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Meet Your Fit Lawyer, Jeremy Dover

The sun has barely risen; the world is calm, it’s 5:30 AM. The thrumming ring of an alarm goes off, waking Jeremy Dover from his sleep and alerting him it is time to start the day. As he slowly gets up, he checks his phone and the second it is touched; it roars to life with a collection of emails, social media notifications, and text messages. 

He walks to the kitchen and feeds his two dogs, Dante and Sky. While they are occupied, Jeremy starts on making his own meal. He takes a bowl out of his cabinet and measures out a vibrant array of fruit. He then fills a glass with MuscleEgg liquid egg whites and eats. As he finishes breakfast, he opens the backdoor and allows the dogs to play outside. 

He quickly swishes down a glass of pre-workout and walks into the garage. As he enters his self-made Nirvana, he takes a deep breath and begins his grueling workout for the next hour to two. Although he is working on himself, he uses the time to its fullest by answering the slew of emails, texts, calls, etc. In this space, he is consistently working on bettering himself and researching cases to better help his clientele and staff.

This is just a small part of Jeremy’s strict regimented schedule that helps him get ready and fueled for his day as a personal injury attorney in South Florida. Jeremy Dover, founding partner of Demesmin and Dover Law Firm, is a firm believer in combining both your passions and skills. He believes that every minute in a day can and should be used to its fullest potential. This plays a big role in what makes the firm successful and what it has become today. 

Demesmin and Dover law firm was opened in November 2019, consisting of only the two founding partners, Victor Demesmin Jr. and Jeremy Dover. At the time of conception, they did not know about the struggles beyond normal growing pains that were headed their way. At the start of 2020, as we all know, a global pandemic had hit and the entire world had shut down. So, despite their knowledge beyond their years and the usual struggles of building a brand and firm, they now had the struggle of finding clientele during a pandemic. However, despite the struggles the new venture presented, the two partners worked together to create a firm that would flourish.  

As you enter the firm, based in Fort Lauderdale, you are greeted by warm, friendly faces. The firm that had once started as an idea on a blank canvas has now grown to become a beautiful and artistic workspace that houses a team of 50 plus individuals ready to take on the caseloads ahead. Jeremy Dover enters the firm every morning fully motivated and ready to take on whatever today’s challenges may be. Every day brings on a different task for him to tackle. One minute, he may provide leadership to young and newer attorneys to the practice, while the next, he might be at a lunch establishing new or building old business relationships.

Upon building a personal injury law firm, the partners knew there were going to be struggles, especially when taking their field of practice into mind. The field Is extremely competitive, especially in the State of Florida, where the market is saturated with an abundance of attorneys. Therefore, they knew in order for the firm to grow; they needed to establish a strong rapport within the community to help them identify and secure a clientele that understood they genuinely cared and that every case was taken PERSONALLY. Beyond this, the partners knew they had to push their marketing efforts to the next level in order to distinguish themselves and get their name out there. They wanted the firm to display all of their closely held ideals ranging from community, fitness, health, and charity. That was how the message of “We Care More” was conceptualized and eventually implemented. 

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Jeremy took the idea of “We Care More” and used it to combine both his passions and skills. He ensures the firm provides exposure to health conscious and active events within the community, showing the importance of maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle. Some of these events include marathons, cycling races, bodybuilding competitions, local dining events etc. Jeremy is, and continues to be, a smiling face at these events and shares his personal experiences with his fitness/health journey as well as promotes the firm. 

This does not surprise most, because he does the same thing through his social media accounts with the handle @your_fitlawyer. Jeremy provides tips and tricks relating to working out and eating right to all of his followers, friends, and colleagues. He even invites doctors, clients, and co-workers over to train and talk business at his home gym. For him, fitness and health is a passion but also an outlet to connect and create business connections, whether it’s on a personal level or at events.  

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The company’s growth has led to both internal and external growth in its field of reach, the staff, and partners as individuals.One of Jeremy’s biggest pieces of advice for those trying to grow is “Work at being the best at what you do no matter the field, continue to practice, improve, and train. Work on improving yourself always. If you want to succeed in life, first work on becoming the best version of yourself in everything you do, and the rest will follow.” Jeremy has overcome many hurdles which life has thrown at him and continued working towards his goal. Whether it was a physical or emotional battle, he continued to fight and never gave up. Even though others said to him his challenge was impossible, he fought hard to get to where he wanted. 

The challenges of growing a law firm include not only marketing efforts and drive, but it also includes a team of individuals to support you. Jeremy says, “It takes a village to create a successful business. Therefore, it is so important to value and appreciate your staff. If you do so, success will follow”. Jeremy and Victor have both agreed on this concept and have built an inviting, fun office culture where everyone feels appreciated and important. They strive to make the business a ‘work hard, play hard’ environment in all aspects. The office promotes and prioritizes emotional and mental health just as much as physical. 

In most office structures, a lot of employee issues and complaints go unheard, but both Jeremy and Victor ensure that does not happen in their firm. Both partners have an open door policy to address every concern any staff member may have. Time and time again, they have proven this to be true. They have exemplified this mentality by giving one of their staff members who is hearing impaired a car because they took rideshares every morning to get to work. That staff member, despite the odds, still came to work early and was happy each day. 

Video Link: (Video attached in email as well as photos) 

Maintaining a happy work environment is so important to building a business. It is statistically proven that happy employees lead to higher levels of productivity, therefore it is an important aspect in any business. Whatever a staff member needs, the partners take it into consideration and work with that individual. Whether it be school, a family issue, or a health problem. With the partners providing accommodations such as these, employee turnover has remained low and people can grow with the firm no matter the circumstance. 

The staff at Demesmin and Dover love where they work and what they do which shows in their involvement in the company. Jeremy and Victor involve the staff in marketing and event decisions regularly. Everyone at the company is an integral part of the business and no one feels left out of that. They take so much pride in what they do they even regularly attend company sponsored events in their free time to show their support. The presence they have and the unique atmosphere it creates draws people in and makes them interested in what the firm offers. The staff also runs the events and no outside individuals are used this way they are able to directly speak to individuals about their experiences and from their knowledge.

Jeremy and Victor worked hard to make the company what it is today. By coming together and working hard at pushing their ideals, promoting a positive office culture, and their work at continuing to better themselves and the community, they could create something unique and successful for a personal injury law firm. This office and their continued growth allowed them to achieve what they aimed for despite the odds and naysayers.

So as Jeremy Dover closes the door to the office and heads home for the day to go back to his gym for a light cardio or ab workout, he leaves with a smile on his face. As he enters, he takes the time for himself, an important aspect in life which people forget. Emphasizing that doing what you love and having a job don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Try to incorporate your passion into your schedule and you may just find the link between the two and be able to use it like Jeremy does. Jeremy is an individual that crawls into bed every night happy, fulfilled, and dreaming of what tomorrow will bring or what the future will hold. 

Charlotte Cremers