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Psychology BSc (Honours), University of St Andrews

Ieva Kubiliute is a highly regarded psychologist, sex and relationships advisor, freelance writer, and consultant to esteemed health and wellness brands. With a strong educational background and a wealth of professional experience, she has become a trusted authority in her field.

Ieva’s journey began at the prestigious University of St Andrews, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Psychology. Equipped with a solid academic foundation, she embarked on her career, driven by a deep passion for understanding the complexities of human behavior and fostering healthy relationships.

As a seasoned professional, Ieva specializes in providing expert guidance and advice in the realm of sex and relationships. Her extensive knowledge and compassionate approach enable her to address sensitive topics with empathy and provide valuable insights to individuals seeking support and understanding.

In addition to her advisory work, Ieva is an accomplished freelance writer known for her captivating and informative articles. She possesses a versatile writing style and has covered a diverse range of lifestyle topics, including wellness, fitness, nutrition, mental well-being, beauty, and travel. Ieva’s ability to seamlessly blend expertise with engaging storytelling has earned her a loyal readership.

Recognized for her exceptional insights and expertise, Ieva serves as a consultant to various health and wellness brands. Through strategic collaborations, she helps these brands develop impactful and evidence-based content, establish meaningful connections with their audience, and promote overall well-being.

Throughout her career, Ieva has had remarkable experiences that have contributed to her growth and expertise. From luxurious spa-hopping adventures in Spain to joining exclusive London gyms, she has immersed herself in diverse wellness environments to gain firsthand knowledge and share her unique perspectives.

With a commitment to continuous learning and a passion for empowering individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives, Ieva Kubiliute continues to make a significant impact in the field of psychology, sex and relationships, and wellness writing. Her dedication to providing credible insights, fostering meaningful connections, and promoting holistic well-being makes her a valued and respected professional.