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The future will not become desert with Ekobox, which enables agricultural activities even in waterless areas with its advanced technology

7,5 years ago, I was chatting with a friend in a cafe. We were both industrialists. We  didn’t know much about the environment, trees, insects, soil and water. We used to  think that the issue of climate change was a bubble. While we were chatting, the  subject came to the fact that both in our country and in many other countries,  industrial production does not provide sufficient added value.  

– Yes, we made money and developed individually with industrialism. But have our country and our people developed to the same extent as us?  

– What will be the legacy we leave to this world when we die?  

For this reason, we wanted to develop projects that would provide more added value  and development for countries and their peoples. 

– The big question was; What is the right investment for the development of countries  and peoples? How do countries and their peoples develop together? My friend and I  spent months thinking and researching on this subject. Finally, we came to the  following conclusion;  

– It is not enough to promote only a few areas for the development of countries. Neither industry, nor technology, nor construction, nor military investments provide  development separately. In short, in order to develop, it is necessary to provide  simultaneous connection, relationship, order and harmony between all fields. If such  co-ordination is achieved, development can be achieved. In addition, development will  be possible not by adapting to limited styles, but by thinking and acting without limits.

While considering and discussing the development areas of countries and peoples, we  have found that a very important piece of the development puzzle has been  overlooked. The impact of Agriculture and Forestry on development was Decisively  underestimated. If there is no agriculture in a country, how can the food needs of the  people be met? How to overcome hunger? If a country does not have forests, where  can it find fresh air to breathe? Would it rain without forest and fruit trees? Wouldn’t  water resources disappear without forests? How can you get rid of the impact of  climate change without agriculture and forestry? Considering all this, we came to the  conclusion that if there was no Agriculture and Forestry, he would not be in his life.

After evaluating and discussing all these, we came to the conclusion that agriculture  and forestry is one of the most important development tools for countries. In fact,  Agriculture and Forestry has strategic importance in terms of the independence of  countries. If the air, water, soil, wind and seeds of the country you are in are your own,  it is obvious that everything produced with these resources will provide high added  value and will develop your country and your people. 

As you know, “Full independence; It means complete freedom in every field such as  politics, finance, economics, justice, military service, culture, food.” Full  independence is when the state is not under the absolute influence or tutelage of  another state or any international organization.” When we look at INDEPENDENCE 

from this point of view, it is not possible to talk about the independence of a country  without food independence. Therefore, food production is of strategic importance.  Our work, which we will try to explain below, has been in question for the world’s  countries and peoples to maintain and develop Economic Independence and Food  Independence. As a matter of fact, the crises in the post-COVID world clearly revealed  how important food production is and showed that we are on the right track. 

We have developed a product that will protect CLEAN WATER RESOURCES, bring  unused, stony and desolate lands to the economy, enable the farmer to grow FRUIT at  minimum cost, increase success in forestry and protect the country’s resources. 

The critical threshold that had to be crossed in order to do all this was to solve the  WATER PROBLEM. It is obvious that trees need water to live, develop and bear fruit.  To solve the water problem, we went to many fairs around the world and looked for a  solution. But we could not find a solution in these fairs. Finally, we were inspired by a  product of European origin that we came across by chance and with the improvements  we made, we developed the product we call EKOBOX. Detailed information about our  product is below.

Business Name and what it does 

We established a company called EKOFEN to promote and spread the product to the  world. What does EKOFEN do? EKOFEN produces the product it has developed and  called EKOBOX and markets it to the world. So what is EKOBOX in short?

With Ekobox, we enable you to grow fruit and create forests with 16 liters of water that you fill only once while planting saplings. Because Ekobox provides water for itself  by converting the relative humidity in the air from the temperature difference day and  night to water. Ekobox produces an average of 18 to 250 cc of water per day,  depending on the climate and geography it is in. It also reinforces itself by water  harvesting from all kinds of precipitation. The Ekobox usually does not need water  again once it has filled up and started the cycle. (It can be filled 2 or 3 times a year in  extremely marginal conditions.) Thus, we both protect clean water resources and save  you from additional investment. Moreover, we make it possible to farm on lands that  no one likes. Moreover, Ekobox can also be used on trees that have grown up to 10  to 30 years old, depending on the type of tree. 

