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Mindandbodyfair ~ Revitalize Your Mindl! Revitalize your Soul! is a website selling lots of different products in bargain prices aiming to make lives better and more luxurious.

It’s a dream I had which started to materialize during Covid19 lockdown.

After losing my job, I was trying to find other jobs without any luck or success.

I had been struggling to find a way to survive from inside the walls of my house.

After doing some google research I discovered wordpress e-commerce.

So as I had lots of time being unemployed I decided to start my own online business.

I studied hard before doing this because anything new has its own traps and difficulties.

Also I had to study what is wordpress, what is the best platform, how to make my bussiness starts selling,marketting strategies,social media campaigns e.t.c.

So I found an online host, I rented some online space trying to build the webpage myself at the begining reading tutorials and watching videos.

I wanna thank my best friend who helped me a lot with his knowledge in the subject of wordpress as he was by me in every step because literally I started building this page from scatch.

After some time, we hired one or two helpful specialists to finalize the wordpress issues suggesting us what plugins to add and which to avoid.

After hard work,questioning, research and 1 month my page was up and running with some products at the begining and more and more added daily.

But that was the easy part, marketing is the most difficult part.

How to make the page famous? How to make the customer to trust you in order to deposit his valuable money.

Answering the above and from my experiece, social media is the best way for me so far to make people begin trusting me and make my page get more clicks. 

Afterwards you must find make a good video, there many online video template webpages with much free content to make your own web video in just minutd and begin your online campaign.

Social medias have campaigns starting from just 1 US Dollar per day, ofcourse if you want more and faster results you need to pay more dollars per day.

An ideal amount of money for me is 5$ per day but please remember that sales are never guaranteed.

The competition is harsh out there, literally it’s like an online high tech jungle. 

The strongest and the richest survive, the poor new entepreneurs struggling to keep up.

In order to have better chances to succeed pick carefully your niche before starting the whole website.

Go to google trends and see the market trends, what’s selling more these days and what used to sell more the previous month or 2 or 3 months ago.

Try to take advantage of the seasons of the year, remember that most of the people will definitely buy something new for their house of themselves every new season, a new dress for summer or spring, a new swim suit, a new jewel for summer clubs,people tend to buy these things locally but remember that many of the products online do not exist in local stores or at lease not in the prices these products will cost online.

In average selling online with your own store you can sell 20-40% cheaper than local store prices comparing to prices in USA or Europe countries.

Now, the best way to find free products for your stores.

Once you open your site running, your email inbox will be spammed by ad emails daily which will spam you in order to find new customers, some of the emails might prove useful if you spend some time reading them all before deleting them.

Most of jewel or beauty products companies worldwide search for new sellers in order to promote their products and make sales, for starters, in order to find free products for your new web store, you can communicate with them, they will register you as wholeseller member and they will give you a coupon for your account to start using as a seller, coupons usualy start 10-20 less that original price, so this 10-20 percent technicaly will be your profit.

Remember that profit margins must be small at least at the begining otherwisee you will not attract any customers.

So in order to start selling, you ask the company to send you a list of their products, and you import the list to your website either manually or automatically.

Now the products are online,once you sell your first product you go to your seller account in the company, you buy the products 20% below the original price and you give them the address of the customer to be shipped to.

Please do not forget to ask always for tracking number of the package to track it down anytime and prepare for refunds aswell if the customer is not happy with the product or product might arrives broken e.t.c.

This is a droship model to find free tested products absolutely free without spending any money before your first sale.

And remember that the buyer is always being attracted by the brand so if a buyer sees your ad frequently on social media platforms or google he will trust you more even by the original company’s webpage that sells the products online because buyers tend to buy more from stores they trust even if they are a bit more expensive.

Having your own seb store is a great way to make extra money if the marketting strategy is right, which requires lots of research and a small amount of money to begin with.

My advice is if you have time you can start a bussiness with spending very little money.

If you do not have time to study wordpress or marketting do not bother yourself with this.

Iam still a new enterpreneur, I have some online ads to social media and search engines.

I still make a few sales a month, not much but it’s ok for now.

Perhaps in the near future I will make more sales, who knows, fact is I’m still studying and learning.

Keep in mind that you will meet many difficulties especially during search engines optimization.

In order to succeed you will need to buy many wordpress plugins which cost a fair amount of money or you can search for free alternatives which do half the job that paid plugins do.

Be patient and be ready to sacrifice some of your free time.

When you start selling you will be rewarded!

I wish you the best of luck with it and remember to never give up once you begin with!

After all knowledge is power!

Kind Regards

Tony from

Julia Davis