Scentuals Natural and Organic Skin Care - natural, safe and effective skin, bath and wellness products - Mai Mowrey

Scentuals Natural and Organic Skin Care – natural, safe and effective skin, bath and wellness products – Mai Mowrey

The Scentuals Story 

Ethical Skincare and Beauty Lives Here 

If it’s natural, safe and effective skin, bath and wellness products you’re after, Scentuals Natural and Organic Skin Care is the right place. Homegrown in Vancouver, British Columbia, this female-led, family-run business started out in 2005 with the goal of becoming one of the best cruelty free skincare brands in Canada and the US.

Scentuals founder Mai Mowrey has always been passionate about skin care. This passion became a purpose when her brother was diagnosed with cancer. As she spent time in hospitals and cancer clinics she heard first hand from doctors, patients and their family members repeatedly about how health can be adversely affected by environmental toxins. 

This detrimental effect extends to using harsh chemical products in our homes and on our bodies. Mai immersed herself in research and discovered that most conventional personal care products contain a multitude of toxins and synthetic ingredients which are absorbed by the skin- our bodies largest organ.


Mai quickly realized that there weren’t many natural alternatives available and if there were, they had a large price tag. She knew this had to change. So in 2005, Scentuals was founded with the goal to become the most accessible and affordable natural skincare, body and aromatherapy company on the market.

In 2005, being a completely natural skin care company was not as common as it is today. Being an originator of clean beauty and wellness products came with its own challenges. From researching, sourcing natural ingredients, to formulating and distribution- there was a lot of trial and error to get where Scentuals is today. When reflecting on those beginning years in the early 2000’s and everything in between, Mai advises other business owners and entrepreneurs to always keep an open mind when it comes to problem solving- as a small, independent business, there will always be lots of problems that need creative solutions. She also recommends remembering to give yourself credit and to trust your instincts when it comes to making executive decisions. 

Many years, ideas, awards and press features later, the dedicated team at Scentuals continues to innovate with the highest quality, wholesome ingredients in their extensively tested formulas. All while constantly working toward better, fairer and more environmentally friendly skin care and wellness industries.

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