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ShellyClayspot – home-based ceramic studio located in the south of Israel

 I design and make functional pottery in the studio for everyday and special occasions. The serving sets of bowls, platters, mugs, and baking dishes have a unique rustic artsy quality. You’ll find home décor pieces like earthy bottles, vases, and ceramic wall hanging pieces.

As a potter, I find it satisfying to play with clay each day. Years ago, while living in Atlanta for a couple of years (my partner’s job) I took art classes in drawing and model sculpting. The art center was offering ceramic classes, and that was the beginning of my joyful journey with clay. Back in Israel, I studied Ceramic design and sculpture at Sapir College. I’m proud to be part of a talented ceramists’ group that meets on a regular basis to create group shows and exhibits in galleries in Israel. In one of the workshops we had with Adi Shapira, I heard from her about Etsy for the first time. There were sparkles in my eyes, the possibility of sending the ceramic art I make to people anywhere on the globe and make a difference in their life was a new frontier for me.  knowing that someone enjoys drinking coffee from a mug I made still fills me with excitement to this day. This is part of my contribution. 

In 2015 I opened my Etsy shop named ShellyClayspot and built a website later. 

You may find my art on Wescover   – a marketplace of unique art and design.

Knowing that people around the globe enjoy using my handmade ceramic ware makes me very happy. My goal is to create ceramics that not only meet the customer’s needs but also inspire some sense of nature. I like experimenting with different techniques and constantly creating new designs.

One of the challenges a ceramic business faces is the breakage of wares while shipping overseas. Over time I learned how to securely pack the items, so they arrive in one piece.

Selling online takes many skills and learning. In the past, I took photos of the products, edited them, and uploaded them to the shop. I realized that having a professional photographer take the photos makes a huge difference.  

Social media marketing has been a time-consuming challenge. Managing the online shop involves updating the listings daily to be better found in search results. I prefer working with clay and creating in the studio; however I strive to find a balance with all practices. 

Selling on platforms like Etsy and Wescover makes it easier for customers who love ceramics and appreciate handmade goods to find my shop. It makes niche marketing possible on the vast web.

For crafters and makers, I would say: trust yourself along the path and enjoy the process of making. 

Crystal Kadir