The concept of looking

The concept of looking after your physical and mental health is the foundation of what Jenni Bean Skin is about


Founder: Jennifer Mcknight

Have you ever looked back and wondered how on earth you got to the place you are and for some reason something feels “off”, or that you can’t seem to figure out why you’re not happy? You’re not alone! Our busy lives and societal rules for living across our culturescapes can easily distract us. We forget what life is about, what we love to do and most of all how to be happy. We’re literally trying to get by. The realization of this is what we call “A Cloud Moment”.

A moment that brings clarity and perspective to the mind, allowing you to question how you can give back to the world and live your purpose in life. I had a cloud moment, and this is what triggered the start of Jenni Bean Skin. For over 10 years I was privileged to work with some of the world’s best skincare brands (Sensai, Chanel, La Prairie, you name it). I love skincare, and the way it makes you feel. I also have a huge passion for the wellbeing of people. I wanted people to see the world how I see it…this beautiful, abundant world.

For years I dove deep into various courses on the side of my career from life coaching, a bit of psychology, personal growth courses, meditation, art, and many more. The concept of looking after your physical and mental health is the foundation of what Jenni Bean Skin is about. Our goal is not revenue. We’re a bunch of people that want to inspire women to create a happier, healthier, and fulfilling life. We just happen to sell great collagen too! The proceeds of each collagen sold, goes toward helping another woman, and so the momentum continues. Currently we offer life coaching sessions to women that want to better their lives too, and this is at no cost thanks to the profit made from selling Collagen. We are truly living our purpose.


Having started many small businesses over the years, I can say that startups are challenging for many reasons. From lack of funding to saturated markets, bad ideas, and most of all limited capacity. Here’s the hardest lesson I’ve learnt – it doesn’t matter what you do. If you don’t have a clear purpose or passion, you won’t have the resilience to get through the hardships of any startup.

As an entrepreneur, whether it be a side business or your full-time passion, you need to be clear about your goals and whether these are ‘means’ goals or ‘end’ goals. Means goals such as starting a business solely for financial gain, won’t give you the satisfaction you are looking for and will take the joy out of what you do. Most people believe that making money is the ‘gateway to happiness’, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Now by no means am I saying that you shouldn’t have financial goals…you need those!

All I’m saying is that an end goal focuses on the joy you get out of something (for example the joy of learning vs getting a diploma). It’s the real reason you want a startup such as our vision of uplifting women around the world. This makes the tough journey that much easier because your energy is fueled by excitement. If you are truly passionate about what you do, the financial gain will follow.


I find there is a ‘sweet spot’ when it comes to startups or online businesses in general. If you have physical product, your costs are high, and margins are difficult to maintain. This is where most startups fail as you don’t anticipate how these costs quickly add up. With an extremely competitive online landscape, your marketing costs are also a challenge, and the returns are not what they used to be. If you launch a product that is knowledge driven (such as online courses or a consulting service where you offer time and a set of skills), your product cost is less albeit it might take you longer to develop. This gives you higher margins, more money to allocate toward marketing your service, and ultimately more profit. This I find is the ‘sweet spot’. We are currently working on offering personal growth courses online in addition to collagen.


Each industry has its own set of challenges but the key to making anything a success, is to simply DO. Start something, anything. If it doesn’t work, try something else. If you swing the bat enough times, one is bound to hit the ball out the park. If you don’t swing the bat at all because you’re scared of failing, you won’t do anything at all so what’s the point.

Ramit Sethi, author of best seller “I will teach you to be rich” is a great mentor when it comes to online businesses. I find his method of launching an online business is fantastic and simple.

STEP 1: Launch a low-cost product

STEP 2: Ramp up sales (upscale your number with monthly targets) for example;

 $50 product x 20 sales/month = $12 000 / year

STEP 3: Then create a higher priced product

$50 product x 20 sales/month = $12 000/year

$200 product x 10 sales/month = $24 000/year

Total: $36 000 /year

STEP 4: Add another higher priced product

$50 product x 20 sales/month = $12 000/year

$200 product x 10 sales/month = $24 000/year

$500 product x 10 sales/month = $30 000 / year

Total: $66 000 / year

STEP 5: Add a low-cost subscription product

$50 product x 20 sales/month = $12 000/year

$200 product x 10 sales/month = $24 000/year

$500 product x 10 sales/month = $30 000 / year

$30/ month subscription product x 100 users = $36 000

Total: $102 000 / year

Ramit Sethi’s model makes it simple, easy, scalable. A few other tips that help when launching a startup:

·   Look at the resources you have around you. Friends, family, people that will help in exchange for a product or simply because you have a relationship with them. This will cut your startup costs dramatically and you’ll be surprised just how many resources you already have.

·   START. Do anything, even if it’s registering a business name and you’re not sure what your product is yet. Stop that procrastination.

·   Look for funding. People who believe in you and your product or service. If your idea is good enough, people will fund it.

·   The market will always have challenges. You need to adapt and be resilient.

Your first startup might not work, the second might work a little, and the third might not work at all or it might be a real success! The more you do, the more you learn, the better you get.

Be well. Be Happy. Be Healthy.