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SYNC PR,is a Singapore PR agency and content marketing

SYNC PR, is a Singapore PR agency and content marketing hub that has offices and teams in Malaysia, Indonesia as well as India. In recent years, the PR and content marketing industry has undergone significant shifts, presenting both challenges and opportunities for the brand. SYNC has ridden those changes and is behind ahead of the evolution to become one of the fastest growing startup and PR agencies in Southeast Asia. The agency focuses on helping businesses scale either locally or regionally through PR and content solutions.

With so many changes going on, Founder and CEO Terng Shing Chen decided to take the plunge and start the agency at the beginning of 2018. A seasoned veteran in public relations and communications, working for both agencies and startups, Terng developed his speciality of helping emerging brands grow and tell their story to their target audience.

Over the years, the company evolved into developing content platforms such as the business podcast Business over Drinks and the travel platform Travel Wanderlust.

How the company started and challenges

He started his career at global and regional agencies, where he managed regional PR for brands like DHL, Visa, and Razer and rapidly rose up the ranks. Once, he was earning how the startup industry works and what brands truly require. He was able to develop the idea for SYNC PR while leading these teams.

It is under his leadership, that SYNC PR has been able to handle the increasing competition in the industry, which is one of the main challenges that the company faces. The market is becoming more crowded and competitive as a result of the rise of digital marketing and the democratisation of content creation, making it difficult for most agencies to stay competitive.

The rapid pace of technological change is a challenge for many businesses today, including SYNC PR. Technology has transformed how businesses approach marketing and public relations, and companies that fail to keep up risk falling behind their competitors.

Keeping up with the latest technology is especially important for SYNC PR, as technology plays an increasingly important role in the world of public relations and content marketing. SYNC PR can remain relevant and effective in its marketing efforts by investing in cutting-edge tools and software.

Opportunities arise from a competitive market

However, the challenges faced by the PR and content marketing startup are also creating new opportunities. As PR and content marketing become more important, there is a growing demand for high-quality services in the industry. This presents a significant opportunity for SYNC PR to expand its client base and offer a wide range of innovative and effective services.

In the world of public relations and content marketing, authenticity and transparency are becoming increasingly important. Consumers are becoming more discerning and sceptical, and they want to know that the brands with which they interact are genuine and trustworthy. As a result, brands are increasingly emphasising authenticity and transparency in their marketing and public relations efforts.

This provides an opportunity for SYNC PR to differentiate itself from its competitors and establish a strong reputation as a trustworthy and reliable agency. SYNC PR can build trust with its clients and target audiences by prioritising authenticity and transparency in its approach to PR and content marketing. This can help to improve the agency’s reputation and make it more appealing to prospective clients.

The company has been able to differentiate itself from competitors and build a reputation as a trusted and reliable agency by prioritising authenticity and transparency in its PR and content marketing efforts. This can assist in attracting new clients, retaining existing ones, and ultimately driving business growth.

What brands should be doing to grow

For other companies in the PR and content marketing industry, SYNC PR’s success is a testament to the importance of staying agile and adaptable in the face of change. To thrive in this rapidly evolving landscape, companies must be willing to embrace new technologies, continuously evaluate their offerings, and prioritize transparency and authenticity.

Be open and honest about its own practices: By being open and honest about its own practices, We have been able to demonstrate our commitment to authenticity and transparency. This can include disclosing details about how the agency operates, who its clients are, and how it approaches various types of projects.

Focus on authentic storytelling: Authentic storytelling can help you connect with your audience and build trust. Rather than relying on cliches or marketing buzzwords, SYNC PR can prioritise authentic, relatable, and emotionally resonant storytelling.

Be transparent: We always encourage our clients to prioritise authenticity and transparency in their own marketing efforts. This helps them resonate with their target audience and build real communities around their marketing and PR efforts.

The PR and content marketing industry is facing numerous challenges and opportunities, but the company is poised to take advantage of both. By staying ahead of the curve and prioritizing values such as authenticity and transparency, SYNC PR is well-positioned for continued success in the years to come.