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Katie Queue has built a business from scratch and is the bridge between the Corporate World and the Spiritual World

Katie Queue is a REMARKABLE business. It’s owner Katie Queue, whose extensive talent is being absorbed in every corner of the World is building quite the reputation for being an incredible person who literally changes lives and transforms business’. She is a Psychic Medium with remarkable accuracy, she is a life-coach with incredible results, she has a proven track record of working for Global Leaders within the Corporate World; So, who is she and where has she come from?

Katie is quite possibly the most inspiring person I have ever met. With real life stories of staying in a Convent, travelling around the World and going from one office to another through her consultative approach. I couldn’t help but feel all these experiences shaped her in a way I have not met before. 

Katie Queue has a natural ability to tune in on people and have amazing accuracy towards someone’s future is unprecedented. Katie has built a business from scratch and is the bridge between the Corporate World and the Spiritual World. She helps Business’ understand their customers and really talk to them in ways that only Katie knows how, and she also helps people going through life challenges. She is the friend you wish you had, the colleague you wish you knew and the champion you need. Her work is expansive with her having an online shop to support your spiritual and health journey, where she sells the best crystals and mindful products. She has a podcast which is humorously life-changing, a magazine full to the brim of life changing advice, she write and co-produces all her own music, and she offers her time as a consultant to either change your business or you or both! 

Katie Queue is the only business doing what it is doing to change, shape and create new lives around the World.

If you are feeling low, depressed, unhappy, uneasy and want a new life in every sense of the word, then Katie Queue has all the tools you need to support you in the less conventional way. Her results are absolutely incredible, and she has received thousands of testimonials.

So, who is Katie Queue and what is Katie Queue as a business? Katie, started life as a spiritual person; a quiet child who suffered from shyness and anxiety. She is a natural born psychic who has an absolute ability to tune into people and their emotions but more importantly is able to strategize a life for you moving forward. As the Psychic arm of her business, the accuracy is remarkable with it being documented she can get dates and times down to a ‘T’. She has then created another arm, the Magazine. The Magazine is full of relatable stories from people such as Greg Holden – The songwriter behind some big hits. She is gaining a fast growing reputation who can offer a number of resources for body, mind and soul with a very structured and accountable strategy.

Katie Queue is the company you go to when you’re struggling, with anything! The mixture of products and services offer a unique experience to Spirituality and a common-sense and emotional approach to the Corporate world. She is the Auntie, Sister, Friend and overall Champion whose genuine and heart felt nature is incredibly heart warming and supportive. 

So, who books Katie Queue and who are her customers? She has described that she gets everyone from all walks of life. From Royalty, to burned out Business people, to your next door neighbour and someone who is going through a divorce. This is what is great about Katie Queue, its for all walks of life because the advice and services speak to your core.

With Katie Queue, there are no challenges or market dips. Everyone at some point needs a Katie Queue in their life so it’s a business that is not going anywhere, in fact, she is staying, growing and she is making an impact daily. 

Katie Queue started her journey into this by failing everything first. She is the first to say she failed her GCSE’s and although incredibly intelligent just failed exams regardless of what they were. She failed her driving test, her theory, six times! Every relationship ended up toxic and so she began the journey of discovery. She got her head down and grow in the corporate world. Her main ethos is that she never wants anyone to suffer or at the very least doesn’t want to anyone to not have a tool they could use. Katie’s life has been incredibly challenging with a lot of sadness. Her school friends’ suicide awakened Katie to the inner core work we often overlook. Her sadness took her inward. She also expressed how her travelling led to going off track and she found herself lost in what seemed to be some type of Jungle. Katie Queue is a business built on love and the very basics of humankind. She is a lover and a fighter and someone who offers a remarkable business model that has everything you could possibly need to start over. 

Katie talks from experience. Everything about her life is about change, inconsistency and adaption. She has introduced these tools into her business to help you grow and shine. Katie Queue as a business has you feeling seen, heard and nurtured from the minute you invest in it. The loving undertones matched with the tenacious strength that comes from the owner leaves you satisfied and astonished by the results that come so quickly.

I was lucky enough to meet Katie Queue and I was absolutely blown away by what she relayed back to me, she exposed all of my insecurities, highlighted my strengths and even showed me things about myself I never even knew existed. I was hooked from that moment on and has stayed close to her business ever since. I subscribe to her wonderful Magazine, listen to her soothing tones from the music she makes, and I listen to her podcast religiously. If you feel alone or lost or even just a little out of sorts, then Katie Queue as a business is something to be dedicated to. This is a breath-taking business with an incredible business model with nothing but growth and no sign of it slowing down. Katie Queue is a business for all, from children to teenagers to adults. There is no one or age group that wont benefit from the wonderful guidance and humour that encapsulates you. This is a high-quality, high-end business. 

Charlotte Cremers