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SUKHIM.IN – online marketplace to sell and buy handmade goods online

SUKHIM.IN is the online marketplace to sell and buy handmade goods online. Over past few years we came to know that there are a lot of small and medium sized business owners who are doing something to sustain their daily living by making something with their bare hands. In other words, they are not using any form of machine to make any kind of products. We understand that this world is machine dominated and anything and everything that we use in daily basis is a 100 % machine made items. Regardless of any products like tea, coffee, jewelry, designers, decorative, paste, hair oil, cream, eatables, usable, etc. anything we name it and there you go it is made by a machine. 

Here in SUKHIM.IN we want to do something different and want to support those homemakers and home growers. 

SUKHIM.IN is all about handmade goods and supporting small and medium scaled business. We started in the year 2021 and so far, things have been going great with us. We are already supporting around 100 vendors. These vendors make amazing products with their bare hands without the use of machine.

We help them sell their products across India and even plan to make it global in the coming years. It all started during pandemic. We saw when people were forced to stay in home with the Covid-19 virus, there was a lot of creative stuff people were doing at home.

Prabhat Dhakal is the sole owner and founder of SUKHIM.IN. He was initially working in HP and Dell in Bangalore. Due to some challenges he had to return back home after quitting the job in Dell. Soon after there was pandemic announced and everything was stopped. Almost all business were forced to stop and were asked to stay home. 

It was during this time when he saw a lot of handmade stuff floating in Instagram and other social media products. He is already doing great in his other venture Serene Sikkim, which is focused in Tourism and Travel industry. Serene Sikkim started long back, when he was working in Dell in Bangalore.

Soon he designed a platform where he onboarded several vendors who were making products using their bare hands. Products like, handmade jewelry, handmade candles & waxes, homemade pickles, natural and herbal oils, creams made with natural oil extracts from plants, handmade soaps, etc. are available to buy in SUKHIM.IN. The company sells over more than 500 unique products, organic products, homegrown products all available across the country.  

Once the platform was ready, Prabhat Dhakal approached few vendors and he got positive feedback from people and vendors. Many vendors were really interested to sell their products in the platform. There was a quick rise in vendor signups and soon started receiving orders from across the country.

SUKHIM.IN is registered as a sole proprietorship and Prabhat Dhakal is the sole owner and Founder of it. 

There are a lot of challenges the business faces. One of the challenges that the business faces a lot is the shipment of the products. Since the company have to rely on other couriers at the moment, there is always a delay in delivering the products as of now. There are no other alternatives at the moment however. The other challenge the business is facing is that there are few giants who are already selling handmade products in their platform. This competition with them is another challenge, because there is no budget as such to overcome this challenge, and another reason is that they are too big, that for some people they cannot see other markets as such.

These giants have dominated market in a way that it is really very difficult for other small companies to create a sustainable market and audience. 

However, with challenges there comes opportunities as well. We consider ourselves fortunate to support these small and medium sized business. We understand that things are moving slow, however, we see that even though things are moving slow, there is still a lot of vendors who are really interested to have their products available in our website. They want to sell their homegrown and handmade products in our website, because we have made it really easy for them to get started. We take all the hassle of doing the taxes and other formalities. And we just charge them a nominal fee when their products get sold. We have already built trust with them, and are building more trust in the market. 

The other opportunities for us are that because of those giants doing more than required formalities, a lot of vendors do not want to sell through them. This is a great opportunity for us. That is what we consider at the moment.

We just have one advice to other business. To keep consistency in whatever they are doing and not be in a hurry. Because patience is another step towards success. We need to be patient enough to wait for the goodness. Rather than rushing, it is advisable to stay patient and wait for whatever is coming your way.