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“Jugueteria Trevol” is the toy store – married couple Merce and Miguel


We are Merce and Miguel. We created in a distant 1983 in Lleida, Spain the toy store “Jugueteria Trevol”.

We, outside of work, are a married couple which always believed in the playful and educational value of toys and the need to accompany the growth of children through play.

We have been selling toys through several generations and it is true that the world, toys, technology have changed a lot, children too, but not so much, the children of 2022 are still children, just like their parents who came to us then, full of enthusiasm to buy toys.

Sometimes, some parents (in their forties) come with their children to buy at our store and tell them: you see, when daddy was a child he used to come to this store to buy toys. That, in addition to making us older (ha, ha, ha) the truth is that it fills us with pride and enthusiasm to continue offering the latest toys to the new generations.

In 2016 we moved to another slightly larger and more visible location that is our current store, with address : C/ Carme 24, Lleida 25007 , Spain

In that distant 1983 we believed in contact with customers and today, in 2022, in the era of online commerce, we continue to believe in personal contact more than ever. Despite the proliferation of online sales and impersonalized distribution chains, contact with parents and children remains a fundamental part of our business for us.

It is fundamental for us to treat children and parents to know their tastes and needs and we consider that it is the most direct and natural feedback.

We have all kinds of toys but we have specialized in wooden toys and craft and educational games.

The experience through the years we have managed to improve the treatment with the customers, understanding this as a better advice to the needs and interests of parents and children, and, above all, we have managed to have an increasingly better selection of toys, of higher quality, of greater educational value, which is not always easy, since it is not always possible to work with all the good brands that you want, due to the commercial policies of the brands and because it is also a task of knowledge and research of years.

Thus, after so many years of experience, we are proud to say that we can currently offer a selection of the best toys on the international market from the point of view of quality, playful and educational values.

We believe that one of the fundamental factors that give a store its own identity, in addition to personalized treatment, is the selection that is offered to customers.

We have previously said of the fundamental importance for us of contact with our customers, but this does not mean that we have closed ourselves to online sales and the contact opportunities offered by the Internet for new and distant customers.

As you all know, coinciding with the arrival of the new century, online sales burst into force, with the arrival of important marketplaces and online sales pages. We knew how to understand the challenge that this meant and although it was not the basis of our business, based on direct contact and proximity, we knew  to understand that new technologies offered us the possibility, hitherto unknown, to offer our products to new customers who, due to distance, could not buy in our store until then.

In 2009 we created our first online store and in 2019 we created our current online store based on the Shopify platform and whose address is

We chose this new platform because it was much more dynamic, versatile and attractive and it offered us to have the store connected to the most popular social networks.

So , you can find us on Facebook and Instagram at our address @jugueteriatrevol.

At this address you can also find our online store, our news, photos, videos and also contact us whenever you want, to ask any question or doubt.

Currently we ship products to the entire Spanish market and the European Union, a possibility that before the on-line sale we did not have.

Unfortunately, and due to the high shipping costs and customs fees, we cannot ship outside the European Union, nor to America, where we have many people who look at our products, unless they contact us and assume the expenses of shipping and customs at your own expense.

In this way, and without giving up the basis of our business, based on personal contact and individualized advice, we knew how to use the new possibilities that new technologies offered us.

Thus, we try to accompany each product at

with a good variety of quality photos, some video and good descriptions of the products, as well as more suitable ages and educational values. We also try to give personalized answers to any questions that visitors to our page or social networks may have in the fastest and most professional way, greatly improving the service that large marketplaces can provide.

Today’s toy world has different challenges and difficulties, such as low birth rates, especially in European society. This is an endemic problem, which of course goes far beyond the negative impact it may have on the toy market, and about which we can do little or nothing.

Another problem is the younger age at which more and more children abandon the world of toys, due to the great technological offer and perhaps a faster maturation than a few decades ago.

These problems, in part, have been compensated, in that there is an increasing supply and use of toys for babies and early childhood and then, at the other end of the target, we have an increasing supply of products for the adult public, such as collectibles, board games, etc.

Another problem that the world of toys has is the strong competition caused by the irruption of technology in leisure, I am referring especially to the use of tablets and mobile phones for increasingly younger children.

We don’t close  to the enormous possibilities offered by new technologies and the Internet, only we  want to draw attention to the serious dangers that use without parental control poses for a minor.

In addition, we want to emphasize the irreplaceable value of the toy in its development of imagination, the development of manual skills, space-time, manipulative skills and role-playing.

With all the challenges and possibilities that new technologies and social transformations have offered us since the creation of our company, we continue to offer the new generations of children our services and the possibility of educating themselves and learning through fun. This is our greatest pride and the reason for being of “Jugueteria Trevol “.

You can find us in:

Facebook and Instagram : @jugueteriatrevol