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Sunia Yoga – eco-yoga wear brand founded by a South Asian woman (from South India) based out of San Diego, CA

My name is Suni Gargaro and I am the founder of Sunia Yoga. We are an eco-yoga wear brand founded by a South Asian woman (from South India) based out of San Diego, CA.

I am personally reaching out to you to tell you guys a bit about our brand and our mission. We would love to get a feature about our brand. 🙂

Recently we won the best health and wellness brand from the UK for 2022 from LUX Life magazine. We are a worldwide brand and would love an introduction on your media channel to let readers know in this area about our brand and our mission. We plant a tree for every purchase around the world. We are thrilled to be chosen by VeryWellFit as the winner of their 2021 and 2022 Best Design and Best Workout Leggings award for our Eco-friendly (recycled fabric) OM Leggings!

We are honored to be featured alongside some of Athleisure’s biggest brands for this prestigious award. Additionally, we won the top 12 yoga mats of 2022 from too.

Here is a bio and background on me and my brand:

Sunia Yoga is founded by an American female entrepreneur of South Indian descent, Suni G.

This line is designed by a yogi (RYT200hrs), for yogis and all active lifestyle enthusiasts that are passionate about yoga, healthy living, and a healthy planet.

Inspired by Suni’s childhood memories of Kerala, South India, these leggings marry gorgeous colors, patterns and inspired design together with ethical manufacturing. Each legging is cut and hand sewn by employees right here in Southern California, USA with fair pay and the quality and attention to detail that is synonymous with “Made In America”.

Suni has been practicing yoga for over 18 years. Her vision is to bring her passion for yoga and children to a studio where she will teach kids and adults yoga in the near future. 🙂

Sunia Yoga is 100% female owned. She brings inspiration to every pattern and design. She is driven in this mission to brighten your yoga practice with my designs, fueled by her own personal passion for yoga, and her deeply held conviction in the limitless power of yoga to change bodies, minds, and lives. Her mission is to empower women, men and especially kids to get on the yoga mat together. She designed our “Mommy and Me” matching leggings to promote healthy bonding and the plain fun that goes along with it! This is where the magic happens….:).

Each Sunia Yoga legging design has a unique Sanskrit name that inspired the design. Suni’s goal is that these concepts and the designs they inspired help universally communicate the real meaning behind the practice of yoga. These words can be powerful if you connect your mind, body and spirit while living the philosophies of yoga in your daily life. It’s all about keeping things simple, and being in the present moment.

Yoga is not all about doing headstands and different complicated postures. It’s about starting with a foundation of fixing your body first as a path to fixing your mind, or as the original Sanskrit meaning of the word Yoga implies – a ‘yoking’ of mind, body and spirit.

Sunia Yoga leggings are bold and beautiful because Suni believes in living a colorful life. We take pride in having vibrant colors with exceptional durability that endure wash after wash. Sunia Yoga uses the highest quality sublimation printing process with eco-friendly water-based ink with no unnecessary chemicals. We only use premium quality fabric that is soft as butter on your skin, yet durable and long-lasting. We are proud of our recently launched Eco Friendly (recycled fabric) leggings. We practice sustainability wherever we can.

We strive not just to sell yoga pants. The Sunia Yoga brand is here to make a long-term impact by truly enriching people’s lives, and our planet. This is what Suniayoga’s mission is, and always will be.

A note about Giving Back:

A core aspect of our mission is enriching young lives by exposing them to the gifts and benefits of Yoga. As such, a portion of our sales goes to an orphanage in Nepal called – Social Development Organization Nepal. They do amazing work to provide brighter futures for the children in their care with their non-profit organization.

Additionally, I personally visit elementary schools strictly on a volunteer (unpaid) basis around the San Diego area to teach yoga to kids. Seeing how these beautiful children respond when they are introduced to yoga is such an incredible experience – I cannot even put into words how touching and moving this is. I see it myself and the elementary teachers see and love it too. It is my goal to take this program beyond San Diego, to a nationwide level. I am committing fully and am passionate about making this happen in the near future. Part of my brand’s core mission has always been to get kids on a yoga path at a young age, to instill discipline and healthy habits as early in life as possible, not to mention the incredible bonding that takes place between Moms and kids when they practice yoga together. We are 100% committed to this mission.

Speaking of kids, we are in the process of starting a non-profit organization under Sunia Yoga. It is called Sunia Yoga kids, and we are putting together a kids yoga program to offer to schools across the country. We are excited and have some rock star teachers from San Diego to help out us launch this project.

Can’t wait to share the details soon! 🙂

We would love to send you a pair of our leggings so you can see them for yourself how unique and beautiful they are.

Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!

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