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Re7laa: A Travel Platform Which Helps You Unwind Above the Cloud

Re7laa is the Arabic spelling for (Rehlaa) which means the trip or the journey, this word is usually associated with tourism and travel which is the purpose of our platform.

The Story behind Re7la

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – St. Augustine

One day I read this quote for the Romanian philosopher, and it enlightened my passion for traveling… and who does not love to travel? Traveling provide the individual with a great experience that one will never get from any book or learn from any school.

This passion has started from reading travel literature and it then expanded to preparing travel plans that have detailed information for my trips including: places to visit, currencies, transportations, etc. The planning process usually lasts for days and weeks where I jump from one website to another trying to collect as helpful information as possible which eventually paid off when all my family and friends were requesting my own plans for their trips.

At that moment, “Re7laa” was born, which is a platform that combines all the travelers’ needs under one roof. Hence, Re7laa makes the planning for any travel easy, fast, affordable, and of course more fun.

What is Re7laa?

Re7laa facilitates your trip where you can have a fully customizable plan as per your preferences for your next destination. Besides, hotels and airlines offer can be found and explored easily under the same platform. Moreover, you can explore our own encyclopedia to know any information about many many countries.

In Re7laa, our goal is to create your moments starting from choosing your next destination until returning home with unforgettable memories.


Covid-19 Pandemic

Our platform was announced at the beginning of the pandemic back in 2020. As you all know the pandemic had severely impacted small businesses in general and the travel industry in specific. Many people were hesitant to travel due to safety concerns, and many destinations have restrictions or were closed for tourism. This has led to a significant decrease in demand for travel services, which has had a significant impact on Re7laa.


The online travel market is highly competitive, with many large players such as Expedia, Booking, and Airbnb. These companies have significant resources, which can make it difficult for smaller travel businesses to compete.

Dependence on technology

Online travel platforms rely heavily on technology to provide their services, which can make them vulnerable to technical problems and cyber attacks. Ensuring the security and reliability of our platform is essential in order to succeed.


Growing demand

With the increasing use of the internet, more people are turning to online travel services platforms to plan and book their trips. This presents a significant opportunity for travel online stores to capture a larger share of the travel market.

Personalized Experience

Travelers are increasingly looking for personalized travel experiences tailored to their preferences and needs. By offering customized travel packages and personalized recommendations, travel platforms can differentiate themselves from their competitors and create loyal customers.


Collaborating with airlines, hotels, and other travel industry players can create cross-selling opportunities and offer customers a more comprehensive travel experience.

Final Advice

My advice to all the people who are seeking to start their own business journey is not to stop believing in themselves. The path is long and rocky, and sometimes you feel like you have reached the end of it. Believe in your idea, work hard to make it bloom, and your business will ultimately fly miles beyond your expectation.  




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Monika Wasserman