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Imvibe Company – an online retailer providing competitive prices on varied commercial products

Business Name and what it does

Imvibe Company is an online retailer providing competitive prices on varied commercial products.  We intend to render a gratifying experience when you shop on our online store by presenting quality products with excellent customer service.  We are particularly aiming to empower beauty and confidence to every individual who utilizes our products.  Our current campaign is for clients who need hair enhancements.  We offer fashionable and high-quality brands of wigs that can be used on every chosen occasion or even on your day-to-day engagements.  Imvibe Company is also an LGBTQIA2S advocate, and we believe that the products would fit any gender preference.  Our trust is to make all individuals feel positively good and share that vibe to others.

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

Our founder grew up playing the family computer, using the floppy disc during high school, and sneaking some hours after class to play counterstrike.  Her excitement and passion for computers was truly there during her younger years.  Subconsciously, this was the path that she was destined to pursue.  She has been working as a software engineer for more than a decade now and earned her post graduate course at Harvard Extension School.  Through all these years, she has seen and experienced the significance and breakthrough of technology in our modern world.  There was never a day that she was not engaged on her laptop or cellphone due to the nature of her work.  Moreover, she is in a long-distance relationship with her wife and their communication was fully dependent on technology.  During the pandemic, the world was challenged in all aspects of our daily living.  The different digital platforms were boosted and even the most not-so-techy person learned the process of downloading an application to his or her phone.  Nearly all were ordering much if not all their basic needs online.  Healthcare system was the hardest hit and affected the lives of many.  Our founder’s wife is a family physician and needed to innovate her practice by having a website for telemedicine.  As a computer geek, our founder diligently made her wife’s website.  She instantly felt the urge to help because this would bridge the gap between a doctor and her patients through positive reassurance.  And while thinking of how the website could turn into an online clinic, our founder had her “aha” moment of making her own online store.  Her wife was able to use the website seamlessly and it served as an inspiration to enhance the knowledge and skills on creating a possible online shop.  Our founder meticulously studied dropshipping and online retailing at the height of pandemic.  She likewise immersed herself on researching on many products and services that can be helpful to many individuals.  Our founder did consider many products but was particularly inspired on giving positivity.  The pandemic opened our eyes to a lot of things and one learning is that life is short.  So, if there are things that can make you look and feel good such as wearing a wig to enhance your image, Imvibe Company is here for you.  

The challenges the business/market is facing

The birth of the company was also the start of expected and unexpected setbacks.  Thus, like any endeavor, the company did experience many challenges.  Being an online business is already taxing.  This avenue is highly competitive and congested.  And to be visible in this vast cyberspace was one of our major hurdles.  The company was likewise concern on how the market would patronize our products and how would it keep up with the current times.  After the main website was launch and established by our founder, our team started penetrating the various social media platforms for further marketing and promotions.  From there we have also dealt with unpleasant and derogatory comments from random people.  We were not exempted from online bashers considering that we are a relatively new and small enterprise.  But it did not hinder us from continuing the business.  We strive each day whether a product was sold or not.  We stick to our core and in our mission and vision.  Our founder also had personal battles with the business.  She was initially worried on how to build the team, how to reach the needed revenues, and how to have work-life balance.  Started from scratch, the process was filled with inevitable whys and hows.  There was also a moment of questioning of quitting and not anymore proceeding.  

The opportunities the business/market is facing

Amidst all the mentioned challenges, opportunities were and are very much available.  Our founder found help and assistance from other business owners through her dropshipping colleagues.  This support group has massively saved her from other threats for the business and has opened her eyes on ways to improve her own business.  Being online is current.  And being current is partnering with the trend.  Trending social media applications namely Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok served as our pathways to our clients worldwide.  It was through these that we were able to introduce Imvibe Company.  We are also looking into collaborating with social media influencers and other known individuals who can carry the brands and trust of our business.  Since our founder was initially inspired thru making a medical online/website clinic, our company foresees helping cancer patients on chemotherapy who might want to wear a wig after experiencing hair loss.  Our founder has also helped other charities through the company’s revenues.

Advice to others about business

If you are planning to go on Ecommerce, digital transformation is unavoidable so use wisely.  But in any kind of business, do not underestimate your own capacity to be great.  Our founder believes in the good mix of education, grit, and intuition.  So, study, plan, persevere and believe.  All great businesses started small and did risk a lot to be able to thrive in this constantly changing world.  One must think with the end in mind.  And that end is not limited on earning a lot of money or fame.  Rather, the success of the company relies on the hard work that you have invested and to the people who have appreciated your craft.  Always value your staff/team and keep them optimistic.  Lastly, no matter how high you climb, you would always go down to where you started.  

Sheryl Villacorte founder and owner of Imvibe Company.

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