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Maya Bleu designs and creates luxury eco-friendly products. Some products they have to offer consist of shark tooth candles, jewelry, apparel, sunglasses and blankets.

But their story is much more glorified than just selling eco-friendly products. The purpose of the company is to raise consciousness – and money – to save sharks, oceans, marine life and coral restoration.

The founder of the company, Mason Silvia, has a history of good stewardship of the planet. He was involved in Emmy-Award documentaries about preservation and environmental causes. He also has a bachelor’s degree in alternative renewable energy and previously developed aquaponics systems which some say is the future of sustainable farming and a pathway to saving our oceans. 

And, he always has one foot in the real world and one in the higher consciousness of saving the planet and its wild and natural resources.

That is why Maya Bleu’s mission is to save oceans and sharks by way of creating luxury sustainable products. 

One of the most popular – and novel – of the products is their “Original Shark Tooth Candle.” The “Original Shark Tooth Candle” comes in three different colourful nature-inspired vessels and are made of all natural ingredients. They  not only look good, but they smell luscious.

The Original Shark Tooth Candle is scented with a buttery rum flavour infused with a sweet creamy vanilla and toasted coconut. 

And…the best part is that inside the wax are four handpicked fossilised shark teeth (sharks shed 100 teeth a day so no sharks were harmed and the teeth they use are anywhere from 100 to 1,000 years old!).

While most candles are useless after they burn out, Maya Bleu candles can be repurposed. By adding soil and seeded candle duster (that comes with the candle) to the empty jar it becomes a jar of wildflowers. All you have to do is add light and water.  

The packaging and the candles are made from eco- friendly products. They are also handmade locally in South Florida. The other good news is that a portion of the profits go toward helping local and small ocean conservation organisations. 

To Amanda this environmental achievement is a big deal. “The candle smells amazing and the shark conservation support makes my soul sing!! Love this company and what it stands for.”

A lot of people feel the same way as Amanda. That’s why Maya Bleu has created a lifestyle brand with 14K gold-filled shark tooth jewellery, ocean inspired T-shirts, sea turtle throw blankets, sunglasses and more. 

“Our goal is to be a company that’s involved in helping the environment. We are involved with Shark Research and Coral Restoration,” said Silvia, who has a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Alternative Renewable Energy and a long time ocean expert and conservationist. 

They recently made a donation to Shark Allies.  This Shark Free/Shark Safe program keeps their focus on shark fin trade bans. 

“By purchasing our products not only do you get an amazing sustainable gift, but you also contribute to fund these awesome projects.” 

Maya Bleu’s goal is to eventually build a research centre to explore new sustainable resources the environment offers and use them to create a family of eco-friendly products. 

Mason is a man of his word and is quietly going about doing what it takes to keep our planet safe and sustainable. 

“We have dreams of a MAYA BLEU ocean research lab to grow corals, help fish populations through aquaculture, and promote tours for youth and adult education.”

Anyone who knows Mason knows that he thinks big, but he is also compassionate about the environment and those who inhabit it.  

“Our vision doesn’t stop there. We have many plans to accomplish in the future, but we need the support of our customers and supporters to help us achieve our goals and mission. This project affects all of us.”

All Maya Bleu products are inspired by nature – and are safe and sustainable. The candle jars come in beautiful and diverse colors and designs that signify nature in all its splendour.  

Christine is one person who has seen its uniqueness.

“I love this candle! I’ve bought all the new release candles in the past and loved them. So, I bought two of these before they would sell out. I’m so glad I did! It’s so exciting to see what shark teeth you’ll get in each candle.”

Maya Bleu products have been so popular that retailers across the US have embraced them. You can find them  at Whole Foods, and other local shops across the country and overseas. Maya Bleu products can also be purchased in Canada, Mexico, Australia, China and more. 

“Our mission is to do something good and give back to the ocean. Living in Florida it is so easy to see the effect of our behaviour on our oceans and ocean life. All of our products are influenced and inspired by the tropics.”

They also have an online shop where you can purchase products from, Remember, everything you buy helps protect our marine life and our oceans.

“We encourage people to reach out to us with ideas and passions that we should explore and get involved in. We are open to your ideas.”


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