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Reiki is the channeling of life force energy to heal your body – Ann Magana – reiki practitioner in Scottsdale, AZ

My name is Ann Magana, I’m a reiki practitioner in Scottsdale, AZ.  I began my journey in 2019 as a reiki practitioner. I studied at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ.  After completing my course work, I opened up my reiki practice in Scottsdale, AZ at the Healing Joint.  As a reiki practitioner, I consult with my client to find out why they are interested in reiki. If you are unfamiliar with reiki, reiki is the channeling of life force energy to heal your body.  The benefits of the treatment can occur as soon as the session is over and it’s important to find somewhere quiet and relaxing to integrate what may flow.  I recommend taking at least 15-20 minutes after the session to meditate, lie down, go for a walk in nature or even take a nap.  Try not to book or schedule anything immediately after a session. After doing any type of energy work it’s important to hydrate,

so be sure to drink 1-2 glasses of water after a session.  Energy work is often hungry work, and you may find yourself hungry immediately after your session.  Be sure you listen to your body and choose a healthy snack or meal afterward if needed.  Eating can also help ground the body and as a bonus, you may find that a piece of dark chocolate can be quite restorative. I recommend that clients after the session reflect and capture any insights they had during and immediately after the session.  Journaling, drawing or jotting down some notes of your experience.  Meditate or listen to calming and/or inspirational music afterwards whatever you choose to do, find an activity that helps you connect to what you’ve experienced so you can draw on it in the future.  Reiki is extremely gentle and energy blockages are being cleared in the body, issues may come up as a result.  Should you experience any challenging emotions, physical sensations or feel overly uncomfortable after your treatment you should speak to your practitioner about it.  What I have learned as a practitioner is that we are our own healer.  We know our body better than anyone else knows our body.  

In 2020, the Covid19 pandemic affected my business.  I took several months off from seeing people at the office due to the pandemic.  As I took time off, I didn’t know if I would return to my practice.  I have realized that the pandemic has caused lots of mental and health issues for people.  During the pandemic,  I spent lots of time outdoors thinking when I would be able to return to my practice.  I started doing zoom one on one with people during the pandemic. 

I taught them how to do a self healing reiki session.  The pandemic caused many to seek alternative ways to help people through virtual visits.  Recently, I have decided to resume my marketing efforts to educate people about reiki. I enjoy working with people and giving them the tools needed for their healing.  I’m an advocate of natural healing and self care.  My daily practice consists of meditation, exercise, and journaling.  As offices open up for customers to visit, my advice to business owners is start where you are right now and grow your business one customer at a time.  Many people are looking for healers to help them in their life journey.  As I meet people, I continue to educate them about reiki and the benefits of it.  I’ve learned through my own practice people are not informed of the benefits of reiki.  To learn more, you can visit my site at