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Jet Set Girl Wellness, a health and wellness company for  women


Women today are experiencing an extreme amount of stress and anxiety that is causing major health  issues beyond measure. Since the pandemic, women are experiencing more sleepless nights, high  amounts of anxiety due to work, family and economic challenges the world has ever seen today. 

What does this mean and why does this matter? 

It matters because women are carrying a heavy burden of trying to manage it all. This phenomenon is  leading to way too many health challenges at a much earlier age than ever before. Mental health,  cancer, heart and other immune diseases are running rampant in today’s society. Post-Traumatic Stress  Syndrome (PTSD) seems to be the norm. 

Cheryl Broussard, founder of Jet Set Girl Wellness, a health and wellness company for  women over 40, based in hot and sexy Miami Beach, Florida saw the writing on the wall and wanted to  give women a helping hand with their health and wellness. 

She started Jet Set Get Girl Wellness, which consist of 12 supplements that are NSF Certified, Premium  quality with no outside metals or unwanted ingredients and made in the USA. The products support  better sleep, less anxiety and healthy pro-aging for women over 40.

Her #1 product, Sweet Dreams Gummies was just a finalist in the Walmart Open Call 2022 and is  available on and soon in Sam’s Club nationwide. 

Cheryl, 66 young has been an advocate of healthy living all her life. She makes sure to keep her stress  down, and sleep well with a healthy diet, exercise, and supplements. Her health routine works so well,  that people believe she’s in her 40’s! 

Chery; believes women today can still thrive no matter what is going on in the economy and the world. 

Her mission is to help women navigate their health through premium supplements and health education  with the Jet Set Girl Wellness TV channel on YouTube and its blog. 

And, it’s also about giving back. Ten percent of profits goes to a special entrepreneur fund to help  women with start-up capital. $500 to $1,000 goes a long way when a woman is starting a new business. 

To learn more about Jet Set Girl Wellness, visit

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