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IRINA TRAVELING Tourism Magazine


My name is Irina, I’m from Russia, I live in the wonderful city of St. Petersburg.

Together with my colleague from Chile, Romy, we created the site IrinaTraveling ( Its a tourism magazine project to inspire people to make their dreams come true and show the diversity and beauty of the world.

People who love to travel are driven by a dream, a passion for exploration and knowledge of the world. Acquaintance with a new and unusual culture, vivid emotions and exotic food. All this fills life with new colors. From each new journey, a person never returns the same.

 Travel disciplines, brings up resistance to difficulties and creative thinking. Those who travel often have their own personal stock of stories about extreme situations, being late for transport, mixing up dates, indigestion after an unusual meal. As well as interesting acquaintances, tips and life hacks.


We met Romy when I already had about 20 countries behind me. Extensive experience in independent travel and planning. The skill of finding accommodation and tickets, the experience of visiting different countries, and a large supply of adventure stories. I wrote stories about all this – articles on travel sites.

Romy, as a true businessman, immediately wanted to put my experience into something tangible and come up with a business proposal. He was also inspired by my travel articles and wanted more. As a fellow adventurer, passionate seeker of new emotions, he came up with a business project.

We created a travel site, where we talked about the beauty and diversity of the world, our travel experience and planning. Interviews with travelers, creators of interesting projects, immigrants with their experience of adapting to life in another country, unusual traditions of different countries, interesting people who created or stood at the origins of unusual ideas.


Our work was created to inspire, open boundaries, show that nothing is impossible and all limitations are only in your head. The world is open to you, if you are open to the world, you just need to trust it and see all its beauty and uniqueness. There are more benevolent people in the world than indifferent people. And you will find help faster than no help.

I grew up in a poor family and started traveling quite late. I traveled a lot in Russia, but my first trip outside of it took place only in 2012. Then I was afraid of everything, getting lost, the language barrier, asking something. I was even afraid to think about independent travel, an independent trip to an unfamiliar city where people speak an unfamiliar language was stressful for me. Also, because of the small budget, I had to save a lot. It taught me how to plan a trip in advance, calculate the cost of transport, food and attractions. I thought that my experience could be useful to those who are afraid to travel due to lack of money or a language barrier.

The main expense items are airfare and accommodation. I was lucky because my city, St. Petersburg, has common borders with Finland, also Russia borders on Poland, Estonia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia. All of these countries can be reached by land by bus or train. And from there you can already take a flight to any country in the world, much cheaper than directly from Russia. Another way to save on food was to take some of your food with you (canned food, cereals, sweets for tea, tea, coffee).

When choosing between going on a budget or not going at all, I always chose the former. Also, booking accommodation and buying plane tickets at least six months in advance made it possible to save significantly. I always knew where I wanted to go, because there are so many interesting places in the world and my list is constantly expanding.

For six months it is easier to plan a trip, make a list of locations to visit and travel to them. Collect all the information about the place of stay and communicate with people who have already been there on tourist forums.

Now, 10 years have passed since then. I can move freely anywhere in the world, plan and organize any trip, for any budget. Make a list of places to visit. And I no longer need half a year of unhurried preparation for this, now, it takes me a couple of days.

I talk about all this on my website. I introduce other travelers, tell about my adventures and show interesting places, traditions and unusual things of other countries.


I talk about all this on my website. I introduce other travelers, tell about my adventures and show interesting places, traditions and unusual things of other countries.

Now the tourism business has suffered. First, it was crippled by the Covid19 pandemic, then by events and conflicts in the world. Countries are closing borders, imposing entry restrictions, prices have risen a lot. People are afraid to travel, they are afraid that they will not be able to return home due to the sudden closure of borders, they are afraid of getting sick, or getting into a military conflict. But, despite this, the borders are opening, little by little they remove all restrictions, and the most daring set off. There are always opportunities to solve any situation. The world is not isolated, all fears are only in our heads, and opportunities are in our hands. Only we choose what decision to make.


At least once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been before. Mark Twain once said, “All we will regret on our deathbed is that we loved little and traveled little.” A change of scenery helps to look at things in a new way and rethink a lot. And the people we meet along the way can change our lives.

New routes appear. Countries that were not popular before burst into the tourist market and gain stable positions. Have you been to Tanzania or Zanzibar before? A direct flight to Margarita Island is being organized between Russia and Venezuela. Until that moment, direct regular flights between these countries have not been operated. Local author’s tours and individual tours are gaining more and more popularity. Walking tours in cities. Hiking in the mountains. Also, domestic tourism is developing. Russia has everything, mountains, volcanoes, sea, taiga, lakes. Natural attractions, ancient cities that have preserved their original culture, fortresses and palaces. These destinations are also gaining popularity. You can choose a tourist recreation center in the forest, on the lake or an ancient city with the Kremlin from the Golden Ring of Russia, which includes the most ancient cities. with unique museums.

When you start something, the most important thing is motivation. .But you must clearly understand what and why, and most importantly, for whom you are doing. You must have an idea about the people who will be interested in it, your target audience, the same as you, your like-minded people. You must ignite them with your idea, as you burn it yourself. Convince them not to abandon their plans, and live here and now, embody them in the present, and not put off life on the back burner, because tomorrow may not come. Time waits for no one, life goes by very quickly, it’s time to start making your dreams come true.

We are just that club of like-minded people where you will always find support and good advice. And representatives of the tourism industry, such as airlines, hotels, restaurants, water parks and representatives of other industries of entertainment and attractions, can always advertise their services with us to attract the attention of the audience to their field.

It is always a pleasure to diversify your vacation by going to a museum, a zoo, an interesting restaurant with a good view. And if you are traveling with children, there is always a lot of useful and interesting entertainment for them too. About all this, the owners of these services can tell on our website. We always support interesting projects. Our site is available in three languages ​​- English, Spanish and Russian.

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