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Polish Beauty Therapy Studio – Home Based Business -Great Work Life-style Choice

Business Name and what it does

         We are Polish Beauty Therapy Studio, my name is Kylie Price and we offer  professional friendly beauty therapy services. There are two main parts to our business – treatments and skincare products.

Treatments include Facials, Waxing, Nails – manicures and pedicures – CND Shellac and eye treatments – lash lifts, eyelash and brow tinting. We are based in New Zealand, on North Shore in Auckland, if you are interested in our treatments, visit our treatments menu.

         At Polish Beauty Therapy  we use Algologie, Fleur de Mer, Ultraderm and  Bump Eraiser,  in our treatments.

We also sell these products online, which is the other part of our business.

         Algologie is a French range inspired by the sea with marine plant ingredients.         Fleur De Mer – range includes powerful fruit acid peels, intensive Vitamin A, B & C serums, advanced stem cell technology, marine collagen, active fruit enzymes and combination foundation sunscreens which comes in 3 shades and is very popular.

         Ultraderm – is a collection of results-driven vitamins, serums, peels and active skin care products to suit all skin types. 

         Bump Eraiser – After wax care – for the prevention of ingrown hairs and for the healing of pimples.For more information you can check out these products at our products. 

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

         After completing international CIBTAC and CIDESCO beauty therapy diplomas at New Zealand Beauty College of New Zealand, Kylie worked at an exclusive beauty therapy spa in Kohimarama  – Signature Grooming Spa. At Signature Kylie honed her beauty therapy techniques and cleanliness ethos. At Signature Kylie was using Clarins and Thalgo products and Kylie continued learning by attending courses on skincare culminating in winning the salon award for Beauty Therapist of the year in 2002.

         Kylie has also been a beauty therapy tutor at Premier College of Education, educating students in beauty therapy. Also a representative of the New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals where she educated beauty therapists and beauty schools around Auckland about the benefits of becoming a member of the association.

         Upon starting a family Kylie saw that there was a market for affordable, friendly and professional home based beauty therapy services. In 2006 Polish Beauty Therapy moved to the Sunnynook area which is central North Shore of Auckland – see map for more details on location. We have increased our customer base, treatment’s menu and products during the years. We have also created a retreat and destination for our customers to enjoy.

 The challenges the business/market is facing 

         As a home business, there is a stigma of not being as good as a shop salon, this something we work hard to dispel by always providing professional friendly service in a clean discreet, comfortable environment.

         In the beauty industry – new expensive beauty therapy technology comes out into the marketplace all the time and not knowing if the product will be a fad or favorite and how long it will take to recover the costs of the equipment and training is a challenge.

         Also problems with the use of some of the new beauty therapy technology can affect the confidence customers have in the treatments. This could be from problems with poorly trained staff, difficult to use equipment or equipment failure which leads to unfavorable headlines.

         With the cost of living increasing and people having less disposable income, beauty therapy treatments and skincare may not be as important as other needs that a person has. Therefore as a business we have to work harder to draw the client in with offers or other points of difference.

         During the Covid-19 pandemic doing treatment based services  became very difficult with lockdowns and sickness, there are now a Covid-19 hangover with customers cancelling appointments sometimes at the last minute due to sickness but this seems to be the future in appointment based treatments and we must adapt.

         Weather events such as floods are also now affecting how we do business and these look likely to increase in the future due to climate change.

         Cheap supermarket products with limited active ingredients has minimum benefits to the skin are not helping people to prolong their youthful looks as they get older.

         Some New Zealanders tend to not to use a lot of skincare and this is also not helping their skin, we have made a Blog to help people how how to look after their skin at  Our Blog and you will also find out how to look after dry skin in this link.

   The opportunities the business/market is facing

With all the challenges happening in the industry and the country we think this is still an exciting time for Polish Beauty Therapy in the beauty therapy business and we see a time of growth after a tough two years with continuing to increase our presence on-line and continue creating a destination for our customers. We will continue to grow our customer base by keeping in contact and giving great friendly service in a nice clean environment.

         We are also looking at the near future adding an organic range of skincare to our skincare options as we understand that organic is a way forward for many people.

         Hopefully in the near future the cost of living comes down and people will have more disposable income to look after their skin.   

  Advice to others about business

         Work on your online presence and the benefits will come. Email your customers and potential customers with information because they will be receiving emails from your competitors.

         Treat every customer as a friend and they will come back and refer their friends. Make sure you and your staff checks what skincare the customers are using and help them if there are gaps in their skin regime and make sure you have products for your customers that they might need when they arrive for their appointment. This benefits the customers’ skin and also the business as a whole.

         Always try to rebook the customer’s next appointment at the end of the current appointment. If cancelled follow up at later date. If you have not heard from a regular customer in a while give them a friendly call or message.

         Make sure you enjoy your work because people can tell if you don’t and do not over share your personal problems or life to your customers.

         Book in some me time each day and each week, I like to go for a walk everyday and do yoga once a week which benefits my health and re-centers my energy.



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