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Right Stuff Health Ministries –  nutritional medicine – Dr. Franco Taylor (Dr. Franco)

Right Stuff Health Ministries, Inc. (Right Stuff) has helped thousands of healthy conscious-minded consumers and health seekers stay informed and abreast of health information and news. The leading force behind this Company’s success is founder, Bro. Dr. Franco Taylor (Dr. Franco) who states: “My primary purposes in creating Right Stuff were:1) to establish and maintain a stable, healthy living platform to provide health-centered educational and lifestyle programs that will, ultimately, improve health care, and 2) to empower people to make better health choices by following principles found in nutritional medicine.” He stated further:  “Also, I wanted to design and/or acquire quality plant-based products to offer to patrons that would work synergistically with suggested health regimens. Nutritional medicine is the philosophy upon which Right Stuff rests. I believe that nutritional medicine, which, in a nutshell, revolves around eating foods that build, invigorate and assist the body in healing itself, is the future of medicine and healthcare.”

This man, Dr. Franco, is one who modestly has acquired many accolades and titles during his life as a health evangelist. Reportedly, in 1999, he decided to pursue various degrees to satisfy a need to show that he was “book learned” in his field.  So, to accompany his eighteen years of experience, for 18 years, while dividing his time between consultations, a bakery, cafes, and family, Bro. Dr. Franco managed to earn a BHHN (Bachelor of Science in Natural Health and Nutrition) and a MH (Master Herbalist) degree. In 2017, after all of his, seemingly, unrewarded efforts and years of sacrifice to bring healing to the world, he was awarded the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for the Year 2016, signed by President Barack Obama, as one of that President’s last deeds on the way out of office. Then, the next year (2017), Dr. Franco Taylor earned his ND/NMD or Doctor of Natural Medicine degree! He is working toward certification by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB) as a Doctor of Natural Medicine, having already achieved certification as a Wholistic Health Practitioner.

 In 1980, Dr. Franco became dedicated to improving his own health after suffering from headaches, bone, and skin ailments and, later, erectile dysfunction. Initially, his quest for the “right stuff” for his own ultimate health started with biblical research to understand God’s plan for health. Today, he is proud to be God’s servant in the form of a medical missionary who understands many of the health treasures stored in the bible, all because of his personal health reform. After forsaking the American diet plan, and adapting a strict vegetarian diet, his personal health problems became minimal.  He discovered that, when he remained faithful to God’s plan, his health remained optimal. Alternatively, when he would deviate from the plan, his health would begin regressing.  He alerts all with whom he counsels that that factor is the strongest one.  Fluctuating between following the health plan and going back to one’s old way of eating may end detrimentally, over time. One of his regrets is that he could not save his father, whose swift death from an aneurysm spurred him to forsake his initial plans to become a medical doctor. Instead, his purpose was solidly ordained to pursue a naturopathic study toward health. 

 Dr. Franco’s knowledge gained in this field of study has helped many of his family members who have suffered from ailments such as strokes, heart disease, colon dysfunctions, cancers, and renal difficulties. His youngest son, Jesse Hezekiah, was born at 24 weeks gestation in 1997, and, as a result, is multiple-disabled, which forced Dr. Franco to research neurological complications and cerebral palsy. (Jesse’s birth is a classic one for the record books.  He was delivered on an emergency basis at home. Even his umbilical cord had to be tied with shoe strings until the paramedics arrived to whisk him and his mother, Linda, off to the hospital.) Jesse’s health challenges, i.e., hydrocephalic brain and cerebral palsy and scoliosis and sleep apnea, have been Dr. Franco’s deepest and most humbling medical dilemmas, and he continues to seek ways to enhance Jesse’s life.

On the other hand, however, Dr. Franco, who also, with strict plans in place, delivered three of his other nine children at home, has many answers for parents whose babies and young children suffer from early bouts with childhood illnesses, i.e., colic, ear infections, rashes.  He saw the, seemingly, blessing and the, seemingly, curse in the recent baby formula shortage. The, seemingly, blessing, may have been God’s way of cleansing the babies’ systems of many of the unnatural ingredients in many of today’s baby formulas, many of which are difficult to pronounce, even: The, seemingly, curse was that, as with other right-in-the-kitchen-cabinet or store shelf quick assessable ingredients, few parents knew what to put together for the continued health and well-being of the babies. Everybody is so accustomed to popping tops off of baby formula cans for that quick fix, that to be required to grind and mash and boil ingredients would have seemed archaic – so, many households were interrupted by this national crisis of no baby formula. 

