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Business – blog dedicated to parenthood and the blended family

My name is Marie, I am 30 years old and I am a mother of 3 children as well as a mother-in-law of 2 others. 2 years ago, I started writing a blog:

In this blog dedicated to parenthood and the blended family, I give advice to parents based on my personal experience, and we can say that with 5 children at home, the experience is there! You can find advice on the development of the motor skills of toddlers, on learning to walk, the acquisition of cleanliness, the management of small and big anger of our children but also tips for the older ones. children. For example, I give the tips that have worked for me for learning to read, multiplication and other areas where children can sometimes have some difficulty. is a blog where every parent is welcome to find solutions to the problems they may encounter in the education of their children. I am a blogger who remains very accessible to her readers and answers all the questions they ask me. It is important to me that the exchange between parents takes place in a friendly atmosphere with kindness and never any judgment. Any questions are welcome and none are deemed too silly to benefit from an answer. I do my best to respond to the demands of my readers. My blog was created above all for sharing and mutual help between parents. These are important values ​​to me.

Through this blog, I also give my tips. I write an article every time I come across an interesting promotion for an amusement park, a children’s television channel, a trendy toy that all our toddlers want to have or even furniture and decor for the bedroom. ‘child. I share decoration ideas that I like, child or mom looks that I find super stylish. I give the name of my favorite shops and the promo codes associated with them. I also communicate on the places that I find great for family walks, good plans for the holidays, standard lists of things that should not be forgotten when you go on vacation with baby, when you prepare your maternity suitcase , when you babysit for the first time, so many questions you ask yourself when you are a brand new parent! I also list the best sites to find a nanny or a babysitter in an emergency, to find additional income and all the existing means to save money in all areas.

I talk about washable diapers and wipes and the brands that I recommend, organic products that are safe for our children, nutrition, childcare equipment that are at the top or which on the contrary are not at all, sports activities, benevolent education but also sensitive subjects such as disability, children with particularities, abuse, abandonment of animals and many other subjects in order to raise awareness and make them listen and the help necessary for their living. My goal is to direct people to the professionals they need when they encounter real personal difficulties requiring the intervention of an outside person.

I also have a category that groups my product tests. That is to say that I test for a minimum of one month a product for children or for mothers, because let’s not forget that we are women before being mothers, and I then write an article which describes the product, its composition, its primary function and I give my opinion on the texture, effectiveness, material, etc…according to the article. I am contacted by some companies to test their flagship product and write an article on my blog. I am always free in the opinion that I give and do not give false positive opinions against remuneration, because I want to be honest with myself and with my readers, that is close to my heart. The company can therefore send me the product for free so that I can test it or pay me to write an article about it. I have collaborated with several partners such as children’s magazines, a digital library specializing in children’s accounts, a site where you can buy a star and many others.

I also have a contract with Google Adsense, which pays me to put advertisements on my blog. I am thus remunerated by the number of advertisements seen by my readers.

Finally, I also work on affiliation. That is to say that, for example, I have an affiliate contract with Amazon, and when I present an Amazon product on my blog, I put the link where it is possible to buy the product in question. If my readers go through this link to buy the product, I receive a commission on the sale. These are all these little leads that allowed me to make my blog a source of income.


While I was a stay-at-home mom for 6 years, although very fulfilled in my role as a mother, I felt the need to do something new while serving others. This is how I started writing my blog in 2020. At the beginning, a simple pleasure to write and share the most magical moments in the life of parents. Very empathetic, I began to respond constructively to readers who told me of their concerns in the education of their children. Very quickly, some parents confided in themselves and appreciated my listening and my benevolence, which only increased in me the desire to help others. I later realized that the time spent on it could be rewarded and that there were several ways to generate income through blogging. So I did a lot of research, I studied everything I could need to know to develop myself, I associated a Montessori toy shop with my blog and it took an important place. in my life, like a sixth baby. I continue to develop, to study new products and services as much as computer software that can simplify the writing, layout and sharing of my articles. I keep myself informed of all new updates and I develop new businesses via the web. I train regularly in marketing and e-commerce in order to be able to live entirely from the web, that is my goal. Besides that, I manage to always be there for my children and that’s what was important to me because it is sometimes difficult to reconcile professional life and life as a parent. This is also a topic of discussion that often comes up in my community.

To conclude this article, I would say that the only business advice I can give to others is to always follow your heart, much more than your reason. Never think that you are not able to undertake, that you will do it later, when it is the best time, because the best time is now! Whatever you feel like doing, do it! And the rest will come with it, even if it takes time, even if you’re going to work a lot, even if your efforts won’t pay off right away, you’ll learn about yourself and that’s a nice reward! You can learn anything so choose what you like to do, learn and do! Too many people put off their plans and live in regret that they never realized their dreams. Don’t be the one who will regret, be the one who undertakes!

Julia Davis