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Dermal Fillers

Lip Fillers What to Expect

Plump lips are the most prominent facial part for beauty concerns. But will your thin lips look heavy and attractive after lip filler injections? The blog explains what to expect after lip treatments by outlining these subheadings:  What are the types of lip fillers in the cosmetic market? What to expect a few days after the lip filler injections? What advantages do you expect after the healing stage of lip fillers?

It is common to come across individuals who have naturally thin lips. Others may experience lips thinning due to old age. Therefore, the cosmetic andhealth industries invented innovations to restore youthful lip volume, shape, and structure. Lip fillers are now popular for their highly effective ways of improving lips’ youthful radiance. They are regarded as safe by the Food Standard Agency (FSA) with minimal or no downtimes. Regardless of the reason for joining the filler regime, lip injections are the quickest and most affordable non-surgical procedure for lip augmentation. However, most lip fillers provide temporal results that last 12 months, depending on the active ingredients infused in the syringe. Few lip fillers are permanent.

What Are the Types of Lip Fillers in the Cosmetic Market?

Before explaining what to expect after lip filler treatment, let’s discuss the types of lip fillers available for you to harness their power. Each class has a different lifespan with different ingredients but provides the same dream natural look. The following are the most popular lip fillers in the UK:

HA Fillers

According to Ablon & Glynis (2016), hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural substance that the body produces to maintain skin hydration and remove dirt or deep-rooted debris. HA fillers are the most affordable and popular fillers that provide a healthy lip volume that feels real and natural. Once injected, HA retains water 1000 times its weight making your lip appear fully pout and plump. However, its effect lasts 6 to 12 months, depending on the amount injected.

Collagen Fillers

Collagen is a skin protein that helps to maintain skin plumpness and firmness. Collagen fillers are popular for lasting longer than HA lip fillers and can be used to enhance lip volume and remove fine lines around the mouth and nose. Depending on the patient’s caution and lifestyle, they last approximately two years.

Silicone Lip Fillers

Unlike HA or collagen fillers, silicone fillers provide a permanent result that doesn’t require any regulations or maintenance. It involves implanting lip-shaped substances via tiny incisions made on the lips. However, their popularity diminishes since they do not provide a natural feeling like other lip fillers.

CaHa (Calcium Hydroxyapatite) Lip Fillers

CaHa is a natural substance derived from human or animal bones. It is popular for promoting natural collagen and hyaluronic acid production by the lip tissues. It provides a quick result that lasts a maximum of 18 months. The endo-supplements help restore lips’ natural look that feels more real than most filler types.

What to Expect a Few Days After Lip Filler Injections?

Before you are administered fillers, cosmetic health providers tend to run a diagnosis to determine any allergic reactions to filler ingredients. Therefore it is extremely rare to experience adverse complications after the treatment. However, in most cases, one may experience mild difficulties that last for a maximum of 3 days. Depending on the patient’s body chemistry and lifestyle, the side effects may last only 24 hours.Funt et al. (2013) highlighted the following lip filler complications:

  • Swelling and bruising
  • Itching
  • Lips discolouration
  • Irritations and pain in the injected sites
  • Cold sores affect less than 1% of patients

After the injection, the cosmetic practitioner may instruct you to follow the following guidelines to help in the natural healing process of the injected lips:

  • Avoid applying lipsticks or balms for at least 24 hours after the treatment.
  • Refrain from touching your lips. It includes kissing, drinking from straws or sleeping facing the pillow.
  • Stay hydrated to fasten the healing process.
  • Avoid vigorous exercises for 48 hours after lip injections
  • Avoid alcohol and other blood-thinning medications like aspirin.

What Advantages Do You Expect After the Healing Stage of Lip Fillers?

After a temporary hardship of 2 to 3 days of treating bruising and other complications that come alongside lip filler injections, you can expect:

Natural Plump Lips

According to Brandt et al. (2008), filler products like Hyaluronic acid are excellent in restoring lips’ natural looks. They increase the volume of your lips by correcting the size and shape and supporting the lips’ structural functions.

Enhanced Appearance

The greatest benefit of lip fillers is improving the complexity of your facial appearance. A good smile is the primary key to a good facial appearance. Ladiesboost their skin volume by trying make-uptutorials, but they provide short-term results. Luckily, lips fillers ensure fully plump lips are always hydrated for a minimum of 6 months.

More Youthful Look

Genetics, age, and smoking can make your lips and areas around your mouth look leathery. Smoking affects the blood circulation around your cheeks and jawline, making you have premature ageing signs like wrinkles and deep-rooted fine lines. Additionally, some people are born with thin lips and old wrinkles around their mouths due to genetic factors. According to Taylor & Kathryn (2018), lip fillers provide lips fully and help remove ageing signs around the mouth area.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) about Lip Fillers

Can I Kiss After Lip Filler Injections?

One can enjoy kissing moments with their partner after the lip augmentation. However, not immediately; one can wait for at least 48 hours after the treatment to allow their lips to recover from bruising and swelling associated with the treatment fully.

How Should I Sleep After Lip Filler Injections?

It will help if you rest with your head facing up to avoid rough touches to your lips by the bedding. Also, sleeping sideways or facing the pillow increases the filler irritations and can cause the filler products to lean to untargeted areas, making you have uneven results. 


There are varieties of different types of lip fillers in the cosmetic market. Choosing the right type can be challenging and overwhelming. But, the most popular and authorized lip fillers by most cosmetic doctors are HA fillers. After the HA injections, you are expected to experience a few mild complications lasting only 48 hours. They include bruising, swelling, and sometimes itchy lips. Afterwards, you will have your natural plump lips that feel real. The lip fillers will also reduce the fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth, making you appear younger and more attractive.


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