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Señorios de Relleu – producers of Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In Señorios de Relleu, we are producers of Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, that we sell like a gastronomic gift. Señoríos de Relleu is a young company with an experienced familiar trajectory in agronomy and olive growing whose work is clearly handmade. Our project brings together tradition with the last technological development, always with the passion for this juice, the extra virgin olive oil, as inspiring impulse.

We have a very small production because we produce oil only from our own trees and we have our own mill.

Respecting the nature that surrounds our trees is a priority. We manage 100 ha. of area. They are all the product of a great family passion . This is all translated to local, limited production with the highest quality.

  1. Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

Origin: Señoríos de Relleu is the outcome of Eliseo Quintanilla Almagro’s curiosity, experience and origin. Born into a farming family in rural Cartagena (south east of Spain), he decided early on in life to work in the world of pharmaceuticals, studying plants in search of purely natural means of making people feel better. More than 25 years ago this led him to research the beneficial health properties of oleuropein, found in olive leaves. This was the start of a close bond with olive trees, a love he has wholeheartedly instilled into his youngest son Hugo since childhood.

A living story, full of feeling and passion: It all started thanks to my father, a botanist-pharmacist by profession, when in 1.969 he began to look for the medicinal properties of many plants and among them, the olive tree. The founders of our company: Eliseo Quintanilla Almagro and my mother: Magdalena Ripoll Ruiz have taught us that great projects begin with a PASSIONATE team. We are an innovative family business, where we produce the highest quality EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oils) in Alicante and where our staff is key to our success.

Location and terrain: The Masia Teuladi farmhouse, built in 1918, is only 10 km from the sea and nestles in a valley of almond groves and Aleppo pines, where gentle Mediterranean breezes take the edge off the often harsh mountain weather. Here, among the terraces, is where Eliseo and Hugo set up Señoríos de Relleu. The chalky clay loam soil found in this area makes this the perfect spot for growing native varieties such as Manzanilla Villalonga, Blanqueta, Changlot Real, Alfafara and Genovesa alongside the highly prized Arbequina variety.

  1. The challenges the business/market is facing – The opportunities the business/market is facing

We are in a very mature market, where there is a lot of competition and where unfortunately the consumer does not know the benefits of this product.

So we decided to differentiate ourselves and innovate not only in the field with the varieties but also in the way we present our products:

  1. To fully preserve the first-class nutritional and sensory properties of EVOO, we decided to produce an innovative unbreakable, lightweight, hardwearing, recyclable and easy to use aluminium bottle that protects its contents from direct light.
  1. Story-telling: The bottle was painted by an artist from Alicante, that explain our story in a funny way.
  1. Pioneers in conveying emotions with all 5 senses: Passionate people, places and projects infect everyone around them with their enthusiasm. We want to share that passion with you, so this naïve-art style aluminium bottle designed by Paula Alenda shows the people who founded Señoríos de Relleu, the mountains, the Mediterranean, the Finca Teuladi estate (“teuladi” means sparrow in Valencian), the oil press, awards obtained at Terraolivo (Israel) and in Los Angeles (USA), and of course the olive trees and their fruit, whose delicious juice it contains.
  1. Our slogan is: “Mediterranean Sensations“. 

We want to spark:

Sensations, from gazing at Paula Alenda’s Naïve-Art style bottle,    

Sensations, by telling our story,

Sensations, with the sensory properties of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). 

  1. Our Coupages (Blends): We work with native varieties have their very own style, which typically features an excellent aroma, a fresh fruity flavour of freshly cut grass, combined with balance, stability and complete harmony, allowing complex pairings to be made.

Our olive oil varieties are: Manzanilla Villalonga, Changlot Real, Alfafara, Genovesa, Blanqueta and the appreciated Arbequina.

  1. Our Product Range: All our 4 olive oils are extra virgin, and from the same extraordinary quality. They are all Coupages (Blends) of varieties with different intensity, aromas and The differences among them lie on the different olive varieties used for each one. And because of the use of different varieties, each oil tastes different to the rest. Our production is environment friendly and one of our coupage is certified by organic means.
  1. We have 4 different Coupages: Delicate, Medium, Intense and Organic (tailored to consumer taste). People don´t know about olive oil and unfortunately less on olive varieties, so for us it does not make sense to package oils indicating only the variety.

