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Splor Nature Gear is a startup company selling custom outdoor apparel

– Business Name and what it does

Splor Nature Gear is a startup company selling custom outdoor apparel: hoodies, long and short sleeve t-shirts, and tank tops.   We believe in selling quality products at an affordable cost and specialize in watercolor designs. Additionally, we believe that success isn’t quantified in achieving our own goals but in our ability to help people who lack the necessities of everyday living. Due to our deep convictions, a portion of every item purchased goes to helping those who lack water, food, and access to education. We believe that none should be deprived of these resources and are actively equipping people who have recently suffered the above hardships.

– Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

John Prieb has always loved interacting with various ethnicities and learning about their food, language, and culture. While in high school, he was able to go on two mission trips to Central America where he worked at an orphanage in Guatemala and built a house in Mexico. These international experiences only furthered his burning desire and call to “love the least of these.” His desire for business and missions endured through his 4 years at John Brown University, and he was able to do a 4-week-long internship with giveDIGNITY in Costa Rica post-graduation. While in Costa Rica, John taught English classes, tutored students, participated in adult classes and Bible studies. When he entered the workforce after graduating, he still had the passion for business and ministry but lacked the knowledge and resources required to run a business. It wasn’t until he met someone from church who had similar passions and dreams that Splor Nature Gear was able to become a reality.

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– The challenges the business/market is facing

 Challenges are the very ethos of small businesses. Yet, struggling is not equivalent to failure. Instead of viewing every setback as this impossible obstacle, people need to seek opportunities presented by these challenges.

 For example, if your art isn’t selling, do research and see what people like and want to purchase for their houses or offices. You could be a fabulous artist, but if you’re painting rubber ducks and people want to see flowers, you won’t sell much. Instead of giving up and quitting, your art could be the flowers people want to buy and even be expanded into multiple medias of art, so create more future opportunities. Additionally, find creative ways to sell your art. The internet allows for quick networking and a wider audience. There’s also freelance work and commission-based jobs. Developing a business takes time, skill, energy, and effort that most people aren’t willing to put in.

Here’s another example: Sell local. When people begin small businesses they aim high and get frustrated by failure. Dreaming isn’t bad. However, not having a plan that you can execute is. Instead of immediately going to the big box stores with your product or service, try selling to your local coffee shops, churches, and businesses. Starting local allows for small changes to be made and isn’t as overwhelming or scary as larger stores. Being local and have quality products is a selling point. 

Have reasonable expectations and goals. So often, when starting a small business, the owner wants a quick turn-around and easy profit. Many business experts on social media create false expectations by claiming to have created millions and financial freedom in a short amount of time when, that is not the norm. Yes, it is possible to create large sums of money in a short amount of time, but effort and planning must also go into the business and those usually don’t just happen on their own. Allow time for your business to grow, and continue to invest in your business and allow yourself time. Don’t just assume things will happen but make a plan that’s executional. Here’s an example: When planting a garden, everyone knows that the day after being planted, the fruit will not be ready. Cultivation, water, and sun are all needed for the plants to grow then the veggies can be harvested. Why don’t we apply the same principle to our business? Allow time for connections to be made and the business to grow. Creating a business takes time and effort; we need to allow time for businesses to grow and mature.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Once you start, it either elevates you or destroys you, same happens to others. Depending on who you compare yourself to, it will make you look either really good or bad. For example, I have a friend who’s in his mid 30s and has a few small businesses, loving family, and is living the dream. His wife, kids, and employees are happy,  and although I know I cannot compete with that, I still feel bad about myself and the progress I’m making. Now, I have another friend who is almost 30, just got married and moved out from his parents’ house- he did this to be able to save and because of circumstances. Next to him I feel good about myself and personal success. Depending on who I compare myself to I either feel really good or bad about myself and my circumstances.

Photo Credit: Perfect 10 Photography

– The opportunities the business/market is facing

 There will always be needs within the market and depending on what area your business is in shapes the opportunities. Ecommerce has helped shape the market by allowing anyone to start a small business for little overhead. With such opportunity, it’s possible for anyone to begin a small business. 

When starting a small business, there are some questions that need considering:

What’s a need and how can I fill the need?

What can I improve?

How can I make life or tasks easier?

These questions can help unlock potential business needs and as others recognize the need allows your business to grow. Here’s a few examples of how someone could answer these questions.

I live next to a retirement community, and they need help with lawn care. Can I make a few dollars mowing lawns during the summer?

Hey, it just snowed. Do my neighbors need help shoveling their driveway?

Here’s some name brand clothing I found cheap, can I resell it and keep the profits?

 While these ideas seem trivial, they demonstrate that someone has a need and how it has been filled. The best businesses are those that help solve a problem and fill a need.

– Advice to others about business.

  • The joy is in the journey. Remember that life is more than just the future. Live and enjoy the present! 
  • Build a trustworthy team that creates an effective work environment. 
  • Everything takes time. Remember that building a life or business requires effort and more time than originally thought. However, this is normal and apart of the process, enjoy it! 
  • When creating plans remember to break them down to each part. This shows how easy this plan can be completed. 
  • Never put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your strategy so that there’s multiple streams of income to support the business. If one area is struggling, the others can compensate. 
  • Always learn and be open to other thoughts and opinions. 

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