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Royal Locks Curl Care

Business Name and what it does

Royal Locks Curl Care is a nice Direct To Consumer curly hair products brand that provides high-performing, multi-benefit, curly hair products with simple routines to fit your lifestyle and enhance your unique beauty.

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

Royal Locks Curl Care was born in 2014 when its Founder, Gina, a classic curly girl, got tired of mixing multiple gels and creams to get the benefits she desired. It became apparent to her the curl community was seeking an effortless approach to curl care. The idea of Pro Curl Cream Gel was born.

Pro Curl takes a multi-functional approach to traditional curl care to nourish your locks like a cream and defines and holds them like a gel. Since then, Royal Locks Curl Care’s product line has expanded to offer the best curl support, from shower to style, to give you beautiful locks from waves to curls to coils.

My husband and I purchased the brand from its Founder, Gina, in late 2019. At the time, I was beginning my own experience with Wavy Curly hair, and thus had a personal connection to the Market. Pregnancy and postpartum hormones awakened my natural waves—and curiosity about curl care. I really needed this in my life. Before having children my hair was straight. After the birth of my first child it became wavy. But, I didn’t know it at the time- it was just frizzy and coarse. I struggled with a new identity as a mom, and a totally different look was not helpful. I didn’t feel or look like myself. 

I reluctantly kept straightening my hair for years. Although I liked the look just fine (it was what I knew before having children, after all), the process of straightening didn’t agree with my active lifestyle. When I wanted to be natural I didn’t like my look. I wanted to look good and feel good again!

I started seeing more waves and began to research hair care. What I found was that many women like me experience changes in hair texture throughout their lives or choose to stop straightening and wear their hair naturally curly. I didn’t know hormones changed hair!

These women were also overwhelmed when attempting to understand how to manage their new curly hair patterns. Additionally, they too felt a connection between their look and individuality. Changing your hair changes how you feel, and for many it is important to have your look represent the real you. As I began to care for my hair with wavy/curly suggestions it began to look much better – and I started to love it! I felt it was a great compliment to express my personality: unique, approachable and fun.

I was so happy to discover Royal Locks Curl Care during this time. I loved that the products worked with simple steps that fit into my new lifestyle while delivering beautiful results. The opportunity to buy a company that had products I believed in was the perfect way to ensure I was in a business with a setting that suited me.  My own story of why curl care is important to me, and a personal connection to Royal Locks Curl Care helps me maintain integrity and heart behind everything we do with the brand. 

The challenges the business/market is facing

The curly hair space has become increasingly competitive over the past several years. Getting products into the hands of new customers is key. Advertising on some social media platforms was once thought to be the best way to bring awareness of a brand to consumers. After all, social media is a top platform for where the curly hair community goes to engage with others and receive education. There is a current real challenge to find a marketing mix that works for small Direct To Consumer businesses.

The opportunities the business/market is facing

Royal Locks has a core customer base, as well as an actual community of curly haired people who believe that it’s not just about what products you use- curly hair is a lifestyle. There is an opportunity for continued, and expanded, engagement with this community via social media outlets. Curly hair involves care, routines, and styling techniques. Social media provides tutorials people can read about and watch demonstrations to educate themselves. It’s also a place for support and fun!

We saw that Royal Locks Curl Care products had a unique opportunity. They were created as multi-benefit with high-performing ingredients and natural botanicals. My Brand Strategist and I saw an opportunity to take this a step further and provide a system of curl care that was easier. We Royal Locks Curl Care created a mission to Make Curls Work For You. To realize this mission, the brand created multi-benefit curl care products with high-performing ingredients and nourishing natural botanicals that are easy to use and give beautiful results. The thought was that by providing simple systems that give a gorgeous look, people will wear their natural curls more often.  

From an operations standpoint we saw an opportunity to make production logistics more efficient while at the same time tweaking the formulas for even greater performance. In 2020/2021 I led my team to move production from China to the USA, clean up formulas and revamp them for greater performance. We also introduced new packaging and a completely new logo. My team and I did this with extensive research from formulation chemists, as well as a curl panel consisting of a variety of hair and curl types and ethnicities. 

Already a top-seller on Amazon with over 1,500 reviews of our hero product, I hope to increase Shopify sales and subscription box services of simple curl care and styling systems in 2022. Our team plans to continue creating inclusive, high-performing products, and I will play my part in helping people around the world embrace their natural curls. 

Advice to others about business

Go for it! But first do extensive research and planning. Ask yourself: What are your goals? Why this this business good for you? Why are you a good fit for this business?