, Ltd helps brands communicate their value to their target audience using digital marketing tools, Ltd helps brands communicate their value to their target audience using digital marketing tools. Nahamani and her team help business owners and non-profit organizations create digital experiences using website design and development, social media marketing, and media engagements to immerse their target audience, even when the businesses’ ability to interact in-person is limited. was founded in 2015 by Nahamani Yisrael. Nahamani founded to help smaller businesses and organizations leverage digital communication tools to level the playing field in the competitive environments in which they operate. Before launching her digital marketing agency, Nahamani Yisrael realized that many one to nine person organizations were struggling to maintain their connection with their target audiences utilizing traditional marketing tactics. She noticed that smaller organizations were much slower to respond to shifts in consumer behavior and decided that her advanced technological skills, coupled with the experiential learning she obtained at Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio could help these brands increase their market share.

Initially, Nahamani treated her newly formed business as a side hustle. She helped friends and family members create an online presence, set up their social media profiles, and send updates using electronic newsletters. At the time, Nahamani was working full-time, raising two children while completing undergraduate studies. In May 2016, Nahamani graduated Cum Laude from Xavier University. For the next 13 months, she continued to work full-time and run her business on the side. In June 2017, Nahamani took a leap of faith and became a full-time entrepreneur. 

In the early days, Nahamani wore all the hats. She handled sales, marketing, accounting, information security, computer repairs, and facilities maintenance in addition to website production, managing clients’ social media accounts, and creating communication strategies on behalf of her clients.  As a full-time entrepreneur, Nahamani was working 12–14-hour days, eating at her desk, and putting her physical and mental health at risk to keep up with the client’s demands. 

Like many, when the Coronavirus pandemic began, she experienced an awkward silence. For the first few months of the pandemic, clients began shutting down, canceling contracts, and reducing their digital marketing budgets. The quiet time that Nahamani experienced led to an epiphany. Though she loved helping clients with their digital communications needs, she realized that she could no longer sacrifice her health and well-being to meet their needs.

One day in September 2020, Nahamani decided to ask for help. In desperation, she reached out to a young man whom she had met a few years back that was now freelancing as a website developer. The young man agreed to help Nahamani with a few key projects. Nahamani’s productivity increased.  Seemingly overnight, business owners began to realize that they needed to do even more digital marketing than done prior to onset of the pandemic. At first, Nahamani and her new subcontractor cranked out website after website. Soon Nahamani was back to working long days and late nights. 

Nahamani saw herself slipping into old habits and decided to take a proactive approach.  She began growing her team. She began by adding a third website developer, then she hired a copywriter, and then two content creators who also specialized in photography and videography. By June of 2021, had grown from a small one-person operation to a small but might team of six. Nahamani supplemented her team’s capacity by working with local high school students who were looking for internship opportunities.  Today, employs seven creatives, and has most recently added an Online Business Manager who helps manage the various projects and teams.  She even sends Nahamani friendly reminders to eat, take breaks and unplug from time to time. 

Nahamani continues to grow the organization through various branding tactics. She uses her Nfluencr Branding Blog to educate and empower other small business owners by providing them with actionable tactics they can use to increase their brand awareness among their key stakeholders. In 2021, Nahamani began using speaking engagements to expand her brand’s reach. Speaking on behalf of nonprofit organizations and online business development groups where she encourages others to take ownership of their brand, utilize virtual marketing to increase their success network, and take up space by advocating for causes that are of importance to them.  Today Nahamani Yisrael travels internationally to speak, coach and facilitate training opportunities.  Organizations soon learned about Nahamani Yisrael’s unique style of motivational speaking.

Nahamani’s proudest moments are those that she shared with her two children. She takes pride in the fact that her now adult children were able to witness firsthand the many benefits entrepreneurship offers. “My son once told me he realized that it [entrepreneurship] was real when I  was out of work, yet I was able to pay for us to move into a new home by “grinding it out” as an entrepreneur.” Nahamani works so hard for herself and her adult children and those moments solidified the sacrifices and hardships she faced were well worth the rewards. Another moment that Nahamani considers a defining moment happened in March 2022.  In late March she was named Woman of the Year by Coaching Dreams into Success. Her daughter, now 20 years old, was there to see her mother accept the award The founder called her daughter up on stage and she stood next to Nahamani as she accepted the award.  

