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SUPRIYA DONTHI, FOUNDER, LEAFY AFFAIR – India’s first Preserved Botanical Lifestyle Brand

Passion can result in wonders when slowly and tenderly mixed with a lot of hard work and a larger-than-life vision. With a strong visually enhanced perspective, Supriya Donthi has dived deep into the world of magic and miracles. Her brand Leafy Affair is a by-product of her sheer love for the greenery around her, her burning fondness towards creativity, and how she brings it all together to create something new, something extraordinary. Letting that creativity slowly blossom, her passion has been nurtured by how her mother and grandmother both seemed to have a knack for it.

In 2016, just at the age of 24 – she weaved together an idea of aesthetically representing nature to the world through beautiful jewellery. Where every piece designed has a tale to tell – one that takes you off to a far-off land full of mystique. She was a project manager who found love in entrepreneurship, courtesy of the strong business acumen she has always found herself drawn to. She began by selling miniature terrarium jewellery which she used to make herself. Slowly and steadily she carved a niche for her brand Leafy Affair which is now known for its beautiful botanical keepsakes that helps you keep a piece of nature with yourself forever. 

Today the brand has been bifurcated into 5 categories. With an efficient team of 7, they dispatch about 2000 orders a month. Over 30000 customers are ecstatic with the products received and the quality experienced. Having incubated with IIMB, the brand has been growing from strength to strength as it has received impactful grants. 

Of the brand’s many accolades, Your Story has given Leafy Affair the title of one of the Top brands in the 500 D2C challenger list and was also awarded the Time She Unlimited raising Entrepreneur Award in 2019. Success has been gifting from this humbling journey that Supriya has had from being a product manager to an aspirational entrepreneur.

For those looking for a unique factor about the brand, it is precisely that it is one of a kind. The brand used preserved botanicals and is the first to introduce such a technique in the D2C ecosystem. Currently, their entire business is online and has so far reaped great results.

What makes Surpriya a businesswoman with a steady vision is her organized planning for the growth of the brand. In the next 5 years, the brand aims to reach the spot of being a 100Cr Brand. Not only are they expanding geographically, but product-wise too, variations have been making their presence felt. From being a fashion-related brand, Leafy Affair has now divulged into the home-decor space as gifting is the prime source of business for the brand. What had initially started with terrarium preserves slowly started expanding in the home decor and stationery sections like paperweights and bookmarks. What also stands out as one of the most gratifying facets of Leafy Affair is how inclusive it is. Irrespective of gender biases, race, class, or creed – like they say, there’s something for everyone. It is about embracing and celebrating one and all just the way they are, one uniqueness at a time.

The USP of Leafy Affair is also that each design is different from the other,  with a different story to tell. No design is similar to each other hence letting diversity flourish. 

Supriya believes in always owning your drive. Her sharp understanding makes her believe in not stopping and always keeping on moving, despite the hurdles and roadblocks. The grass can be greener on all sides if you only hold on and also have your technical aspects in places such as your niche market, product-market fit, and problem-solution fit – signs that you are moving ahead with the right purpose and result in mind.

5 Leafy Affair products to add a magical touch to the Pantone Colour of the year – Viva Majenta!

Another year and another bout of beginning afresh! As every domain has its fresh perspective in place to welcome the New Year with aplomb, as does the fashion world. When it comes to style and glamour, the fashion experts have the interesting concept of Pantone Colour of the year. They come up with unique concepts every year, one pertaining to a special colour that adds value to what the new year brings to perspective.

This year the colour chosen is Viva Magenta – a gorgeous hue from the red family that is all about creativity, enthusiasm, vigour, and exuberance. It radiates the vibe of strength and is about welcoming all things brave and fearless in this new year that has dawned upon us. Considering the true meaning of this shade talks about self-expression and empowerment, Leafy Affair has some of the most stunning products you could style with ensembles ranging in this colour palette.

It is a lovely maroon shade and Leafy Affair has some stunning accessories to complement your look and have you make a statement as you go hand-in-hand with the colour of the year.

  1. Breakfast Person

For most of us, our morning meal is the most important one of the day. Gen-Z people really do enjoy going out for romantic breakfast dates on a sunny morning and want to keep their look simple and effortless while still leaving a lasting impression. Go for a comfortable polo t-shirt in the Pantone colour of the year shade. Pair it up with classic blue denim and the finishing touch, of course, it has to be the Leafy Affair way! The Ruby Dreams Ring is as beautiful as it gets, what’s even better is the base colour is very close to Viva Majenta too. The Queen Anne’s Lace and Baby’s Breath flowers represent eternal love and the purity of heart, just the kind of positivity we need as a harbinger this year.

2. Brunch Scenes

A little later in the day and you are all set to take it a notch higher with your eclectic style statements. Go for a more feminine look as you opt for a striped jumpsuit or a fit-and-flare dress in a soothing pastel hue. What’s better than having the perfect combo of earrings and a necklace to make the spark in you come alive? Leafy Affair is all about making you celebrate and cherish your unique self. Go for the Sonnets of Love – Roselet Earrings and the Roselet Necklace, just like the name – the hue is also in perfect tandem to Viva Majenta! The preserved rosebuds with strokes of maroon hue cast in orbs and resin are just as magical as it gets!  Keep it simple but make it extraordinary for that’s exactly how you can elevate a brunch look with these lovely earrings that also have the element of Lobelia in them representing good luck and prosperity and Queen Anne’s lace that is all about your safe haven – thus pretty close to what Viva Magenta represents too!

3. Lunch Lovin’

Half past the day and it’s now time to take it a notch higher for a little OTT styling. Step in a flowy floral gown or a more feminine top with balloon sleeves and pair it with a linen skirt. Not too much and not too less – it is a perfect lunch look that you could opt for. Nothing better than our Crimson Pink Beauty necklace is a sight for the sore eyes with its uncanny resemblance to the Pantone colour of the year. The preserved Gypsophila flowers are encased in resin and cast a  spell of purity – minimal yet classic and just what you need!

4. Dinner Drive

Then comes the night time look and it’s time to turn your glam mode on. Go for a sultry gown for there cannot be a more perfect look for a dinner date. A classy wine hue that is so close to the Viva Magenta theme, all it needs is the perfect statement bracelet and Leafy Affair has just the product for you – the Sugarplum Fairy Bracelet is just what you need. Again in sync with the meaning that Viva Magenta also upholds – the sugar plum is the embodiment of joy, vibrance, and happiness. The gorgeous preserved purple flower would match very well with the shade in context and would form the perfect balance!

Leafy Affair is your one-stop destination to find the perfect pick for all your looks. Going in tandem with the Pantone colour of the year that’s the trend, it is only befitting that you find the perfect accessory to complete your perfect look, these recommendations are sure to make the process easier and quicker!

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