We produce 4 gourmet quality olive oils, and from the same extraordinary quality. All are Coupages (Blends) of varieties with different intensities, aromas and aftertaste. The difference between them is the percentage of each variety of olives used in each. And due to the use of different varieties, each oil has different aromas and tastes.

  1. Since 2011, we have won more than 100 prizes:

Señoríos de Relleu has been recognized for the excellence of its oils around the world.

Since 2011, more than 100 awards and prizes to quality worldwide in: Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Israel, USA.

We highlight:

  • Best oil from the Valencia Region (Spain).
  • Best of Class. Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition (USA)
  • 95 points in the FlosOlei Italian Guide Marco Oreggia (Italy).
  • Gran Prestige Gold at Terraolivo (Israel) as one of the 20 best oils in the world.
  • Best oil (for three consecutive years) in the “SemanaVitivinícola” Wines and Oils Guide (Spain).
  • Top 10: Olive Oil Award Biofach (Germany). Highest award in the most important fair of organic products in the world.

We must point out that we have not only been recognised because of the quality of our products, but also because of our image, innovation and design, which are fully recognisable

  • Presentation award in Salon de Gourmets in Madrid
  • “Best Packaging Design” award for the design of our bottles and packs in the Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition (USA).
  • Bronze medal in the Laus “Design Awards” in Barcelona.
  • “Versatility” award in Salon de Gourmets in Madrid.
  • “Packaging” award in the Italian “La Forme Dell’Olio”
  1. We sell our production in different aluminum containers: 500 ml, 250 ml, 100 ml, 20 ml. and we sell it like a present. Not only is the content extraordinary, our packaging speaks for itself. 
  1. You can consult in our website the tasting olive oil section how to taste the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and in the food pairings section, the sensory profile of each oil and with which foods are best for and in olive oil recipes section you can find original cooking recipes.
  1. Sensory Analysis: To sum up we comment on the % used of each variety in each coupage and the Sensory Analysis of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils: 

Delicate Coupage (Delicate Taste) 

60% Arbequina, 20% Manzanilla, 20% Alfafarenca, Blanqueta, Changlot Real and Genovesa 

Aroma reminiscent of leaves as soon as they are uncovered, followed by notes of ripe fruit (baby porridge) and soft herbs.

The palate is light and smooth, slightly sweet, without bitterness or almost and with a more intense spicy finish along with sensations of dried fruit.

Medium Coupage (Medium Taste) 

30% Changlot, 20% Alfafara, 50% Arbequina, Blanqueta, Manzanilla and Genovesa 

Intense, fresh and herbaceous aroma of freshly cut herbs and even with balsamic touches of background and spicy wrap.

On the palate it is fresh and herbaceous with hints of leaves and twigs conditioned by its medium bitterness and spicy in balance.

Intense, fresh and pleasant. Very well achieved.

Intense Coupage (Intense Taste) 

40% Alfafara, 30% Changlot, 30% Arbequina, Blanqueta, Manzanilla and Genovesa 

Medium intensity aroma with hints of leaves, strong herbs, tomato, tomato plant and spicy wrap.

In the mouth it is intense and powerful with green leaves, artichokes and twigs from the entry with light bitterness and spicy finish that is delayed and persists reminiscent of walnut cocón.

Organic Coupage (Organic Olive Oil with Medium Taste) 

30% Blanqueta, 30% Arbequina, 40% Changlot Real, Alfafara, Manzanilla and Genovesa

Complex aroma with a predominance of green reminiscences of leaves, herbs, green almonds, with floral wrapping of sweet fruits and spices (laurel, cloves and walnut leaves).

Intense, persistent and complex entry with the same sensations as on nose accompanied by leaves, twigs and artichoke thanks to the slightly softer bitterness and spicy finish. Slightly astringent.

Complex and surprising.

  1. Olive Oil Tourism: Olive oil tourism is the new way to refer to EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) tourism. It’s an alternative to the normal tourism.

In Señoríos de Relleu we firmly bet on this way to distribute the knowledge and culture about the Olive tree and Olive Advice to others about business

Advice to others about business

Starting and setting up a business is not an easy path. It is full of obstacles but only with a lot of work and passion is it possible to succeed.

To be successful you don’t have to be the best, but you have to work on differentiation, innovation, digitization and sustainability.

In my sector, today the difficult thing is not to produce but to market and if you don’t think from the mind of the consumer you won’t be successful. We just have to ask ourselves one question, why cusotmers should buy my olive oil and not the neighbor’s?. If you have a well-differentiated argument, it is the beginning.