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Snoozebaby is an ambitious brand baby- and toddler product market

Snoozebaby is an ambitious brand with a strong position in the Dutch and West-European baby- and toddler product market since 2005. And becoming more famous in our foreign markets every day. Our ultra-soft, functional and playful baby textile accessories, based on the self-invented tag-concept, touch people’s hearts worldwide. Many babies and toddlers cannot be without our tags and soft fabrics. They are great to touch, feel, explore and play with. And while doing this, the fine motor skills are stimulated and the sense of touch is promoted. As a result, the products offer comfort, joy and security for free. And all of this, just by simply cuddling with our products.

The Why Behind Snoozebaby:

The idea of labels arose in 2004 when a premature baby with start up difficulties, found peace and comfort by feeling on soft fabrics; he was completely relaxed while rubbing the fabrics and searching for his thumb. He stopped crying and fell asleep, a respite for his parents! The first comfort toy in The Netherlands, Sweet Dreaming, was introduced in 2004 and was a ‘gap in the market’ so to speak. More than 17 years later, Snoozebaby is a well-known baby lifestyle brand that keeps expanding their range of accessories to offer comfort and joy to the young families and accommodate the entire baby room.

In 17 years, a lot has happened. Many challenges come and go. Mainly acting as an international B2B wholesaler, one moment you think business is booming and you are worried about your forecast (and cashflow) and the other moment all seems standing still, generating worries about your stock levels and cashflow too. Nothing is secure, all is possible. With a decreasing number of independent baby specialty stores (we went from 350 in The Netherlands alone, to about 150 nowadays) it was a challenge to keep finding ways to compensate the missing turnover. Internet stores surely made up for a number of physical stores, but it is not the holy grail. This in an overfull market with more and more offerings from many other brands. In the end, the cake is not getting bigger and we need to work harder, smarter and more efficient to get the same piece of the cake. Should we go B2C online too? Yes, we should but it is a different ballgame.

Are we too old to hook in on what is happening constantly in the online world? Influencers, social media, algorithms, advertisements, SEO, SEA……if we speak to 3 different agencies we get 3 different advises. It seems none of them knows what the best forward is. Besides, what is hot today, is old-school tomorrow. It sometimes feels unfair: without a huge online budget & knowhow it seems very challenging to sell online. Inferior products with smart online actions and budgets can do much better than qualitive boutique-like, crafted products.

So we decided to do what we are good at: designing beautiful, functional, not me-too baby comfort products and partner up with the right companies to help build the brand further: off- and online boutiques, concept stores, department stores, importers/distributors. Don’t want to be on every corner, but the right corners. Have the highest possible customer service, have the best possible products for fair prices. Remain loyal, open, honest and flexible. This made Snoozebaby to what it is today. And other beautiful creations occurred: from cancelling Snoozebaby’s never-out-of-stock baby basics, Riffle Amsterdam was born: a GOTS certified baby fashion brand based on pre-order (2x per year).

In the past 10 years, we were already wondering about our impact. Even though we like to think we are a big brand, we are a small company. But no matter the scale of your company, there is this other challenge: sustainability. We are polluting by definition. Our products are nice-to-have, no must-have (although we all like to believe this). How to deal with our using the planet’s resources……produce as responsibly as possible is the least we can do. Our factory in Turkey is BSCI and ISO certified. Our products are now all made of Oekotex, organic or GOTS materials. Packaging must be kept to a minimum (some export markets require this) and using recycled materials only. Nevertheless, if we want to be truly green, we should simply stop our brand. If we do this, we will be the most sustainable brand in the world!

But for now our dream and drive is still offering comfort and joy to the young families worldwide. Every good night sleep, every moment a baby feels comfortable, every cuddle a parent gives his baby, anything that contributes to happy babies, makes the world a better place. Each company should find their own drive and motivation and stick to it no matter what.

Crystal Kadir