Ekobox does not require high investment and operating costs such as any water  source, electricity, drilling or pressurized irrigation systems. It allows you to grow trees  that can be carried to future generations in degraded, stony lands, in all kinds of terrain  conditions of your country. Makes it possible to grow Fruits and create Forests. Heals  your country’s stony, degraded and eroded soils and returns them to arboriculture and  forestry. Protects clean water resources. It helps prevent rural migration. It helps to  end global hunger and reduce the effects of climate change. It contributes significantly  to the development of your country and its people. We present our Ekobox solution,  which means Ecological and Economic Box, to the world. Together with our game  changer EKOBOX, we can change the world’s agriculture and forestry and develop  countries and peoples.  

What is Ekobox and how does it work? The challenges the business/market is facing 

The biggest challenge we faced was overcoming people’s prejudices. People were right  in their prejudices. How can a tree be grown with only 16 liters of water? Moreover, in  deserted, stony and unproductive lands… To grow fruit trees that require an average  of 1500 liters of water per year without any water source… People naturally regarded  our claim as nonsense. And they laughed their asses off at us.

People’s prejudices must be met with understanding. After all, we had a contradictory  claim to what you’ve been taught your whole life. So we had to convince everyone.  

First, we contacted the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of our own country. The  relevant institutions of the Ministry conducted trials in the most marginal and worst  lands of our country. We also contacted various Institutes and Universities to have  them experiment. We carried out joint studies with the Faculties of Agriculture and  Forestry. Experiments were made with many species such as Pistachio, Carob, Olive,  Walnut, Almond, Fig, Grape, Pear, Chestnut. The big farmers who grow fruit have tried  our system. They applied it to their overgrown trees. They observed by planting new  saplings of various types. They have seen for themselves whether it really works or not.

Then we started experimenting in other countries. We conducted trials in Kuwait,  Qatar, Cyprus, Iraq, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Palestine. We conducted trials in the  most adverse climatic and soil conditions without any water source. By the way we  bought ourselves 300 acres of bad land. We planted 5000 Walnut and 5000 Almond  saplings on this land with our own system (Ekobox). All these trials took about 3.5  years.

As a result, all these researches and trials have been very successful. Prejudices were  destroyed, institutions, people and states trusted this system. Because they saw it with  their eyes. They became witnesses. An average of 88% success was achieved in the  trials conducted with approximately 60 different types of saplings and trees in 8  countries. After passing this stage, we decided to open up to the world.Our system  (Ekobox) has been spreading slowly all over the world for 4 years.

The opportunities the business/market is facing 

There are many opportunities offered by the system we have developed. 

1- Opportunity to combat climate change, 

2- Opportunity to combat desertification and drought, 

3- Opportunity to cultivate fruit in all kinds of land, 

4- Opportunity to protect clean water resources, 

5- Opportunity to bring bad lands to the economy by transforming them into  productive lands, 

6- Opportunity to prevent global hunger, 

7- Opportunity to prevent migration due to land inefficiency,

8- Opportunity to earn money by growing fruit and forestry, 

9- Due to the shift of job opportunities to cities, people migrate from villages to  cities and even abroad. They have to either leave the lands they left behind as  empty or sell them. With Ekobox, we provide you with the opportunity to farm  in these idle and abandoned lands you left behind. 

10- An opportunity to do something truly good for yourself, your children,  your grandchildren, your country and the world. 

I hope we can change the nature of your region together and contribute to your  country and its people. For your questions or detailed information requests, you  can contact us via e-mail. If you want to contact by phone, we will provide an  interpreter if you inform us by e-mail beforehand. 

Remember, “A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they  shall never sit.” 

We thank you again for your attention and wish health and well-being. Regards