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RumbleTalk Group Chat

Get to know RumbleTalk Group Chat

RumbleTalk Chat offers a feature-packed group chat plugin for website owners and event organizers. With it, they can add fully functional group chat rooms to any platform, reaching hundreds of their audience and members around the globe.

This plugin is not just another support chat – it’s a community group chat! 

This fully customizable chat plugin is the ideal solution to boosting your engagements online, no matter the business you’re in. From one-on-one interviews and group training to big business events and trade shows. It’s truly the one-stop solution for all your communications needs!

Main Features: What makes RumbleTalk Group Chats different?

RumbleTalk Group Chat is designed with all the features and functions you would need to keep the engagement alive during your online event, or on your website.

1. Choose from the 5 Chat Types 

  • Social Chat

An open-to-the-public group chat where anyone can join the conversation.

  • Members Chat

An exclusive group chat dedicated to your members only. It has a log-in page so only your members can access the chat.

  • Moderated Queued Chat

A group chat with a designated Chat Administrator. This chat admin has the ability to do a slew of special functions such as screening all messages before it goes live, banning spam users and profanity, muting all users, slowing down the chat, and exporting the chat.

  • Private Chats

A one-on-one chat where anyone can start a private conversation with any of the online chatters. They can create as many private chats as they want.

  • Expert’s Chat

A one-on-one chat where only the chat administrator can start a conversation with other users. The “expert” or chat admin can message as many people as they want simultaneously.

*Users can interchange the chat types anytime depending on what they need.

2. Engagement tools for better interaction

  • Live polls 
  • Moderated question-and-answer sessions
  • Multimedia file sharing 
  • Send text messages, audio, and video messages
  • One-on-one video and audio calls
  • Use your unique chat QR code to invite anyone to join the chat
  • Play YouTube videos directly in your chat

3. Special functions of a Chat Administrator

  • Approve or reject chat messages before it goes live
  • Create multiple chat rooms
  • Add a welcome message
  • Pin messages on top of the chat
  • Slow down the chat 
  • Delete all messages at once 
  • Mute everyone in the chat 
  • Ban problematic users and profanity
  • Export the chat transcript

4. Features that make RumbleTalk Chat unique

  • RumbleTalk Pages – Create a minisite with your built-in chat room in minutes
  • Login SDK – Automatically connect your website’s user base to the chat
  • Rest API – Easy Integration to any website, event, or platform
  • SSL/TLS security – Protect your conversations and users’ information
  • HTML5 – Your chat will work perfectly on any browser
  • WebRTC – Live audio and video calls are more seamless than ever
  • Fully Hosted Group Chat Room – No more worrying about bandwidth, server performance, or maintenance
  • Multi-language Support – Available in 36 languages
  • InText Service Keywords – Turn keywords into clickable links
  • CSS Customization – Fully customize the design of your chat with CSS or pre-made skin

Where can I use RumbleTalk Group Chat?

RumbleTalk can be used by businesses of all sizes:

  • Socials & Communities

Embed RumbleTalk as an online community group chats on your website. This is a safe space for your users to connect, network, and share ideas.

  • Virtual Events & Conferences

Use the chat for webinars,  business conferences, or trade fairs. You can host live polls with your audience, and moderated Q&A sessions with your guest speakers. You can even create multiple group chat rooms that can serve as your online trade show booth.

  • Job Fairs

Screen, interview, send files, and hire quality talents across the globe, all in your private chat room.

  • E-learning and Telehealth

Embed an online group chat next to your live virtual class, training, or one-on-one consultations. Your group or one-on-one chats can be the digital meeting rooms that’ll make it easier for you to connect in real-time with your students or clients.

  • Online Traders

Embed a group chat room next to your online trading platform where investors can bounce ideas and strategies while watching the streaming.

  • Broadcast & Podcast

Embed a group chat next to your live-streaming broadcast or podcasts and start interacting with the audience in real-time.

Our Story: Where it all started

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

In 2012, an aspiring entrepreneur stumbled upon an old chatroom, wondering what he could do to reinvent it. Just then, a group of friends, Eyal, Nim, Lacie, Noam, Kirill, and others, came together with one goal in mind – to breathe new life into this place now known as RumbleTalk. 

The group chat plugin had learned to keep pace with everything happening all around the world, learning new flips and tricks along the way! The RumbleTalk team had given it a fresh design complemented by exciting and unique chat features. All these changes made for a faster, smoother experience for businesses of all sizes.

RumbleTalk was founded in December 2012 with the intention of making chatting with groups easier for everyone. After many months of fruitlessly searching for a mobile-friendly chatroom service, RumbleTalk Group Chat had finally found its niche and continues to grow even today. 

Those who work for it now include people from different countries all over the world – Russia, Israel, India, and the United States – all united by one goal: to create thriving communities across the globe.

The Challenge and Our Vision: What’s in store for RumbleTalk Group Chat

While a group chat may seem like an unnecessary add-on, they are in fact quite powerful. Offering a space to converse during your online event, live stream or community website can dramatically increase revenue, cut down support time, and help you build a better connection with your audience.

As an all-inclusive live chat platform, RumbleTalk aims to be the leading group chat platform for businesses of all types. They are on the road to doing this by fulfilling their purpose of allowing businesses to strengthen their online communities in a more convenient and affordable way, one chat room at a time.

And so,  they continuously develop affordable, simple group chat solutions while also providing the clients with the support they need to reach their goals.

Here are some of the things they recently launched, and are in the pipeline:

  • Integration to Google Classroom 
  • Easier customization with the new point-and-click Design Panel and ready-made Chat Skins
  • Pin messages on top of the chat
  • Edit your own sent messages
  • Customize your own set of emoticons
  • More options to view poll results such as via word cloud and ratings

The Opportunities: Bigger space for better conversations

Just like how our phone apps needs regular updates, so does this chat plugin. The constant upgrades and improvements we see in the digital  industry opens up a slew of opportunities for RumbleTalk. 

We can look into new ways to customize your chat design. Customization becomes easier nowadays, and with platforms such as Canva,  you don’t even need to be design savvy to create your own personalized material. Such can be applied to RumbleTalk as well, from better looking chat rooms to a more user-friendly admin design panel, the developers behind this chat platform have more exciting things to do.

Another one is creating easier ways to automate your chat functions. This opens up the door to other categories of clientele such as those who need an automated chat support for their ecommerce stores such as Shopify, hotel reservation systems, and customer service channels.

There are also opportunities involving integrations to, not just your website, but to apps that clients are currently using such as Google Slides and Youtube Live. Imaging seamlessly embedding a group chat next to your presentation or live streaming!

Speaking of integrations, RumbleTalk Chat is now available as an add-on to Google Classroom. Now, you can access the chat room through your slides, this opens a two-way communication between the presenter and the audience. 

There are so much more to explore with RumbleTalk so we’re excited to see how it grows in the next few years!

Our Advice: What we learned after 10 years in the business

With so many plugins available for purchase, it is important for us to understand who our target audience is and create a product that will satisfy their needs.

“We love to listen to our clients, I believe this is how you grow to be something that makes them feel valued and ultimately fosters a stronger sense of connection with the brand.” 

– Eyal Misk, CEO & Founder of RumbleTalk Chat

It is essential for every business is to have an open dialogue with our customer base in order to know exactly what they were looking for. With this, our team has been able to continuously enhance the plugin by listening and responding to our client’s requests, which allows us all to profit greatly in the long run while providing the service they deserve.


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