In November 2020, according to the Coinmarketcap website, there are a total of 7,797 cryptos on the market compared to 11,000 in August 2021.

If you then want to enter the crypto world, it is important to know what risks to fear or also where are the best platforms to keep your cryptos etc.

Fortunately, crypto blogs and magazines are there to help you find out and there are tons of them. The most notable are Cointelegraph and Coindesk. Each blog has its own speciality. In the case of Trendingcryptonews, the founders have noticed the problems that those who want to enter the business face.

The more news there is on a blog, the more you miss the important and the best ones to remember.

Hence, Trendingcryptonews is the place where you will find the crypto trends, the exchange platforms trends, finally hots and trending topics around Bitcoin and altcoins, DeFi and exchanges, metaverse and NFTs.

The goal is to be an easy to read and understand blog where beginners will not hesitate to read and experts will be able to follow the hots news with more details than others.

What are the challenges in creating Trendingcryptonews?

Becoming a blogger is not only about creating a blog and writing articles… it is also about being prepared to face challenges. Like any startup, blogging is a long term job. This can lead to discouragement and abandonment. Getting traffic takes time, making it profitable also takes time, you have to be persistent and patient.

Some tips for those who want to start blogging

The topics you will put forward on your blog should be in a “niche” if possible. We call a niche a specific subject such as vegan foods or Artificial Intelligence and so on. A blog that is too general will have more risk of getting lost on the web.

Choose the right domain name and niche

First, select the topic you want to talk about. For example, if you want to start a blog about crypto, you should define the domain name well in order to be better recognized by the cryptosphere. It is also beneficial to choose a niche like sharing only news about NFTs or blockchains or altcoins or the metaverse.

Then, do a search on Google and social networks to identify your competitors. If you can, start spying on your competitors a few months before launching your blog. Then, identify the shortcomings of each competitor. Know your strengths and finally, find a niche you want to position yourself in.

Be consistent in your publications

Keeping a blog is a lot of work. Make sure you start your blog at the right time, in a period of your life when you have time to devote to it. The key to a successful blog is consistency. You should be prepared to write one or more articles per week: count one to several hours of work per post.

In other words, think about your real desires and motivations before opening a blog. Opening a blog is above all about wanting to share.

Try to stand out

Of course, when running a blog, you have to pay attention to a few principles that are essential to get credibility with your readers. Be unique, don’t be afraid to go out there and be yourself, have a different graphic identity than others,

Be present on social media

It is important to be present on social networks, they are currently inseparable from the blog. Social networks are very important for bloggers because they not only allow them to communicate with their followers in a different way, but also to develop their communities. Your readers discover you from another angle.

However, managing the networks is also very time consuming so focus on a few networks that you like to use. For example for, since it’s a magazine about crypto-currencies, we are present on almost all the networks of this niche, on medium, on discord, on bitcointalk, on Torum, etc

Special Tips for those who want to start in crypto magazine

Creating and launching a successful digital magazine requires long hours and hard work. The goal you set for yourself when starting a magazine helps to maintain consistency. If you know why and for whom you are writing you will be less likely to spread yourself too thin. Then know who you are targeting when you publish.

An online magazine is also both an entire business and a large creative project that will require creative collaboration, business development and content strategy. Pay attention to your approach to information as this is what defines the identity of your magazine, it is what will make the reader want to come back.

The rhythm of publication must also be regular, which commits you to respecting deadlines. There are different rhythms of publication:

  • Daily (one issue per day)
  • Weekly (one issue per week)
  • Monthly (one issue per month)
  • Bimonthly etc… (one issue every two months)

Who are behind Trendingcryptonews?

True enthusiasts of cryptos and blockchains, the team wanted to create the adventure in November 2021 from Madagascar. But it is only in February 2022 that everything was finally set up, the domain name well chosen, social networks, etc.. A long journey of preparations but so much fun to experience as each of the team learned a lot about blogging, writing and digital marketing.

TCN Magazine is composed of three dedicated freelancers leaded by:

Laetitia Marison

Laetitia entered the crypto world in 2018. She worked with many projects in the industry before opening Trendingcryptonews. Copywriter, translator, Laetitia also manages everything that is community management and digital marketing. Her taste for learning and her insatiable curiosity are essential to allow you to easily read and understand the world of cryptocurrency on this modest blog.

In short, blogging can be a way to share your ideas or a way to generate passive income. While it may seem like just creating a blog site and publishing original content, it’s much more than that.

Especially with the intense competition on the internet, only a practical and planned approach can bring you the results you want. And don’t forget, blogging takes time, a reader expects a rhythm of publication, so be regular. A last tip to finish, don’t hesitate to exchange with other bloggers. You’ll see that it’s more than a website and articles, it’s a whole life and an experience that is worth it.