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Testimony & Co.

Creating Testimony & Co. is business design to help nature our spiritual journey. After going through a lot of pain in my life dealing with people that didn’t quite understand me. I was forced to take back my energy and realize who I really was in this lifetime. Growing out of my pain, I realize my purpose is way more important to help aid other beings that are going through their own spiritual awakening. Watering each other’s gardens is a way to help share wisdom, knowledge, creativity to the subconscious mind to higher self. Coming from a caribbean back ground my family use natural remedies past down from our grandparents to heal our body’s instead of using certain medications that weren’t too good for the vessel. 

 Coming out of a serious relationship I was able to understand my faults and how I was being treated and not valued, not only with just friends but also with family as well. I wanted to create a business that was able to come to a place to have an understanding of what you can connect on the inside of the soul, not what you see on the Surface. As a child I always felt that I wasn’t from this place we call a world of acceptance, never really felt that I really belong to a place here called earth. Through my process I was able to connect with my high self with God to share my gifts to the world with my testimony. From learning from other’s I have found peace and understanding with every garden that we all encountered by passing each other in this game we call life.

  The challenges we face as a business is getting people to see what speaks to them connecting with our company. We’re living in a time where people are being more concerned with their well being, self love and self care. All of these factors play a part in getting entuned with their higher self. Being in the market for self love and self care helps the company know what audience to aid, for the healing to take place.

As for the future opportunities for Testimony & Co. i want to be able to help peoples life styles and ways to heal themselves with herablistic  methods, getting in a regular space of cleansing the spirit as a ritual for the conscious mind to be watered with the products we provide. The main ingredient we all have in common is the power of love, so let us share our testimony to help each other grow. Testimony Co. will be the biggest online store market for people who would want to heal their mind, body and soul.

For advice for other business owners, I would say just stay true to your vision and your creative process. Not everyone is going to see how the dream will come alive. A good presentation for your business speaks volumes to your brand. So make it count and keep pushing no matter how hard or slow the business gets. Lastly, speak life into yourself and your business. 

Andre Kevin Richards

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