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Privacy Policy


The following depicts the Privacy Policy that has been adopted by It’s Me and You, with respect to its website and any website services operated by the magazine.


1. Changes

The Privacy Policy may change from time to time without your notification. You should read it each time you plan to submit personal information so that you understand how the information you are submitting will be used. All changes that are made to this Privacy Policy are effective prospectively rather than retroactively.


2. Collection of Information

We collect information that is volunteered by visitors to our site, and we do this in various ways. Certain identifying information, such as name, city, street address, and email address, is gathered at some of our website’s interactive areas, such as when you subscribe to our digital or print publications.

Whenever practical and wherever possible, we provide our users with options regarding the submission of their information.


2. Third Parties

While we strive to require third-party content providers and other parties to adhere to our policies, we are not responsible for any policies or actions of third parties, or the practices surrounding information of any third-party sites to which links may be provided on our website.

4. Use of Collected Information

Third parties may approach us from time to time with an interest in identifying subscribers to our digital or print publication. We may provide them with our publication’s mailing list (but not email addresses) if we believe that the subscribers in question would be interested in hearing from them.

An advertiser will inform us, with respect to advertisements, which target audience it seeks to reach, and we may place advertisements on our website if they fit the criteria of the advertisers. Pop-up advertisements may be displayed to a target audience on our website based on these criteria. Advertisers are not permitted to access any of your personally identifiable information or your account information.

It’s Me and You may also make use of tracking information to determine which areas of our website users enjoy and which areas they do not enjoy based on traffic to these areas.