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“I love my craft: I am an artist” – Eva Trentin

My Mission? I represent a world of dreams where the imagination of my audience can feel at ‘home’ and find themselves. I live surrounded by nature and savor its colors. Surrounding yourself with nature is good for your well-being.”

Eva Trentin, Artist from Vicenza area born in Malo on April 10, 1977. An Art Teacher and Interior Designer, she lives and works in Marano Vicentino. From 2000 till now she has collaborated with various professionals related to the fields of Design, Construction and Arts. In 2015 she decided to devote herself completely to art. She actively participates in art and design projects, exhibitions, events, various collaborations in Italy and abroad.

Nature is the absolute protagonist: flowers, leaves and natural materials are cooked, dried, grounded and processed with original technique giving life to unique and unrepeatable Art Works, Fabrics and objects. The golden metal leaf background illuminates works of art and objects while the unique and unrepeatable fabrics tell of places and moments in life: they speak of places and know-how. I love using rust because it highlights their lived experience of extraordinary investigation.

Botanical images both big and small can become furnishing accessories of undoubted scenic effect. All it takes is to use a few shades to create a chromatically homogeneous and eye-soothing area. Gigantographs and large works can become the focal point of your room and are able to “warm up” even the “coldest” room. While small works always find their place.

The energy of nature blends into a renewed inventiveness that thrives on study and research. Botanical Printing and Cyanotype are among the latest experiments: a constant and fascinating connection with Nature…

Small gifts suddenly reveal themselves as sought after or unexpected, in a constant flow and relationship with the Nature of the places around me.


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Facebook: Eva Trentin arte

Tel: +39 3471529109        

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