In January 2022, Nahamani began monetizing her influence and has begun working as a B2B influencer for brands that cater to small businesses and business owners. Through her brand ambassadorship, she has helped clients expand their reach, and build meaningful relationships with constituents, donors, and local government officials. Most recently she helped the Children’s Home of Greater Cincinnati (now Best Point Education and Behavioral Health) raise over $12,000 for their mental health urgent care services.  The facility, located in Cincinnati, Ohio is one of the first urgent care facilities dedicated to helping young people who are experiencing acute mental health crises. 

Owning her own small business has not been without challenges, but Nahamani prides herself in exemplifying the Maryann Williamson quote, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frighten us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.” 

Nahamani uses her bright disposition and positive mindset to help other small business owners realize their unique brand of awesomeness. In her a recent blog post, 2021 Brand Wrap Up, business owners whom have worked with Nahamani throughout 2021, shared how impactful her leadership and tutelage were on their pathways to success. In the article, Yosiah Johnson owner of Yosiah Vision said, “Nahamani helped me realize how important it was when looking at major corporations; their brand identity differs from their competitors. So her helping me to realize that, put me ahead of my local competitors, my national competitors, and my global competitors.” 

Nahamani offers this advice to other business owners, “You can’t be everything to everyone and nothing to yourself.”  Far too often small business owners believe they must always be “on”. They think they must be perfect representatives of their brand 24 hours a day. That they must answer every client call, reply immediately to every single email, in a never-ending effort to prove to their clients that they value their business and patronage. According to Nahamani this is a myth and is impossible to sustain. 

Nahamani recommends that business owners strive for balance and equilibrium in both their personal and professional lives. Some seemingly simple tactics include setting dedicated business hours and sticking to them whenever feasible. She reminds us that, this applies to both starting and stopping times. According to Nahamani, “If you consistently start on time, it is easier to call it quits at the end of the day without guilt. Also, it is helpful for your family to know when you are and are not working.” Nahamani stress that setting clear boundaries with those whom you love is of the utmost importance. 

Furthermore, Nahamani recommends scheduling time for food consumption, exercise, and good old-fashioned fun. “Add these things to your electronic calendar, you are less likely to forget to take care of yourself.” Adds Nahamani.  In Nahamani’s opinion, exercise has little to do with weight management but is more about finding a healthy outlet for the day-to-day stress of running a small business. Nahamani recommends that you find a physical activity that you enjoy and stick to it at all costs.

“Growing my team and delegating tasks, affords me a greater quality of life than when I was trying to do it all.” Adds Nahamani. While not all early ventures can afford to hire staff members there are many ways to delegate one’s duties without taking on the role of an employer. Paying someone to do tasks like grocery shopping, lawn care, and or housekeeping is another tactic Nahamani has used to reduce her workload and maintain a semblance of normalcy during her early days as a small business owner. Nahamani’s advice to business owners is to “Focus on self-care, ask for and accept help, and stay vigilant in overcoming whatever obstacles you face.” 

Nahamani’s two children are now adults, and both have spent their fair share of time working at Like most young adults they have dreams and aspirations that are unique to Nahamani’s vision for the business. While she would love for them to inherit the business, she understands that owning a creative digital agency is her dream and not theirs. Over the next few decades, Nahamani plans to increase the business’s intellectual property and assets so that the next owner of has a running head start over other creative agencies helping brands communicate their value by utilizing the latest digital platforms.

MS, Durham University GP The work of a family doctor includes a wide range of clinical diversity, which requires extensive knowledge and erudition from a specialist. However, I believe that the most important thing for a family doctor is to be human because the cooperation and understanding between the doctor and the patient are crucial in ensuring successful health care. On my days off, I love being in nature. Since childhood, I have been passionate about playing chess and tennis. Whenever I have time off, I enjoy traveling around the world.