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Redefining African Fashion for a Global Audience

Biola Brentwood fashion label is a clothing line that caters for sophisticated women who want to stay true to their indigenous African roots. The Fashion outfit focuses on styling African Fabrics to Ready to Wear dresses and Custom Made clothing.

With physical stores in Toronto, Canada and Lagos, Nigeria, Biola Brentwood has stayed strong in the fashion industry for over 8 years now.

Abiola Adeneye is the Creative Director and CEO of Biola Brentwood Fashion. She studied at College Lasalle, Montreal, Canada as a Fashion Designer, and Image Consulting at George Brown College Toronto  Canada, and moved on to Melanie Lyne and The Bay both in Toronto Canada where she worked for 3 years as a wardrobe stylist for women’s luxury wear

Currently, she directs the creative process of the Biola Brentwood Brand.

Following a search to discover her purpose and passion, Abiola combined her education and experience both in designing and wardrobing and this led to the establishment of Biola Brentwood.

After featuring at the African Fashion Week, Toronto 2021 in Canada, Biola Brentwood made her debut presentation at the Paris Fashion Week 2022, and launched a collection that she tagged ‘African Beauty’.

 The collection featured lively African fabrics in distinct styles showcasing the beauty of African culture and tradition. The outfits which have ready-to-wear pieces infused in the collection were made with the intention to fit every woman, not excluding the plus-size ladies. 

Biola Adeneye, said, “Sometimes I believe that foreigners appreciate the richness of our culture more than we ourselves and this reflects in how many orders we get from outside the country. After our runway show at the Paris Fashion Week 2022, our orders skyrocketed”.

It is so incredible to see how our collections always stand out any and everywhere it is spotted. 

Like any other start-up that one has to build up, it is not like one fully understands the environment one is operating in. However, we respond adequately to whatever challenges we have. On a daily basis, we face different kinds of challenges but all the same, we have been able to handle them effectively.

One thing that distinguishes us from every other fashion brand is our goal to make a woman look graceful and grandeur in our collections. We have been able to achieve that by having a good knowledge of who our customers are, what they want and a great understanding of their body types. Doing that has given our customers immense satisfaction. It has made us stand out among others.

Biola Brentwood is making an impact in the fashion industry by showcasing Nigeria and Africa on the global stage through her brand.

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