During his early training period, Dr. Franco spent 13 years traveling as a “health evangelist”/medical missionary, living in homes and learning hands-on natural health modalities, i.e., steam treatments, applications of hot and cold, clay baths and packs, massage, herbal formulas, plant-based supplementation, etc. This experience allowed him to witness the phenomenal healing of 90-95% of the sick folks he tended.  It was a choice that those individuals made to accept and adopt God’s natural ways of healing, and they, in turn, were able to experience how their bodies wondrously were capable of healing themselves. At last, he had found “the right stuff”, which is mainly based on the eight basic tenets of his same-named manuscript, The B.I.B.L.E.W.A.Y to Health. God does not make mistakes:  He engineered the human body to be a magnificent machine that was supposed to run forever. Dr. Franco states that “Man’s appetite messed that up, and we have had indigestion, constipation and death since then.  There is a remedy, and it is in the bible:  “God knew then, and He knows now what’s best for us in all realms of our lives, even in the realm of the diet for optimum health on this earth:  Fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables.

Dr. Franco expressed this: “My business covers all ages, from a baby’s first breath to the dying person’s last breath. I make suggestions to new parents about the optimum food for infants, and I make suggestions to the elderly about their optimum diets for longevity. The Right Stuff ‘s ministry is a “tri-fold ministry”, centering around health coaching, delicious and nutritious vegetarian food preparation, and one-of-a-kind plant-based supplements that really work. The side effects of these supplements are, reportedly: “They clean one’s kidney, liver, and bladder as they pass through the body.” Dr. Franco believes that the whole world would change if every member of every household would follow this regimen:  “clean out, clean up, and stay clean”! He has the “right stuff” for getting the putrefaction out of those big bellies many people showcase today.  Dr. Franco states:  “It pains me to see people whose bellies are bigger than their rear ends.”  He believes that, therein lies “the mother of all disease”, constipation.  He goes a step further than that famous understanding to state that, in turn, “indigestion is the father of all diseases”.

One of his most exhilarating and purposeful occasions is when he is invited to conduct “health revivals” at churches. He has traveled near and far, to mega churches and to churches with 30 members.  He states that the “cooking schools are fun”, and he gets personal satisfaction from conducting one-on-one or family group health consultations, especially when entire families find their health improves and tell others about their health triumphs. Entire churches are fired up, however, when he delivers the many health messages found in the bible during health revivals. He feels the after effect of those sessions when, night after night, he is privy to the testimonials of members who have followed just one day of his suggestions given the night before. 

As with many small businesses, Right Stuff experiences trying times. As he looks at the failures of so many struggling businesses, Dr. Franco says this: “But for the grace of God goes our business.”  The Covid-19 pandemic was a curse that enabled many small businesses, in turn, to be extremely blessed. Many extenuating circumstances kept Right Stuff from receiving large government loans during the thrust of the COVID-19 pandemic, but a few smaller grants helped it stay afloat. He expresses a genuine sadness that so many have, seemingly, jumped on the natural health bandwagon, only seeing it as a pathway to financial bliss. As a result, many products in the current supplemental and food product lines, actually, work against natural healing and health.  It is hard to compete with companies that are able to afford to manufacture cheaper though less wholesome products. Right Stuff’s main challenge has consistently been the lack of adequate funding.

Now is a great time to be a leader in the healthy-conscious minded consumer business.  Right Stuff is able to run “toe-to-toe” with any other company that promotes nutritional health because it is bible-based, and Dr. Franco believes it is imbued with God’s favor. Also, the Company partners with other like-minded companies to have a well-rounded health platform. Dr. Franco and his team (which includes his wife, Linda, his son, Josiah, and his office assistant, Mercedes Hudson) present honesty, integrity, compassion and wholesomeness, and these are the basic ingredients that are  necessary for Right Stuff to remain a vital Company to Memphis and the surrounding areas. Dr. Franco states that “Right Stuff is thriving, primarily, because we began as a Company doing God’s business in 1990, and that remains our philosophy: We are doing God’s business.”

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