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OLPRO: designing products that bring fun and excitement back into the outdoor leisure industry

OLPRO is an outdoor leisure specialist that is celebrating its 10th year in business. OLPRO was created with the purpose of designing products that stand out from its competitors and bring fun and excitement back into the outdoor leisure industry with bright and colourful designs. OLPRO is best known for creating camping equipment such as tents, awnings, melamine, windbreaks, and outdoor accessories. 

OLPRO was founded by Managing Director, Daniel Walton, when he was working in the outdoor leisure industry and realised that camping equipment didn’t stand out – it was plain and lacked excitement. As a regular camping enthusiast and lover of the outdoors, Daniel wanted to create innovative, high-quality products that would ultimately change the face of outdoor leisure. Daniel then established OLPRO with the primary purpose of standing out from competitors and using the great outdoors and local British countryside as his inspiration for designing OLPRO’s first products. The first products that OLPRO made were unique Melamine Sets which celebrated popular elements of the great outdoors in a colourful eye-catching way, and these are still a customer favourite 10 years later. 

The journey of OLPRO has been an incredibly exciting one, with cutting edge products such as their WRAP Campervan awning attracting international attention for its entirely unique design that wraps around the side and rear of a campervan, enabling campers to maximise their space on the pitch. As an e-commerce brand, OLPRO has been able to enter new markets internationally and have since seen a huge rise in international sales, while many of its competitors are restricted to bricks and mortar retail. With the recent sharp increase in demand for outdoor leisure products, OLPRO has managed to double the number of staff that it employs in the last 12 months, as well as winning the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade! 

With all this international excitement for exploring the great outdoors, OLPRO has made sure not to stand still. OLPRO announced its ambitions to become a carbon-neutral company and one that is dedicated to preserving the great outdoors that its community of customers love so much. During 2021, OLPRO worked in collaboration with Ecologi to plant trees that help contribute to reforestation projects all over the world. Currently OLPRO has planted 3,954 trees for every tent and awning sold, and the brand is now expecting to plant thousands more over the next coming years. In 2022, OLPRO will be expanding its tree-planting initiative to include all backpack products. This means that OLPRO will plant a tree for every OLPRO tent, awning and backpack sold. OLPRO hopes to continue working towards becoming a more sustainable business and encouraging their customers to be as sustainable as they can be whilst away on their adventures. 

With sustainability at the forefront of the business, OLPRO has also designed a ‘Loan & Go’ rental service to allow customers to loan out OLPRO tents and awnings. The Loan & Go service allows anyone in the UK to loan a tent or awning from OLPRO for their camping trips or for a festival, and to then return it back to the company once they have finished with their trip. This service is great for those who are new to camping and aren’t sure if it is for them in the long term, it’s also great for festival goers to help reduce the amount of unrecyclable tent waste after festival. OLPRO is dedicated to promoting sustainability and protecting the environment and finding more innovative ways in which they can reduce the amount of waste left over at campsites and festivals.

Whilst focusing heavily on sustainability, OLPRO also understand the importance of health and wellbeing and wants to support its customers to look after their mental health during these difficult times. As an outdoor brand, the OLPRO team knows how crucial the outdoors is in improving mental health and wellbeing and relieving stress, anxiety, and depression. This has been evident over the past 2 years, especially in countries that have spent large periods of time confined inside when they would rather be enjoying the great outdoors, exercising, and taking more time to slow down and recharge. That’s why OLPRO create innovative products that encourage people to try out camping and other outdoor activities, as well as writing insightful blogs, sharing articles that will inspire more people to get out and about and enjoy what the great outdoors has to offer. 

OLPRO has faced and overcome the challenges created by Brexit and the Global Covid-19 Pandemic which has also affected the rest of the world. Whilst it has been an incredibly difficult year to receive stock from abroad, OLPRO has had a great year of business with the popularity of camping. Staycations have been more popular than ever and has helped people rekindle their love for the outdoors. We are excited for the opportunities that 2022 will bring OLPRO, including expanding to a new warehouse where we will be able to hold more products and grow our business further.

As it stands for the entire outdoor leisure industry, 2022 is still relatively unknown. The pandemic is still affecting trade globally and whilst we hope that importing stock won’t be as difficult as it has been, we’re prepared to expect delays as the world slowly starts to recover. Despite the challenges that we still face, we do expect the camping industry to continue to be a popular option next year for many people. With the re-emergence of festivals, we expect smaller tents to be incredibly popular and we also expect more people to opt for the reliability of a staycation rather than travel abroad. OLPRO has been proud to help the public enjoy a stress-free outdoor adventure during what has been a very difficult 2 years for many.

OLPRO’s advice to other businesses is to stand out. Here at OLPRO, the business has always been driven to stand out from our competitors and in the industry. It’s all about staying present, constantly talking to your customers, and keeping on top of the latest trends.

You can find out more about OLPRO’s products here.