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Jaktogo to the rescue – no more extra charges when you fly low cost

Meet the Jaktogo – a wanna be coat, that actually transforms into a handy luggage piece – a bag that can easily accommodate your extra luggage when needed. Jaktogo is on the market since 2010, making it the pioneer in wearable luggage technology. As you know budget airlines constantly restrict the free carry-on luggage and make it almost impossible to travel on a budget. It’s even crazier now that you have to pay up to € 40 extra to your fare if you want to have a regular sized carry-on bag with you. Jaktogo items put a stop to that. Now you can distribute your extra luggage in its 10-14 various sized pockets, fold it into a bag and just go. When contested with the “one bag on board” rule, just open it up and put over your hand or wear it as a regular coat. Beat the system, don’t let it beat you and your budget up.

The inventor of Jaktogo, John Power, is an engineer who had to travel on a weekly basis because of his work. As low cost airlines started to take over the industry the many luggage restrictions they brought started to augment transit times at airports. Power was always confronted with having to check-in his hand luggage because of one or two extra kilos causing not only extra costs but also extra time having to wait for his luggage. It was also a common situation people to be stopped from boarding for the same reason. Having to deal with this situation gave birth to the idea of Jaktogo. The original Jaktogo is a long sleeve coat with 14 various sized pockets that can accommodate up to 15 kg of luggage.

Currently the Jaktogo has two new members – Ponchotogo and Dresstogo. The Ponchotogo is a sleeveless version of the Jaktogo with 10 various sized pockets suitable for warm climates. The Dresstogo is a lady version of the Jaktogo with a balloon shaped skirt, again benefiting from 10 various sized pockets. Both are made of the same light and durable Polyester material and carry the same characteristics as the Jaktogo itself. All Jaktogo products transform to BAGs in 3 easy steps, giving you a choice between a shoulder bag and a short handles bag.

Jaktogo was started as an adjacent business venture of Mr Power through his then engineering company in Bulgaria and is still based there. It is sold entirely online through website. Business was created spontaneously and is being improved and reinvented on the go – the design evolved and the stock range was optimized. Jaktogo is now in the process of becoming “one-size-fits-all” because you don’t need sizes for BAGs don’t you! We also hope this transition will help our customers overcome the biggest misconception for Jaktogo and understand that Jaktogo is a BAG that can transform in a coat, and not the other way around.

As any business we have met with many obstacles, but funny enough competition is not the biggest one. We have had many difficulties going through the Covid pandemic when people stopped travelling – just trying to jump start again and be there for all travellers who are on a budget! Time goes against us as we aim at being present while improving, so there is a great deal of doubt whether we are for real or not. But guys, we are – we are just trying to be there for you while developing the brand and presence as we go. Another major issue is making our product and its purpose known to people – you would think it’s easy enough in today’s “information era”, but it really is hard to make your message stand out, especially on a budget! Working on a budget is also a trial on its own but this is the only way to keep our prices reasonable and affordable!

For all the young business out there, bear in mind that the road to success is long and bumpy! Plan well ahead but also don’t be afraid to be different and go with your gut! Yes you need to have a plan, then you need to get financing to make this plan a reality, but also be creative, think out of the box and go for resolving the problems that arise.